I know how painful it was to get up on the Monday morning and walking to your office. But what a happiest moment it was when someone says to you that “tomorrow is the last day of week”. For your excitement scroll down to see some of the best funny memes that will cheer you up for your weekend and made it more wonderful.

Weekend meme

  1. The best idea for a perfect and long ended weekend is one and only that ends till until the next Friday.
  2. Just be like an irresponsible person, so every day can be weekend for you
  3. I am reading books this weekend to make delicious dishes for the week.
  4. Hey! I can’t wait for the weekend, to spend the cold holidays in home with coffee but not in office.
    Brace yourself guys weekend is coming
    And just like that *poof* weekend, gone.
    When people ask me what i did over the weekend i always squint and reply why, what did you hear?
    *any fun plans this weekend?* Me: i’m lookin gorward to sleeping.
    yah! it’s the weekend! high five all the things!
    i got 99 problems but they can wait till monday
    cheer up… it’s almost weekend!
    Finnaly it’s weekend
    list of healty things i ate this weekend
    IT’s THE WEEKEND dont know you, you do not exist
    it’s friday baby!!!
    it’s almost the weekend
    i can smell the weekend from here
    Weekend!!! please dont leave me!!
    A day on a jupiter”s moon last less than 5 hours just like saturday and sunday on earth
    When my boss asked me to work the weekend. i was like… not thanks i choose life
    when it’s finally the weekend
    omg omg omg it’s the weekend!!
    THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU walk out of work

    THis is the face you make when it’s the weekend

3 day weekend meme

  • It’s the craziest and the happiest moment when you heard that Monday is off, but the day when comes after the three day weekend still always like a Monday.
  • The face of the person looks so lazy when he get up on the Tuesday morning after three day weekend.
  • Just one thing is more cool than the news of a three day weekend, its four day weekend..
  • It’s a very tough moment, getting up for office after a three days weekend.
    HELLLOOOO 3 Day weekend
    NOthing cooler than a 3 day weekend? false. 4 day weekend.
    three day weekend
    3 Day weekend? i haven’t had one of those in a long time
    you get a three day weekend and you get a three day weekend everybody weekend everbody gets a three day weekend!
    WoHoo!!! 3: day weekend
    ME leaving work on friday heading into a 3 day weekend
    it’s a 3-day weekend pace yourself
    that moment you realize its A 3 Day weekend!

    HOw it feels to have a three day weekend

Long weekend meme

  • It’s tough to have recovery from a long ended weekend, because it’s like you have a wish to lose wait in seconds….
  • When we get back on work after a long weekend, the first day at office is passed just by sleeping and I don’t care about the work.
  • Hey! I am not in perfect health because of a long weekend which made me sick.
  • A long weekend is a day like you dream in the night, that drinking for the whole night and in the morning you are fine because it was cold drink.
    THe feels going to work post long weekend
    Did someone say… …long weekend
    Tuesday after a long weekend: monday’s ugly sister
    long weekend booyah!
    long weekend! calls for internet righ five!
    WHen you realise it’s A long weekend!
    Happy long weekend ewe deserve it!
    First day back after a long weekend and you’re ust sitting at your desk like

    WHen you realise it’s a long weekend!

Girls weekend Memes

The girl dream for the perfect weekend is

No marriage No children Shopping and a weekend

  • The whole weekend is wasted by the girls in planning the weekend.
  • When girls start talking with each other in the weekend, they don’t care what is happening in the surroundings.
  • The crazy friends and a good weekend are the dream of women.
    Girls Going away for the long weekend
    Hey girls road trip to mudgee for easter long weekend?
    Fall back!!!!!! remember the time change this weekend!
    i dont know how that happend it was girls weekend
    Stay strong! girls’ weekend is coming.
    you pussies ready for the weekend
    OOOOHHHH yeah!!!! Girls weekend is nearly here!
    Girls be like it’s the weekend i have no kids
    Weekend got me feelin’ like

    you said you were going for a girls weekend with carly

Happy weekend meme

The happiest moment when you get up in the morning with your own, no office today and the breakfast is set on your table……

  • When you ignore your friends on the weekend, like you don’t know them….
  • Hey! It’s not a working day, so it means happy holiday
  • Wow! It’s a party day because the very next day is weekend.
    i smell the weekend
    Have a good weekend… ya hear??
    Weekend please don’t leave
    AHHH Happy Weekend..!
    It’s the weekend time to chill
    The weekend is here!
    Happy weekend! enjoy it!
    Happy Weekend happy weekend all, Have a great day#cat#dog
    Wishing you a happy weekend

    Happy weekend

Funny Weekend Memes

  • Be like those happiest persons in the world who spent a happy weekend.
  • No work, No work and no work only the food and me. It’s weekend.
  • Relaxing myself on the weekend, by taking a cup of tea in the morning with no work.
  • Yes! It is weekend and I want to repeat it… It is a weekend….
    When you realize… The weekend’s here!
    When people ask me wahat i did over the weekend i always squin’t and reply why,what did you hear?
    Any plans this weekend? me……..
    Friday got me like
    You know what rhymes with friday? alcohol.
    I hope your weekend plans work out a little better
    it’s friday oh yeah man!
    it’s the weekend i dont know you, you do not exist
    When you’re working on the weekend i hate it here

    Cheer up… it’s almost weekend!

It’s the weekend Meme

No matter how much I had done in this week, the weekend is enough to relax my mind.

  • Hey! I am happy on this weekend because on the weekend I don’t have to work just going to enjoy with friends.
  • Today is weekend and I don’t have to go to office…… LOL
  • Be calm in this weekend, because I want you to listen to my conversation only.
    its the freakin’ weekend baby, i’m about to have me some fun!
    Hey. it’s the weekend aand it’s gone
    it’s the weekend time for alcohol and poor decisions engage
    it’s the weekend!
    it’s the weekend!
    this is the face you make when it’s the weekend
    smell that? it’s the weekend
    relax! it’s the weekend!
    it’s the weekend!!

    smile it’s the weekend!

4 day weekend meme

I want to cry! Because it’s a four days weekend and now I have to go to business.

  • It’s a sad moment when you are going to plan a trip of four days but you have only two days budget
  • Hey! On the four day weekend, I am like to get travel of different cities.
  • Hey! What a moment to say these words once in a week, its four day weekend.
    Four day weekend starts now
    Coming back to work after a 4 day weekend
    if we could extend this 4 day weekend for another 6 days that would be great!
    nothing cooler than a 3 day weekend? false. 4 day weekend.
    you’re saying it’s a 4 day weekend… and i get chocolate?
    4-day weekend got me leaving work like
    how you look at the start of a four day weekend!!!
    4 day weekend bitches

    four day weekend.. that means more cooking

Labor day weekend meme

  • Hey! What a weekend for me, with a plus day of weekend that is Labor Day.
  • The moment of happiness! When you know it’s a Labor Day weekend and suddenly the happiness increases because it is a three day weekend.
    you mean to tell me where you’re from labor day means you get the day off?
    we thougt you said it was labrador weekend?!
    Labor day weekend is here you get a test, you get a test, you get a test, and you get test! we all get a test!
    Happy labor day just another holiday weekend that some of us have to work
    When people ask me what my plans are for labor day weekend
    this labor day weekend you’ll find me in the yard drinking beer, grilling and being an asshole
    o white after labor day i don’t think so!
    When you’re so close to a holiday weekend
    dragging into work after labor day weekend like…

    i noticed you are wearing white after labor day i too like to live dangerously

Birthday weekend meme

  • The moment of laughter when someone wish you in a different way and say “happy birthday weekend to youuuuuuuu”

No work, No tension, be relax on your birthday weekend.

Did somebody say birthday weekend?
it’s my birthday weekend where my girls at
Happy birthday weekend too youu!!!
Why’ it gotta be on the exact date, celebrate before not event jesus’s birthday is celebrated on the his birthday
Yeah bro its my birthday but we going out this weekend
Right after i told you it’s my birthday weekend
walking out of work on a friday when it’s your birthday weekend
it’s my birthday weekend michaels tonight
navy birthday weekend? let’s get weird!
finding out that your birthday falls on a weekend
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