Memes have captured the most part of our social media feed. It is something which grabs our attention whenever we open up Facebook or WhatsApp. It results in scrolling down more and more to see more of them. Mostly they are related to trolling, and something which is in the trend. But sometimes, some memes come in social media, and they themselves become a trend. A variety of memes circulate over the internet, may be through forwarding it over WhatsApp among the friends or by posting it over Facebook. Memes make a sarcasm using images from different context and then putting some text which matches with the reaction of the image, and it makes us laugh. No one exactly knows when this meme thing started over the internet, but people continue to enjoy it and not just that, they don’t stop scrolling down looking for more such memes. So, as the theme for this post is Thank you memes among the other memes, we’ll try to focus over that meme, and will try to detail it so that we can read and imagine at the same time, and take some serious laugh over it. So, let’s get started!

 Funny Thank you memes

There’s lot of content spread over the internet related to funny Thank you memes.

Generally, we say Thank you to those who have favoured us by doing something which helped us in any way. But, the memes have changed the course of saying it in an unusual way. It has added some salt to the effect.

Let’s imagine this:

You are watching an episode of Mr. Bean. Suppose, the way Mr. Bean says Thank you to you. He says Thank you to you with a mischievous smile on his face. Wouldn’t it be funny? Undoubtedly it would look funny.

Thank you
Thank you
thank you for your attention
oh my od thank you!!
thank you kind sir
Thanks for listening
thank you
Thank you stay classy
Thank you! you rock
thank you pumpkin
thank you princess
thank you very much
you lady i thank you
hey girl thank you
thank you jesus
thank you you rock
thank you for the birthday wishes!
i just wanna say thank you
Thank you everyone
lol this is funny thank you
Thank you fool!
Thank you
you get a thank you
thank you all the birthday wishes stay classy

Thank you Jesus Memes

We used to say Thank you to the gods, whenever we would come out of a problem. But, nowadays, maybe due to the reflexes, people are humorously saying Thank you to everything, whenever they get something or get what they had wished for.

Let’s imagine this:

From today morning onwards, you don’t know where you have put your car keys. You search around wondering where you last put your keys. But alas! You can’t find it.

But, after sometime, Jesus has come with your car keys, and now present it to you, saying, “Son, you had left it in the toilet last night after having some beers”, and you are like, “Thank you Jesus”. Isn’t it funny?

thank you Jesus
Thank you jesus
thank you baby jesus
thanks Jesus for this food
thank you jesus
Thank you for the Information
Thank you jesus
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Dear sweet baby jesus
Thank you Lawd jesus

Thank you cat memes

Let’s imagine this:

You are in your car, with your lovely cat. You are speeding up the car. You cat is enjoying the journey. Bu, alas! After a few minutes, police catch you. Now, you are afraid. But your cat says, “Hey, don’t worry, I’ll handle it.” Police is surprised that how can a cat drive a car. But your cat immediately replies, “Don’t worry cop, there’s one beer for you too!” and gives it to the cop and speeds up the car, and you’re like “Thank you Cat” Your cat winks at you and says, we are buddies for life. Isn’t it funny?

Thank you Good sir
Thank you for your time
thank you for the fishes
thank you for not giving me another
Thank you! cat is not supported by ISF
…..God? Thank you….
after much research and consideration
you’re awesome Thank you!
Thanks so much!
AWWW thanks
Thank You! Done!

Birthday Thank you memes

Let’s imagine this:

All of your friends have come to attend a birthday party of your common female friend. After some time, when all the things have been done, like cutting the cake and during the chit – chats, the female friend at last goes on to the podium and says, “Thank you all for wishing me on my birthday! Now, let’s just forget that the birthday ever took place so as I can pretend to  be in my 30’s this year.” Isn’t it funny?

There’s a lot of thank you memes over the internet which gives a light humour. Specially, the reaction of the people makes the whole thing funny. Try imagining the above situations with the reactions of the people in the situation. It’s so funny.

Oh you wished me happy birthday on facebook Thank you
Thank you for the Birthday wishes everyone i feel awesome
Thank you to all who reaches out to wish me a Happy Birthday! i am truly humbled!
this is just what i wanted for my birthday!
thanks for all of the birthday wishes today it was a good day
Thank you for the Birthday wishes!
Thank you all the Birthday wishes stay classy
Here’s to all my snazy friends out there thank you for your birthday wishes
for all those lovely birthday wishes yesterday
thank you for all the birthday wishes

Thank you for your service memes

Let’s imagine this:

You went to Café coffee day after a series of mis-fortunate events, to have some coffee with your friend to have some break. You order two cups of coffee. Now, as you are enjoying the conversations with each other, after some time, the waiter comes with the coffee. Now, after you two have completed the coffee, you show generosity to him by saying, “ Thank you for your service.” And now the waiter says with a mischievous smile, “Bro, I had spit in your coffee” and You’re like “WTF”.

To all the veterans… thank you for your services
Thank you for your service!
Thank you for your service
i will find you and i will thank you
pearl harbor vet thank you for your service sir!
said to someone, “your momma wears army boots then i thank her for her service
thank you for your service
on this veterans day thank you for your service
thank yu for your service
Thank you for your service

Thank you very much memes

Let’s imagine this:

You help a lady get her purse from the thieves. Lady says to you, “Thank you very much.” Later, you found that, those weren’t the thieves. Instead, they were terrorists. And, also later you found out that the lady and the terrorists were in the same group. The purse that you had stolen had a bomb in it. But, as you didn’t know already about it, and you had passed it to the lady. You say it to the lady in your mind, “Thank you very much”. Isn’t it funny?

very much thank you
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
Thank you thank you very much
thank you co much!!
Hey ya know how you say thank ya thank ya very much
thank you, thank you very much
thank you thank you very much
thank you thank you very much
Aw, thank you thank you very much


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