Star Wars is one of those TV series which has left an indelible print in the hearts of its wide range of audiences. It’s a series which is not just loved by the youngsters, but the adults as well. The Star Wars franchise was first created in 1999, with the name, “Star Wars – The Phantom Menace”, and after that, there was no looking back for its creators, and they made the sequel one after the other. The latest release of its sequel was in the previous year 2017.

So, here in this post we are going to talk about the Star Wars “Happy Birthday memes”. The social media is a dangerous place. It will troll you for the sake of amusement. So, like every other thing, there’s been some trolls lately with the theme, “Star Wars Happy Birthday memes”. There’s couple of jokes on the online which makes jokes around its characters, and we’ll be talking about them here.

Star Wars Funny Happy Birthday Memes

Here, I am going to present to you the trolls from the Star Wars characters as they wish you Happy birthday with a sarcastic statement, which would be jaw – dropping or at least funny.

Suppose, you have your birthday preparations finalized. Now, it’s time to cut the cake. You are ready, and after blowing off all the candles, people sing Happy birthday for you, and you are winking. Now, the cake has been distributed among the friends and family, and it’s time to eat the cake. But, after a while, from the front door, your favorite character from Star Wars, Jabba the hutt enters. You are astonished, while looking at him, and so are others. But, he comes near to you, and looking at the cake, he says, “Don’t eat this birthday cake, otherwise you will indeed become like one”. Now, everybody laughs and you are still astonished. But, now you don’t need to. Why? Because you are trolled, and that too from your favorite character.

Now, as you have become good at supposing, let’s take one more. Suppose, for your upcoming birthday, which is tomorrow, you have planned to go on a picnic with your friends. Everything has been finalised, and all friends are ready for it. You are excited for it. Now, the D – day comes. You along with your friends are going for the picnic trip, and you all are more than excited. The journey ends in no time, as you all were busy talking to each other. So, now at the picnic spot you all decorate your birthday stuffs and are prepared to cut the cake. Everything is ready now. You blew off the candles, and friends sing happy birthday song for you. Now, in the middle of the song, your favourite character, which is a robot named R2 D2 comes from nowhere, and comes near you and, says screaming, “Happy Birthday, you biggest beep”. Now, all your friends burst into laughter. You as well, start to laugh, but my friend, R2 D2 was damn serious about it. Don’t you think?

Listen kid Happy Belated Birthday
Imma Firin Ma lazar!!
Happy Birthday Andrew
Drunk Vader
A Happy Birthday You must Have
Happy Birthday Drake!!!! May the force be with you on this birthday
You’re Invited to join the dark side…
Happy Birthday Queen Amidala!
Sent in (and Happy Birthday To) Out great fan & friend, Ashleigh hunter<3 may the force be with you!
Growing old is it drink more you must. a happy Birthday may you have.
Boba fett wishes happy Birhday
Happy Birthday Happy Wishes so many
A Happy Birthday I wish you
Happy Birthday From the republic incoming celebration
Age matters not Happy Birthday
Happy belated Birthday Now, release your anger. only then will you get a cake
Middle Aged?
Look how old you’ve become… Happy Birthday!!!
It’s your birthday? Gooood….
A long time a galaxy far far away… …you were born! Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday i wish you
The force is strong, with this 1 Happy Birthday tj
The Empire wishes you a happy Birthday
When harrison ford goes to his own birthday party he arrives sold
Happy birthday Here’s a happy little millennium falcon for you
Don’t eat complete birthday cake otherwise you will become like this
That face you make when you see an unwanted friend at your birthday party
Happy Birthday i want a “dark” chocolate cake
Happy Birthday forgot the gift sorry?
Happy birthday i know it’s trap for getting gifts
when you forgot to wish me happy birthday that’s how i felt for you
You will never have a 21st birthday again happy Birthday andrew
Happy Birthday! i hope it’s real hoot!
What you wanted a birthday present? how about don’t get you frozen in carbonite
it’s your birthday… i know.
When 900 Years you reach not as good as me you will look
Happy birthday it is very young man you are not
Happy Birthday? good… good …let the alcochol through you
Party on wayne party on darth
You ever think that maybe we’re with the bad guys? nah, lets just head back to the death st… to the ship.
The empire wishes you a happy birthday
Drunk vader
Happy birthday you are aging graciously
Happy birthda simon the forties are strong in this one
Happy birthday, chris… …have a good one!
Happy birthday muthafucka?
Happy birthday i love you to the death star and back!
Happy birthday? good, good… let the alcohol flow through you.
The hero of a generation Happy birthday mark, may the force be with you!
Happy birthday
Random star wars meme wishing you a happy birthday
Happy birthday now join the dark side!
Happy birthday that’s the thing i have not wished since a long