Memes are said to be the most common thing now a days and yes this is one of the mediums that conveys lots of hidden messages in such a way that is hilarious and funny in its own way. President memes are one those memes that contains different amazing and some of embarrassing moments associated with them. These are the memes that has lots of taunts and other funny things in it and they express lots of other swag things that are related to those presidents of United States.

Here today we are going to see 70+ president funny memes. That will give you a hard laugh and a chance to express some of your inner feelings through it.

President Memes With Pictures

President is the head of state and as he has such a position, he has lots of responsibilities on his shoulders. And that is why in such pressure sometimes they make some silly mistakes that get the lime light and become famous and sometimes in their tenure they do such things that make their government strong and unforgettable. That is why we are here to kind of celebrate such things here and therefore these memes are for.

Mexican word of the day: Nacho still nacho president
you ready joe? i’m ready B!
i has been 122 years since we have had a beraded president
that face you make
now i know why the deplorables call me killary because i just killed trump tonight!
was president before it was coolidge
brace yourself the president memes are coming
so if the next president is white
if you havin monarchy problems i feel bad for you, son
so, are we all totally sure that i’m not allowed to be president again?
Gets elected as class president assassinated
we shall over comb trump 2016
Look at me i’m the president now
i was too busy killing osama bin laden
let the memes begin
Trump talking with the president of virgin islands
orange is the new black
lesser or two evils?
if kanye becomes resident who will be vice president?
i used to be a president like you
i’ll be the best joker ever why so serious
i hope jeb bush becomes president
what if i told you that a chimp would make

Not My President Memes

It is also a part of a president’s or other government official or representative’s life when they are not appreciated or accepted by the masses and it is quite normal because everyone has their own standards and choices. Here comes the part of not my president memes which shows the feelings of masses in a funny manner.

Donald trump you are not my president
Umm…..yeah saying “not my president”
not my president and not anyones president either
Trump is not my president because i live in europe
when people say ” Trump is not my president”
not my president lol not my resident
Not my president Literally
i wake up every morning and i’m grateful that this evil
not my president

President Donald Trump Memes

Yes! Donald Trump the current president of United States of America. There is no doubt in it that in the history of United States he is the most humiliated president who faced a lot of criticism. It’s been now almost two years of his president ship but people out there still don’t accept him as their country’s president. Along with his violent decisions on some delicate issues made him less popular as well. That is why we are here to present some of president Donald Trump memes having some really funny and silly moments of him that will give you a hard laugh.

Get in Pussy we’re making america great again
Foreign Policy?
If you ever feel stupid just remember
i really want greenday to make a song about donald trump running for president
donald trump president ? that shit is funny
please welcome president donald j. Trump
votes for hillary clinton donald trump became the president
Trust me if i’m elected we’ll go to war
fu-k me i’m your president
take over the world when i’m on my donald trump shit

President Day Memes

Yes! There is a president day that celebrates all of the presidents of United States from the start of the time. These memes are used not only for the president but for the leaders out there that has some of these leader ship qualities and such swag as well.

So here have a look on president day memes and share them or tag your friends and family and spread the laugh.

Monday is presidents day unexpected 3 day weekend
so what did you get me for president’ day?
President’s day will never be the same again
i don’t always take the day off
think you should have president day off work?
president day:
i don’t get tired of winning.i’m just getting started
happy president day Mr.President!
President’s day off?
Happy presidents day Hillary

President Obama Memes

Obama, First black president in the history of United States, the most famous president out there who did lots of different things and loved by the people of United States! The most highlighted thing that he done was to find and kill Osama Bin Ladin. This made him extra famous and extra popular around the globe.

That is why here we present you some of the president Obama memes that will show some of swag and some highlights of his life for all over the people around the globe.

i was too busy kiling osama bin laden
And then, I told them there would be change
WTF is this shit
i don’t remember republican talking about unity when i got elected
White Obama your argument is invalid
Not Bad
Haters Gonna hate
Helloo, Dog? This is the President
if i was your president you’d make no cell phone calls
Y’all aint saying shit

President Bannon memes

President Bannon was also a president like Donald Trump. He wasn’t so popular among the people of United States and his first week in the office was destructive. That is still discussed out there. But he got the lime light like all other president of the state and did a lot of things in his tenure from which some got appraisal and some were not accepted by the public out there.

Here we present you some of President Bannon memes that will give a hard laugh and make you realize that how big it is the responsibility to be a president. Because you are not free from accountability and you have to answer the masses out there for your use of power and that is why you will find some of really hilarious and funny memes about him and some of sarcastic ones as well.

i knew trump loved sking with those tiny hands
the real 45th president steve bannon
Steve Bannon
now trump this is what we think yes sir president bannon
I’m not a racist.
may the electoral college be forevor in your favour
like if you think
Dear president Bannon,
there’s no argument there he is sloppy steve
i’m going to run for president in 2020 excellent!