All the girls out there know how it feels when they are on period. Girls consider monthly period as the worst part of being a female and it totally sucks for them. All the acnes, cramps, body aches, food cravings and worst, uncontrollable emotions!

Because of those discomfort, out of the mood swings and crazy stuffs that girls do when they are on period, it became rampant for hilarious moments to be made into memes. Those moments when you’re laughing then suddenly, you will be sad and just cry. Then you are about to get your period and it will surely cause you pain!

Weather it’s a funny or in pain period moments, here are the best memes to complete your day! Girls out there hate their periods and you’ll know here why!



  1. The moment when someone ask you how you’re doing but you’re on your period.
  2. If you think humans are nice, try a girl on her period.
  3. Going to bed during period be like.
  4. I thought I’m just wet. Ugh!
  5. I’m an optimistic person. But not on my period. Not really.
  6. This is me during period. Hating everything.
  7. When you have a date but you’re on your period.
  8. Your mood when you feel like period is coming.
  9. When you are not on the mood, but someone ask you if you have period.
  10. When everything you did few days ago make sense on your period.


When the hulk goes into a vicious rage and destroys everything he’s incredible but when i do it i’m on my period
6 days late not pregnant
goddamn it, nala you said your period ended two days ago
Dudes be like babe you still got your period?
You know what really grinds my gears? when she says she is on her period as if she doesn’t have two other holes ican use!
from now on my period will be know as “shark week”
When i’m on my period when i’m not on my period
expectations reality
first day of period second/ third day of period third/fourth day of period last day on period f
i’m just gonna sit here until its over. i love sheets oh! you do? ha ha ha!
My appearance throughout each month
What’s a period?
aw, that cloud is so fluffy
i have failed to correwe a child this month
anatomical representation of what having your periods feels like
i see you’re stressed out after your breakup
when you’re done with your period
when you’re on your period and you sneeze or cough



  1. Me feeling awesome because cramps and bleeding for days didn’t kill me.
  2. Don’t ever think that chocolates or ice-cream can stop this pain.
  3. Ugh! This cramp will kill me.
  4. Me during period vs me after period.
  5. When you’re not sorry for not moving the entire day. Like you’re totally dead.
  6. Menstrual cramps feel like I’m giving birth!
  7. What cramps look like and what cramps feel like is totally different.
  8. Good morning! Oh no, I’m on period. I hate my life.


where do you see yourself in five years?
When your girl got period cramps and you just walked in the door now she finally has someone to be mean too
when ur having period cramps but u gotta play it cool
Maybe if perod pain burned calories it’d be worth it…
Wearing my good undies during my period like:
when i’m on my period and someone says “Hi”
Maybe im not realy on mr period
i love seeing medical articles with photographs depicting period cramps like thi when it actually feels more like exactly
During menstrual cramps
when you have period cramps but you’re trying to act all cool



  1. Ever think why your boyfriend’s not within your reach one week every month?
  2. He is ‘the one’ when he loves you all day of the month!
  3. When being on period means a celebration.
  4. Getting a party for not being pregnant.
  5. Me after a period sex.
  6. When blood is all over during your period sex.
  7. Using blood as lubricant. That’s so smart.
says no to sex because she’s her period gives blow job intead
perod sex yolo
listening to a song for month & you listen deeper than usual & end up catching a hidden metaphor uhhh purple stain is about period sex
Girlfriend’s on her period have oral sex all week! not sure if followed it correctly or not…
a real man loves his woman every day of the month
thinks period sex is disgusting wants to stick it in your butt
am i the only one around here who doesn’t think it’s gross to have period sex?
so you want to have sex on your period? sounds like a bloody good time mate
when you and yo bf are having sex and you start getting period blood
when you change positions during period sex and see mad blood all over meat.
when you wanna have sex but she says she is on her period although says you can…
you said your period was over
period? you mean sex ketchup
period? you mean sex ketchup
periods don’t stop nothing but a sentence, baby girl

Period Problem Memes – Period Pain memes


  1. I think period makes me look fit. I can bear this pain.
  2. When being on period is worse than being hospitalized.
  3. Do you think I’m not going to die?
  4. Me doing self-pity during period.
  5. How period pain feels like? I think I was murdered.
  6. I hate the pain during period. But I like my period regularly.
  7. My uterus doesn’t need to be ripped out!
  8. My life during period. I need a doctor.


it’s 4am let’s wake up and cry togetter
Maybe im not really on my period. maybe im just dying
me on my period
how period pain feels agree girls?
i don’t have cramps i have a free sample of what it feels like to give birth
yep. it’s that time of the month. i didnt chose the vag life. the vag life chose me.
how period pain feels like and then the guy says… i need to know this why…
take pills for the pain cry for no reason
when i’m on my period person: hey Me: can you shut up.
not sure if period cramps or need to poop.
maybe if period pain burned calories it’d be worth it…