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100+ Funny Memes about Life

100+ Funny Memes about Life

Life has ups and downs but those who have a courage to see all the problems can’t defeated by anyone. But this is a fact that life is unpredictable and so unsure and unfair as well sometimes, so how can one be able to face it all and to make life easier and a bit funny?

Many of the people take life easy and enjoy every moment of life. They tag their other friends in memes and have a great and funny conversation. The memes help us to look at past tears and laughter, pains and joys through new eyes that makes them suddenly a beautiful part of our relationships. People go for a diner, family event, friend’s party, etc. All the best memes are relatable to just about everyone in every manner. That’s what makes them so popular and people use them in their daily routine because they are really relatable. If they were obscure, they’d never make their rounds on the internet for all to see. Most of these funny memes about life highlight everyday struggles that we all endure. And it seems the funniest ones are the ones that poke fun at crappy things that happen to us. They kind of make us feel better about our failures in life. They share their life events with other by memes. Many people try to share their experiences in the form of funny memes.  This is a better way to convey a message, a smile to other people that is very good work. Life is very beautiful and memes is a better way to see what is happening in all around the world. Then people plan what to do, what not to do?

Memes are made for everything and eventually everything means life so you can find lots of memes that covers each area of life to mix some fun it.

Then again, not all memes are funny, but they don’t all have to be because life is not funny every time. Some of them just make you reflect on your life and give you a glimpse that you are not alone. Some of them make you think. The whole point of a meme is to gain popularity, one way or another, and live forever on the internet.

All these memes here serve a purpose and one of them is to make people laugh and to make them realize that they are not alone at all. Whether it’s to make you laugh, think or some may make you want to be a better person, it is fun and a new trend as well so just follow it and have some fun!

Why so serious? Tensions are stick to everyone but the real man is the one who takes them as a challenge and solve them like a king.

These memes for life are truly for you. Use them and share them with your family or friends or tag them and make them feel happy even for a single moment.

100+ Funny Life Memes

What archaeologists will find 5,000 years from now
Happiest day of my life! that’s me in the back
3 rules for life 1 fuck 2 don’t give a fuck 3 don’t be fucked over
unless life also gives you water and sugar your lemonade is gonna suck
me trying to jump over the obstacless in my life
we didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose us.
sometimes i feel like i have my life together then im like wow that was a really nice 45 seconds
i didn’t choose the stug life the stug life choose me
When the new coworker shows up with all their new ideas & is super excited to be there.
when you wanna get in shape for the summer but life is hard
i didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
My whole life… is a lie!

Funny memes about life Struggles

Three stages of life: 1. birth 2. what the fuck is this 3. death
Me: my mom says i can’t go out tonight friends: just sneak out me: no thanks i choose life
me going through life like…
my goal is to be this calm when my life is falling apart
When it’s literally freezing outside but ball is life
I lost 1 pounds this week time to reward myself
Welcome to real life where nobody cares if you’re offended and your feelings don’t matter
Mr. bean is the best example for being yourself
How i see my wallet how my goverment see my wallet
runs a red light on gta. thug life
Basically how i’m handling life this is fine i’m fine
When people ask me how life is going
i’m so happy because i signed up for relay
i didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
Before and after you came into my life
Thug life i live in da hood.
Handling my life right now like
But..but.. i don’t wanna go to back school
Music is my life.

Memes about life lessons

i didn’t choose the drug life i chose the drug life
12 hours of labor? i am going to hear about this for the rest of my life.
Me, trying to fix my life…
One man army does not work in real life
When you wake up early to got the gym
When your family asks about your love life
Meme life chose me know that
When life give yous lemons like these it’s time to stop living next to the nuclear reactor
Don’t blame technology
i didn’t choose the pug life the pug life chose me
What’s your goal in life? me:
Math is fun, it teaches you life and death information, like when you’re cold, you should go to a corner since it’s 90 degrees there.
When ur actually putting in max effort for the first time in your life and still nobody cares

Memes about life and lobe

Life’s too short to worry about matching socks
Not sure if life is getting better or the amount of fuck i give is decreasing
“so, what is your goal in life?” me: you can never dream too big!
i didn;t know he only had one life…
Tomorrow is monday again
angry birds in real life
if someone is aggravating me in an email exchange
Thug life mutha fucka
i just dont understand why my life is so gray
i don’t choose the ninja life the ninja chose me
Fall so hard… life alert wanna find me
“how’s life been treating ya?” 2017 is getting ready to get stuck in
how my life is going right now: mondays, am i right? thanks michael!
Happy wife, happy life nothing rhymes with happy husband, welcome to married life dumbass
minecraft in real life

Sad memes about life

i’m not very good at it. but it doesn’t matter.
Im ladanion im a big fat loser, gwarsh
i just told him we’re getting a puppy
My life is hard to live
Steals kids tricycle tattos “thug life” on chest
Oh hight school i will miss high school life
can i ask y’all a serious question? who looks like their profile pic in real life
after the weiner incident at the park life was never the same for angela.
Life is too real to be around anything you gotta question
Life without football
“and i was like oh my gawd”
is this real life? is this just fantasy?
white people scared to sit next to a muslim on a plane but the do shit like this how life of pi should’ve ended
“how’s your love life?” couldn’t be more accurate
when ball is life but memes is life but squad but roasted but turnt but goals af
i need this in my life
My life funny meme stupid how textpost
My mom found one of my ultrasound pictures today.
Me trying to figure out my life
life is like math
This summarizes my love life i’m the guy in blue
life you finally get your day in the sun and the: sand ninjas
Life tip: when nothing goes right go to sleep
the life of a minimum wage worker
i didn’t choose the thug life the thug life said “i choose you”
real life struggle hardest thing i’ve ever done

Sarcastic memes about life

Just got to the gym left my headphones
i didnt chose the pug life the pug life chose me
when someone asks how dating going i am not dead yet… so good!
i Didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
Profile picture vs real life
Never related to a mame more in my life
when my mom tells me stop living the thug life
When life knocks you down, roll over, and look at the stars.
When everything is going wrong if your life but you’re used to it
Thug life i do my math home work in pen
Me trying to get a handle on my life
Thug life
You gotta take the the thug life more seriously pussy
Thug life all day. erryday
I didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
i didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
The real life peter griffin
When i was in school the first to finish the test at collage the first finish the test

100+ Funny Relationship Memes


Funny memes about relationship are mostly very funny because people make fun and some of the people trying to rid off from relationship. Friends make their memes. Memes are relating those people who have to wait for a relationship and after that they have a headache to take back their decision about relationship.

Relationship memes are the sweetest part of any relationship. They are the sweetest expression of the love to your partner but don’t use them often because nothing can beat the words you will utter for your partner.

From screaming about that funny moment that back then was so embarrassing you wanted to hide in the bathroom and drown yourself in the toilet bowl to that moment that was so humiliating that every cell in your body wanted to dump him and run to the end of the world and never see him again. All funny relationships are full of these types of moments and there is no doubt in it.

Friends make memes for their friends who had made many of the relationship already and they try to make more. Most of the people make fake accounts on social media and treat other people that they love them so much, but at the same time the treat the other one in a same way. This is very funny memes about relationship that you may tag your friend on that.  Those people who are fed up from the relationship they post the memes about heart broking and to aware other people to protect from the relationship that is very funniest meme in social media.

A relationship is however more than the fun you have together, it is also about the love that you create together and cherish in each other as you spend the time together. These memes give you a feel of freshness because whenever there is a fun element in a relationship it makes it healthy. These memes are not only for the couples but singles can also use them to tease their friends. The memes gives you the opportunity to tell your other half just how much they mean to you without seeming needy. The romantic relationship memes open up new paths for the relationship to be romantic in a sweet way that ensures everyone is left feeling loved without feeling negatively overwhelmed by the love declarations.

There are memes of different types but we offer you some memes especially for a funny relationship where you are so close to your partner that you are having a fun love relationship with him/her.  Having a meme at hand is always a good reminder that you should sometime relax and enjoy the moments as they come because as much as they hurt or annoy you right now, they will be crazy funny tomorrow when you have let go of the seriousness of life and opened yourself up to enjoy the beauty of your relationship without being accusatory. Relationship memes gives you the chance to smile every now and then when the issues become too serious.

100+ Relationship Memes Funny

When you ask her where she wants to eat and she actually gives you an answer instead of “it doesn’t matter”
When bae get a phone call after 10 pm
women be like nope i ain’t mad…
Waiter: a vintage 69′ cab for you sir guy: 69? Niceeee her: niceeee waiter: please leave now, both of you
ways to tell a woman’s mad at you:
the most important part of any realtionship is the first open fart
When he blocks your number but you still got shit to say.
I said my last girlfriend was the craziest bitch i’ve ever met she said “challenge accepted”

Funny Relationship memes

When you’re in a toxic relationship but still need to protect the one you love
Relationship status:
When you’re with bae and the start smilling at their phone. “excuse me but your happiness is sitting right here.”
How to turn on a guy how to turn on a girl
83 years of marriage still their pants regularly
When she goes through yo phone, but you been a faithful nigga
when he randomly sends you a long ass paragraph on how much he likes you
it took you 10 minutes to get home google maps says it takes 8. who is she?!
Just saved tons of money on balentines day by swithching to single
When your best friend gives you dating advice: tag that person
How i look while i’m single how i look while i’m in a relationship

Relationship Goals memes

my face when people brag about their relationships on facebook
in a relationship one person is always right and the other person is male.
when she’s finally your girl and the level of freaky she is doesn’t match the level of innocence you thougt she was
when you’re waiting for your crush to reply
She wrote back “hello” we’re going to get married
Mad with your wife? go to the kitchen, and close all the jars realy tight
Blocks all communication and ignores you for 4 days
tell me you love me on my facebook wall so everyone knows how much you love me
i got 99 cookies cause a bitch ate one
ladies, if you think your man is cheating….

Cute Relationship memes

You never gotta worry about me cheating on you… i might eat something that was yours but thats about it
Boyfriend says ‘excuse me’ to girl in club “who is she??”
When you tired but your girl wanted you to come over..
When bae ain’t texting back and you ready to start ww3 but then they hit you with “sorry babe i took a nap”
Being far away From the one you love can be tough, but i know you can get through it.
when a girl says “ok have fun” do not have fun abort mission. i repeat, abort mission
When you love her deeply but the relationship won’t work becaus eshe is a peoples and you is a kitty.
Shopping at ikea as a couple
i can’t promise you the world but i can promise you this; i will but you pizza and touch your butt.
come on baby don’t be like that i brought you some toast
*no, i asked you if wanted fries before i ordered” “okay, and ? i didnt want them then but they look good now”
When i’m in a new relationship my stomach always hurts not from butterflies or anything from holding in farts

Long distance relationship memes

divorce selfie
i don’t always use skype, but when i do, i mostly just watch nyself in the corner.
love is… not having to hold your farts in anymore
12:33am: “lol have fun” 2:17am: “i just find it funny how…”
i don’t know who you are but i will find you and marry you
Going through tough relationship problems doesn’t post vague sad facebook updates
Relationship goals
My ex texted me “you can delete my number” i replied “who is this?”
Everyone’s all in love and in a relationship and i’m just like banana
The moment you realize that this girl just hugged you instead of her boyfriend
the girl you like her dad her brother her first love her ex you

Relationship memes for him

when you smilling at ur phone then finally look up at ur girl
A pillow that glows in the dark when your lover is asleep? you said you woke up at 9:00 pm but my pillow stopped glowing at 8:50, explain!
i love you.
Best wat ti warm up ur cold feet
My girlfriend wanted cat. i didn’t want a cat. so we comprimised and got a cat.
Tge best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on facebook.
Wife: we’re not talking over the radio. this relationship is over. me: this relationship is what? over.
i have found my soulmate together forever
Built some ikea furniture with the girlfriend not one argument
How i thinks i look when i’m angry how my boyfriend thanks i look when i’m angry
I miss you…
Just be honest is she prettier than me?
My current relationship starus: grandma said that i’m handsome and that any girls would be lucky to have me.

Relationship memes for her

On month one year relationship goals or nah?
Changed your facebook status you’re in relationship with me
i just want a relationship as strong as this guys back this is goals why can’t i find a bae so thick that i can cuddle while she twerks
its been over ten minutes since you last said you love me! are you breaking up with me??!
When you thought she was cool, but 3 weeks into the relationship turns psycho
Relationships are just two poeple contantly asking each other what the want to eat, until one of them dies.
When she’s your girl vs. when you break up
first month in a relationship: after one year:
the first time yo girls goes off on you
after 3 months of dating u tell her she doesn’t have to order off the dollar menu anymore.. relationship goals
Me when her relationship status changes from “in a relationship” to “single”

New Relationship memes

when ur girlfriend comes home drunk but ur completely sober
“what’s your fovorite postion in bed?” near the wall so i can use my phone while it’s charging
oh, She in a relationship now? no more ‘like’ for you bitch
Relationship goals
You said you just wanted to snuggle your boner poking my ass determined
My Relationship is like an ipad i don’t have an ipad
Me waiting a relationship vs when someone likes me
Relationship goals
Lol just farted for the first timein front of my bf!!!lol he acted like it was the apocalypse!!!!!!
11 pm i want to have sex

Relationship Status memes

When a girl changes her relationship status to “single” when a guy chages his relationship status to “single”
Most people want a perfect relationship… i just want a hamburger that looks like the ones in commercials.
HOw ya girl look on facetime when y’all start dating vs month later
When bae gets a text
when she calls you out for being a dog n leaves you but you lowkey proud of her for sticking up for herself finally
When you are with your girl and pizza hut texts you “hey bae!”
Relationship status:
When a girl changes her relationship status to single
I present to you the relationship agreement
I can show you the world! show me your phone! umm, i can’t show you tha:

Freaky relationship memes

Girls be saying the most unnecessary bullshit ever brah.
When u finnaly go to sleep but then wake right back up bc that shit bae told u don’t add up
the kind of relationship i want
Relationship memes
The only breaking up we do is when were breaking up the weed
I would like you pics but the way my relationship is setup
When you look at your bf/gf and realize the lowkey ugly. tyga: “i thinks dem lips realy are fake”
When bae falls asleep too early why are you sleeping?!
Treating your woman like a queen is not called ‘being whipped’ its called being a man.

Sexual relationship memes

This how you gotta show her booty love even if it’s little the booty got a heart too.
When bae falls asleep and you’re bored
Guys, all women want from you is every thing and nothing at diffrent moments but all at the same time, sometimes and never, but always
When bae falls asleep while you were texting
Oh. your relationship status is “it’s complicated:” i’m intrigued

Open relationship memes

started an open relationship still went to bed alone
what the fuck is an open relationship
i’m in an open relationship with myself
i’m cool with an open relationship now maybe you’ll bug
oh so you re in an open relationship?
it took you 10 minutes to get home

Lesbian Relationship memes

i’ve always wondered
only in the doctor who universe you can find an inter species lesbian
in a lesbian relationship Girlfriend doesn’t know
not a lesbian nope.not me.
cups fake boob toy
oh, you’re a lipstick lesbian?

Sexless Relationship memes

Got out of a 3 year sexless relationship
i’m in a loveless sexless and affectionless relationship
one does not simply
A moment of silence for our brother in the sexless relationship zone
first time having since being

Gay relationship memes

thinks about gay sex
gay relationship problems
that awesome moment when you realize you’re gay
that moment….you realize you’re getting lucky tonight
openly gay doesn’t shove it in your face
which one of us will make the sandwich?
in a gay relationship PREGNANT


100+ Funny Good Morning Memes


Mostly in social media we tag our friends in funny morning memes. Many friends feeling tired in morning and they are not fresh at that time. So some funny memes are specially created for those people. Many people feeling fresh at morning they have many dreams to fulfill, so most of the funny memes create for them. Those who have a courage and desire to meet their success always do something special and start their morning with passion. Many memes are creating for those people who first take coffee or tea when they wake up. A lot of memes create for those and their friends make that movement funny with the help of morning memes. We have many friends who do the first thing in morning is the send messages and tag their friends in this type of good morning memes. Many friends tag their other friends in the memes that they only live to earn money and a lot of money. So they mention their friends to relies the reality.

Most of the people feel tiredness and dullness in morning and feel like perhaps it is still night so I can get enough sleep but it is not possible so what should one do to be fresh all the time and specially in morning.

Funny good morning memes can work for you. Yes! If you see a funny morning your mood will instantly and will make you feel better in morning.

Among the ways that guarantees you to a start on the right foot, funny good morning quotes are pretty much paramount for a happy set up of the day. Below are ten funny good morning quotes that will surely make your day.

Sometimes when people want to make someone happy they bring them some flowers or other gifts but now try some funny morning memes in morning then look at their reaction because they feel extreme funny and happiness by seeing our 100+ funny good morning memes.

It’s not only about to awake someone but to make them realize that you care for them. A beautiful morning can simply be made by doing simple things like going through uplifting literature like quotes, sayings and among others. In most cases, how you start your day is very fundamental because it set the mood for the rest of the day. And it will make your rest of the day boring, dull or happy. It all depends on you and your chosen life style and if you have a funny side of everything in your life then there will be no problem or harsh side.

So start your day with a beautiful and funny good morning meme and will give you a fresh start and a fresh and energetic start always leads you to a good and passionate end that can help you to lead a life with an aim.

So try our new 100+ funny good morning memes and make your love one’s life happy and fresh from the start of their day so they can be happy rest of the day.

100+ Good Morning Memes Funny Images

Always smile in the morning. it makes people wonder what you did last night
Good morning babycakes
Always that problem in the morning
Hold up boo boo you not gon say good morning to me?
Hold up boo boo you not gon say good morning to me?
What if the best part of waking up isn’t folgers in my cup?

Funny Good Morning memes

You get a good morning! everyone gets a good morning!
I was not checking him out i was admiring how the good lord has blessed him.
How you look when people didn’t say…. good morning back
So… … you come here often?
Denial. anger. bargaininy. depression. acceptance
When you show up to work and you’re trying to decide if you really want to go in…
Good morning have a good day & don’t forget to let your soul glow..
I can rise and shine, just not at the same time.
Good morning a little push to help you wake up
you call it morning wood i call it breakfast in bed
i don’t like morning people or mornings… or people

Cute Good Morning memes

Every morning before school
let’s start the bullshit good morning
GoooooD Morning
You’re setting the alarm for what time?!
Not a fun way to wake up on xmas morning
Ok, i will rise… but i refuse to shine!
I already told you! i’m not ready to get up yet!
When that first sip of coffee touches your soul
Some people in the morning me

Good Morning beautiful memes

don’t just starb say goodmorning
Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? i said “good morning”!
You know what part i love about waking up? none of it. let me sleep.
Good morning!!! not put it in your mouth
Good morning co-workers and cock jerkers
waking up before 7 am should be illegal.
Make morning coffee not war
Even your coffee is surprised you woke up this early
i think i heard you speak before i finish this cup
Good!! morning!!!!
Whoever woke up is going to die

Good Morning Sunshine memes

i said good morning
Coffe-[N.] a magical substance that turns, “leave me alone or die” into “good morning, honey!”
Good morning i made you some toast, but we had an accident
Good morning beautiful
Coffee… i need coffe…
walking up and realizing you’re still not rich…
when people tell me “you-re gonna regret that in the morning” i sleep till noon, because i’m a problem solver.
first i drink the coffee then i do the stuff
When he texts you like this..
smoking a cigrette at the but stop in the morning intentionally stands down wind from everyone else
Good morning everybody!

Hilarious Goodmorning memes

Good morning! shut up, bitch!
I know you see all this sexiness, dont just stare…. say good morning
Good morning? fuck you and your morning.
i realy wanna leave my bed and start the day said no one ever
When your red is so comfy but you know you gotta get up and be awesome today
Hello, good morning! i hope you have a ridiculously amazing day!
i’m gonna take you for a morning walk whether you’re sleeping or not
Some people in the morning me
Waking up in the morning and looking at my phone like
Do you know that awesome moment when you wake up in the morning and you are full of energy? me neither!

Good Morning Dog memes

Good morning it’s pee 0’clock
Doing My morning Cardio like…
I hope your day is as nice as your butt
Good morning Bitchessss
it must be… monday morning…
Aaaahhh, heeeellloooo! …and good morning
Good morning…. let this hump day…be a blessed day
Goodmorning sunshine! treat a dog
i don’t always say good morning but when i do it especially for you beautiful
Good morning. how did you sleep? don’t lie to me. i was watching you.
Good morning beautiful just reminding you that i love you and miss you every step i take
Good morning there’s a shit in the hallway

Good Morning cat memes

When you see a sober guy with a drunk girl at the club
How i feel waking up…
How cavs fans be walking into work monday morning!!!
Good morning
Good morning sunshine me and sunflower
Good morning sleepyhead
that look when you don’t want to go to work
Good morning fuckers let the bullshit begin
Just wanted to say good morning but if you don’t say it back “i ain’t mad at cha”
Just in case no one has told you today:
i Woke up early there was no worm

Good morning memes for him

Shoutout to everybody checking instagram every morning like
When you wake n realize it’s another day hoeless, no good morning texts and you already hungry
Good morning friends
That moment when you get a good morning next
Some people in the morning
Me every night: “i’m gonna get up super early tomorrow and make myself look pretty.” me ever morning arriving in work:
Me every morning please don’t make me get up and adult
Before after coffee
Saying you’ll wake up early in the morning to get something done then in the morning convincing youself it’s not important.
Waking up is one thing leaving the bed is the real challenge

Good morning memes for her

When you wake up in the morning and sit by the side of the bed like…
Somtimes people want to have full conversations realy early in the morning and it’s okay to kill those people.
There are two kinds of people: 1) happy morning people 2) cranky morning people that fantasize about killing the happy morning people.
Her’s some cock and coffee for all the ladies having a bad morning
When you set an alarm for every 5 minutes
What i think i look like while i’m asleep what irealy look like
me getting readdy in the morning
Me every morning before work
When people sing happy birthday to you and you just sit there like…
Good morning darling, i trust you’ve slept well!
Good morning ordinary people
proof that sleeping is an art
Shabing cream a little cold in the morning? pop in the microwave for 2 minutes for a warm shave
Good morning time for rainbows & sunshine!
Morning yoga
Moring wood? you mean my wife’s alarm clock
autocorrect changet “morning run” to “morning rum”

Good Morning My love memes

one day i’m goinh to wake up, roll over
Good morning! have a wonderful day
Good Morning Kiss my love
Good Morning my love you look beautiful today!
Good Morning I Love You

Good Morning sexy memes

Good Morning…you sexy thang!!!
Good Morning sexy lady how you doing?
Good morning all you sexy fuckers
fuck hard and talk dirty i mean good morning
i wanna fuck you so bad right now. what…?

Good morning handsome memes

Well, Good morning handsome.
loving you was one of the best decision have ever made
just want to tell you
hold up boo boo
Females be like Good Morning Handsome

Good morning Coffee memes

when that first sip coffee in the morning
Basic rules for the right moment to say good morning
even your coffee is surprised
Good Morning here’s a cock and some coffee to
Good Morning Coffee
Before coffee after coffee
Good Morning a little push to help you wake up

Good morning memes for wife

Helloo Good Morning Beautiful
i don’t always say good morning
Good morning darling
Good morning my love today tomorrow forever
Good Morning Baby Cakes



100+ Funny Work Memes

100+ Funny Work Memes

Sometimes life becomes so exhausting and hectic that you really want to escape from the reality. The daily morning alarm feels like a scream of demon from hell. A constant torture and then a long day of tiring work with lots of headaches and freakiness!

Sometimes this work routine sucks! It really screwed up all the things even if you love your job still sometimes you are not ready to face the world that have knives in their hand to pull you down and cut you into pieces. So how one can perform well and give his/her best in work field with a lot of pressure of work and competition then how is it possible then one can love to come at work place.

Here comes the funny work memes to change your mode and give you the strength to face the world and to start with a new passion.
Funny work memes about work is a way to give people a laughing start to relief the stress of the work.

It’s about that these Funny work memes are supporting the fact that workplace is a horrible place or like a haunted house it is just a funny way to relax a person who is hell tired by his work routine.

The ticking of pens, sound of key board or even sound of door when someone opens or closes the doors this all can make you irritated from your office environment or strict boss can give you a tough office time. But if someone shows you a fun side of it then you can feel the relief and can make yourself calm and full of freshness.

Whatever it is, these funny work memes should come in handy. They let you shrug off the stresses of the day with some good old chuckling. So take a moment, check out the funny memes for work and make your office life fun and have some swag as well.

It is a fact that we all have to do a job no matter what happen and once we get the job we really don’t want to lose it at any cost. This leads us to a state where we feel ourselves helpless because of the fact we cannot work with love because we have a constant tension that what if Boss will kick out me from the office and from this many people suffer from problems.

Here we give you an opportunity to make your work life awesome and full of fun. What its feel like when in morning you send your boss or a colleague a funny work meme that can change their mode instantly and then they start a fresh day with new and funny thoughts.

It will also give you a chance to stay happy at your work and make you more comfortable with the environment of the office. Then no one will bother you in office and you will enjoy all the things at office.

Try our funny memes of work and make your working days more relaxing and fresher with a pinch of humour and fun!

100+ Work Funny Memes

work smarter not harder
Leaving work on friday like
i’d tell you to go to hell
today’s goal os tp make it through work
My face when
when you’re at work trying to stay positive
stay strong! weekend is coming soon

Funny Workspace memes

when you call in sick to work,
when you’re high AF and have to go to work
when you at work & ate your lunch for breakfast and now
i need to go to work but it’s so warm in here
i’ve only been at work for an hour and this is already me
when u have to work on saturday
when you get out of work and assemble the raging
Me: i don’t wanna go to work

Office work memes

when you have pretend you’re in a good mood at work
i don’t mind coming to work but this eight hour wait
Bosses be like you still coming to work right
This is how women work
The look you give your work BFF
Good Good Let the hate flow through you
GREAT! I am finally home from work aaand it’s bed time


Hilarious work memes

Boss: are you on Drugs?
Me trying to leave work early….
Do i have to go back to work
It’s Friday! Fuck this shit. Monday
when you haven’t even gone to sleep yet and you already
10 minutes at work
we all have that one co-worker thats like this with the boss
when you’re at work trying to figure out how to get sent home
this beer tastes like …i’m not going to work tomoroow
if my job sucked any harder than it does now,i’d orgasm

Get to work memes

sir,sir if you con, sir if continue to raise your voice i’m going to have to ask you
me when i see an opportunity to leave work early i’m like….
me when i see a new employee so happy to be working here.
My face when……
Tomorrow is national take your flask to work day
that look when you don’t want to go to work
do you ever look at one of your co-workers and wonder
coming home from work like
The I.T department is working on it
when your co worker who has been fucking off all shift

Office work memes

I’m so bored at work that i’m actually doing my job.
Bosses be like you still coming to work right?
bosses be like you still coming to work right?
i wish you dumbass was an appropriate way to end a work email.
My boss told me Dress for the job you want not the job you have
when your boos wants a picture to prove you were in hospital
you ever look at one of your coworkers who is stressing out and think
does this daily when his
that feeling you get when you have to wake up for work

Working late memes

when you’ve been at work for a few hours
Happy friday! no,wait,it’s monday
whats black and never works?
How to be grown up at work:
tells you how to do your job doesnt know how to do your job
working here isn’t so bad
doing work at work? ain’t nobody got time for that
why the fuck is she still working here

Hate work memes

not sure if i hate ,my job or just hate working
when your lazy ass-co worker
i may need to extend my lunch break into not working here anymore.
when people ask how i handle this job
the face i make
Fridaybe like……
Man returns to work after vacation with fresh,
when you see that co worker who’s a snitch

Bad employee memes

when senior m,anagers constantly crack shitty jokes but you need your job and that promotion
i sit at work in front of a computer all day
getting to work and finding out you’re short staffed
i need to go to work but it’s so warm in here
hard at work Hard at work There’s a difference
What do you mean i can’t go to work with you?
it’s friday we work
great i am finally home from work
how your supervisor watches you at work
when you drive past your job on your day off
not going to put my name on the work because i didn’t help you?

Work training memes

first day at new job gets promoted
i don’t want to go back to work
I’D tell you to go to hell But i work there and i don’t want to see you everyday
i dnt always tolerate stupid people.
Strange new trend at the office.
Use math software to check work
Me at work after 2 hours…..i can’t do it anymore
This is how beer goggles work

Funny work meeting memes

your outfit says you work in an office, but your shoes tell me it must have a pole in it.
Literally 5 minutes into work
pooping at work took longer than expected overtime
coming in 2 minutes before close
sees you getting ready for work ehre are we going?
Stay strong weekend is coming soon
this is how i laugh when i’m leaving work

Sarcastic memes about work

what i think i looke like when i walk into work
when your boss asks how you’re going
when your-co workers ask you what you’re doing after work
i’m onna need the rest of the day off
working from home
not sure if working in CAD or really angry
working on a friday it’s pretty much like that
i must be willing to take on extra responsibilities


Work stress memes


i get paid to be nice to people at work
if i dies & went straight to hell it would take me a week to realize i wasn’t at work anymore
The I.T department is working on it
because i willl be older therefore wiser.
when you’re about to leave work and the boss says”before you go….”
Work smarter not Harder
Boss: This is the third time you’ve been late to work this week
when someone you hate walks into your work….


100+ Funny Monday Memes

100+ Funny Monday Memes

After a weekend and enjoy a lot rest Monday consider a hectic day and all of us seems that we are not ready yet and fell dull n Monday. Because we can enjoy a weekend with our family and love one’s and Monday is a day when we return to our work. So these 100+ funny Monday memes are very funny clips that create a great movement for all of us. For example to go for a sleep because next day is a Monday. Some lazy people feel that Monday is very horrible story for them. Some people feel happy to know that next day is Monday because they felt bored in weekend and they want to meet their friends and colleagues and do some fun as well as work. On Monday morning people feel tired and dull. Most of the people don’t like to wake up early in the morning especially on Monday morning. So Monday morning memes create laughs, especially for them who are really has any kind of relevance with that memes. Sometimes, friends describe their other friend and tag them in memes, otherwise the other friend find their self that what he actually do on Monday. Some memes are very motivated for all of us because Monday describes us that it is a motivated day. We all have dreams and goals that we can fulfill in upcoming week. And Monday is the first day of week and this is the day when we can start work hard and try to fulfill our goals and dreams. In 100+ funny Monday memes, some people descried their feelings that week is ends very fast but on Monday, that day is very long and hectic. Some memes tells us that most of the people are very hard working and they are waiting for the Monday. Some memes tells us that many people pending their work and they are waiting for Monday to finish or to complete their work. Monday memes are very funny and shows that most of the people feeling sleepy. Many memes tell us that almost all students dozing in the Monday morning class. And many students avoid class on Monday, especially in Monday morning.

Many people don’t like Monday because it is a harsh beginning of the week. All the fun that was on the weekend is over and the word Monday becomes a synonym for apathy, sadness, and sorrow.

But is it really so? Everything depends on your perception. If you are in a good mood and always optimistic about the future, then Monday will be just an ordinary day for you!
However, if you, your family or friends are suffering from Monday blues, then there are some tricks that will help you to cheer up and survive this day. One of them is sending Monday memes.

Everything in life should be perceived with humor, so funny memes about Monday will help you make this day cheerful, bright and full of positive vibes!

Don’t know where to find a Monday meme? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find 100+ funny Monday memes to make your Monday morning bliss of creator. Use them and have fun!

100+ Monday Memes Images

When your just relaxing enjoying the weekend, and monday runs up on you like…
Dis my monday face………
If monday had a face… this would be it
And just like that *poof* weekend. gone.
Monday me truf story
can i please have a monday sized coffee to go?
Monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday i blinked monday
Go away monday pew pew pew
Thesday is just monday’s ugly sister
When you realize tomorrow’s monday
“what day is it? asked pooh. “it’s monda,”said piglet. “fuck.”said pooh.
Every monday
One day on mercury lasts about 1,408 the same as one monday on earth.
mondays you’re telling me they will happen every week?
Mee monday
If monday were a person
How u left work friday how u showed up monday
Weekend please don’t leave
Monday again? you’re got to be kidding me
how to summon me on a monday morning
Too cold. too early. to monday.
Monday lisa
It’s monday time to take over the world
i don’t like mondays
Monday again? you’ve got be kidding me
Keep calm and pretend it’s not monday
Goodby weekend
Monday’s my get-up-and-go got up and went without me.
Heroes never die except on mondays…
OMG!!! it’s monday
Just once, i would like to wake up, turn on the news, and hear… ‘monday has been canceled, go back to slee.’
how i feel every sunday night i must stop monday from coming… but how?
this is the mondayest monday that ever mondayed
When you hit the scale on monday… and lost weight over the weekend.
After monday and tuesday even the calendar says wtf
Monday is coming for you like:
My week looks like: -monday -monday #2 -monday #3 -monday #4 -friday -saturday -pre-monday
Monday morning yoga nailed it.
Monday again….
i know it’s monday but… you’re awesome
me going to work on monday… me leaving work on monday…
Shit, tomorrow’s monday!
woke up this morning thinking it was monday realized it was actually tuesday
woke up this morning thinking it was monday realized it was actually tuesday
Must be monday
Monday you bastard
If monday had a face
it’s monday, go to work!
shit!! TOMORROW is monday
when you check yourself out in the mirror before leaving for work on monday
You mean to tell me… today is monday?!
And just like that *poof* weekend. gone.
it’s monday again!!!
arriving to work monday morning i’m dead inside.
warning: going to sleep on sunday will cause monday.
ewwww yuck! i have monday on me… get if off! get it off!
yay it’s monday
happy monday now that’s and oxymoron i haven’t heard since…
Today is monday again? i don’t think i can do this every week!
if monday had a face, i would punch it
ok monday, let’s do this!
That look when you don’t want to go to work
fuck off i mean…good morning
monday! hang in there everyone!
hell. monday.
monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday i blinked monday
say “happy monday” i dare you
Daily job moods at work
Friday and monday
Monday must be a man, it comes too quickly
Monday again….
Sweet fucking jesus please tell me its not monday already!
My monday morning workout routine.
Too much monday not enough coffee
Monday’s got me like….
if monday was a haircut it would be a mullet.
Why do you always have to come so quickly
This is my monday face
Leaving work on a friday vs coming monday morning
Monday morning coming at you like
when you wake up a minute before you alarm goes off in a monday morning
Happy friday! wait, sorry, it’s monday
When your back at work monday morning
OMG!! it;s monday the fuck you thinks comes after sunday…sunday jr.??
Dear monday, nobody likes you. sincerely everybody
one day on mercury lasts the same as one monday on earth
When the alarm clock goes off on a monday morning
Dear monday, i want to break up. i’m seeing tuesday and dreaming about friday. sincerely, it;s not me, it’s you.
Finally thursday! wait, sor, it’s monday
it’s monday…again.
Monday is brought to you by the letters f… and…u
Waking up on sunday waking up on monday
Shortest horror story: monday
Goodbye weekend
Not sure if it’s the end of the world or just monday
Hide i see monday
brace yourself tomorrow is monday
is it monday already? have a great day! better than any monday!
Fist bump. monday: let’s do this.
It’s monday: don’t make me.
smonday: the moment when sunday stops feeling like a sunday and the anxiety of monday kicks in.
3 of the worst words to hear.. tomorrow is monday’
i surbibed monday!
leabing work firday vs. walking back in on monday yeaaaa…kind of need my “shitty” job… sobasiclcanteven
what being an adult is really like.


100+ Funny Friday memes

100+ Funny Friday memes

Who don’t love Fridays? Who can say that I don’t wait for Friday or Fridays means nothing for them? Yes no one out there can say these words, because everyone after a hectic routine of the whole working days of the week. Fridays comes like and angel to escape you from the reality of hard life and give you a chance to relax yourself and to wake till night and sleep in morning. Just fun, you and your weekend with lots of relaxing moments! Then who doesn’t love Fridays? Everyone loves! This is the last day of the workweek, which you end on a positive note. It is a wonderful occasion to relieve accumulated stress and to send 100+ funny Friday meme. It’s a sweet time when you can almost smell the scent of the upcoming weekend and can’t wait to let yourself go!

These 100+ funny Friday memes are very. They shows that people feel relax and they plan to rest a lot on weekend. Almost everyone make plans for weekend, Friday. And some people plan to get sleep and enough sleep to wake fresh on Monday morning to welcome another hectic week with full smile and open arms. For many people, this word sounds magical. It is always associated with joy, fun, laughter and cheerfulness! It is the period of relaxation, impulsive actions, parties till the morning, declarations of love, crazy things and funny Friday memes!

Are you looking forward to Friday? Do you want to make it more special for you and your love one’s as well? Do you want to share your great mood with your friends via a happy Friday meme? Do you want to give your Friday a funny look that can change other’s mood as well? Do you want to show your partner how impatiently you wait for the weekend? And want to tell him/her that you want to spend each and every moment with him/her. Do you want to cheer up your mate? Do you want to make close people smile? Do you focus on expressing your plans through Friday memes? Then you are really at a right place to get one of the best funny Friday memes to use and make your Friday one of the best days of your work. Here you will find your desired memes that can give you a blasting and happy feeling to welcome and enjoy your weekend.

Here you’ll find a collection of memes for every taste and for any purpose. Enjoy best Friday, Friday night meme, dirty Friday, finally Friday, good Friday, Friday work, and hilarious Friday memes and images. Use them and choose the best pictures, which will accurately convey what you feel. Enjoy! Have fun with these 100+ funny Friday memes tag your friends and family there and make the best feeling and be ready for a hectic Monday and to start a best weekend with these boosting funny Friday memes and feel fresh and energetic all over again.

Complete Library of 100+ Funny Friday Memes

How u left work friday how u showed up monday
Leaving work on friday
Dank memes to get you through black friday(32 photos)- thechive
It’s friiiiiidaaaaaaaay!
It’s friday,we “work”
It’s friday, bitches enjoy yo self

Happy Friday memes Funny

Hand up if you love fridays
may your friday sparkle
the fuck you mean thank god its friday? youre unemployed
Leaving work on Friday…
Ninguem me segura nessa black friday you gastar meus 2 reais sem do
Happy friday
Friday night vibes messy bun leggings netflix pizza
Friday …it looks good from any angle
It’s friday and you be like
i m a panda pandas no work on friday
life is good especially friday!

Its Friday memes Funny

…that look on your face when you realise its… friday
its too friday for this shit.
ooooh yeah its friday

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have allo deen waiting for…it’s friday!
Every friday night sleep is for the weak
do the friday dance!
wishing you a favulous weekend! happy friday!
well i’ll be.. it’s still not friday?
4:00 on friday has me like
Happy friday keep shining, keep smiling!
Brace youselves black friday is coming
Sending out friday love.
My productivity on a friday

Black Friday memes funny

Black friday when people trample others for cheap goods mere hours after being thankful for what the already have.
if friday had a face…
Happy friday!
How i feel when i leave work on friday
Happy friday
Black friday exeption reality
that friday feeling
it’s friday
you know what rhymes with friday? wine
All this spending on black friday you’d better pay your electricity bill first,or next friday will be black too

Funny Friday the 13th memes

Friday just called she’ll be here tomorrow & she’s bringing the wine!
Hellooo!!! good morning! happy friday to all my friends
when everyone’s happy it’s friday but your work weekends
when everyone’s happy it’s friday but you work weekends
frist rule for black friday there are none.
it’s friday madefakas!
Tomorrow is black friday all fridays matters!
Happy friday
Bee Happy it’s friday!
Friday just called she’ll be here tomorrow & she’s bringing the wine!
friday morning thoughts friday night reality
hellur. it’s friday! praise da lort!
Friday got me like

Happy Friday memes

Hello friday i’ve been waiting for you
wowowewa its friday!!! i’m every excite!!!
yeah, if thursday could be friday that would be great
leaving work on friday!!!
Every friday, i like to hight five myself for getting through another week on little more than coffeine, will power, and inappropriate humor.
sendings out some friday love

Happy Friday memes

Happy friday

leaving work on friday like
Happy friday
Thank you! thank you! thank you! for fridays!!
Friday! yay… we made it
Leaving work on friday like
Good morning team! it’s friday!!
we made it! tomorrow is friday!!!
It’s friday i can’t wait to get home and pour myself some dinner
happy pre-pre-pre-pre friday.
did somebody say friday??
TGIF THanks gandalf it’s friday
leaving work on a friday!
oh my goodness it’s friday!
it’s friday so… tomorrow, we sleep in right?
i am intantly 70% nicer after 3pm on fridays.

Funny Good Friday memes

fresh friday here i am.
Have wonderful friday!
BLACK FRIDAY when people trample others for cheap goods mere hours after being thankful for what they already have.
Happy friday
Linda, linda, honey… listen… it’s friday!

feeling fridaylicious!
Happy friday
Well smack my a ss and call me judy, it’s payday and friday
yesssss.. friday i smell
My happy friday face! my happy friday face
The moment you realize that tomorrow is friday
it’s friday!!! madarfacars
checks the calendar friday the 13th
Friday lemme guess… grandmas house right
Yeah baby… it’s friday!!!
Heck yes its friday
you know what rhymes with friday? alchol.
Black friday shoppers 1 minute before store opening
Happy friday
Happy friday
It’s friday… i must dance!
it’s friday bitches!!!
fuck everything… it’s friday!
Happy friday!
Have a fabulous friday

Friday Night memes

Friday night goals


my friday night


It’s friday night time to party!!!


friday Night Sat Morning


Friday Night Goals


friday night expectation reality


how i plan on spending my Friday night….


i love a wild friday night


friday morning thoughts friday night reality


Friday night party pants optional

Dirty Friday memes

what? you don’t get excited about friday?!?
It’s Friday….
it’s friday friday!
the fuck you mean thank god its friday?
It’s friday through another sausage on the barbie


100+ Funny Beard Memes

100+ Funny Beard Memes

You must have heard of memes on different social media sites. Memes are the new fun way of highlighting something or to make fun of something just tag or send a memes on any social media site and have fun with your friends. And it became funny when it is about anything special then it feels very special. And when it comes to beard it is a fun factor for new era and our 100 funny beard memes will give you a chance to give your friendship a fun way. Beard is one of those things that got most attention in last 5 or 6 years. The basic thing that was arise that beard is a symbol of man. And this started an unseen war between boys with beard and without beard. Beard is not a symptom of anything but most of the times beard considered as a part of someone’s personality. And when you get a beard then you start noticing beard guys around you. You start following different trends to set your beard and hence this leads you to a point where you are recognized by your beard and people gives you compliment on the basis of your beard and your style. When it comes to commercial side, nowadays it became a complete fashion side and business. Now there are specialists in beard growing field. These specialists tell you how to carry a beard with style and elegance. Stylists give you advices for the beard color and different cuts. Beards growing oil and beard colors is now a complete industry that is growing day by day.

Growing a beard is really an art and to tackle it is really a work of artistic people. You might be fine with an unkempt beard that crumbs and forest animals take root in, but your spouse and/or employer likely feel otherwise. You might be fine with an unkempt beard that crumbs and forest animals take root in, but your spouse and/or employer likely feel otherwise.

Girls really love those guys who grow beard and care for it. They really feel that boys who grow beard have maturity in them and they can care for them more than other boys. This fact made the beard a personality maker and personifies a man in really elegant manner. Growing a beard and then carry it with the best method really shows a guy’s dedication and patience.

That is why today we are presenting you 100 funny beard memes that will give your beard buddies a fun way to celebrate their beard and to make them feel good and lucky to have such beard. Use these 100 funny beard memes, tag your beard buddies and have fun!

100+ Beard Funny Memes Images

Grew a beard biches love beards
size matters
i’d punch you
Beard Funny Memes
that’s why i don’t shave
Boobs are awesome, but my bread will still look great when i’m old
Beard Funny Memes
Sometimes i think about shaving, but the i think, “nah. i like my legs the way they are.”
i can’t remember a time when i didn’t have bread
beard rule a man with a beard never sleeps alone.
beard rule
beard rule
i told you no flowers! grow a beard!
Beard Funny Memes
dont hate me because i’m beardiful
No shave november? you mean amateur beard month
Sexy women have curves and real men have beards
Beard rule
Without a beard he’s your boyfriend with a beard. he’s your man.
Every time i shave…
when you but the wrong beard balm
men use love to get sex wome use sex to get love i have a beard to get both
thigh gap? you mean “beard slot”?
every u.s. president with a beard has been a republican
helmet will protect my head beard will protect itself
Beard rule
When she touches the be ard
Your girlfriend after seeing my beard and tattoos
Excuse me ,sir could you please grow a beard? i’m tired of your girlfriend staring at me.
Beard Funny Memes
he shaved the beard
you, yes you grow a beard
guys with no bread must also help with breastfeeding the baby.
Excuse me, miss my eyes are up here
if you need my attention but don’t know my name yell “nice beard” i’ll know you’re talking to me.
a man withlut his beard is like…
i’m sorry it will never work you don’t have beard
you love your bread… more than you love me!!!
if you need my attention but don’t know my name yell “nice beard” i’ll know you’re talking te me.
My mom said i could be whatever i wanted to be so i chose to be a man.
how to shave like a man you don’t shave
what the… fuck is this?
She told me to shave my beard!
beards, butts, beer boobs
oh you shaved now your face looks like my vagina
beard problems
i love you with all my beard. i would say heart but my beard is bigger.
Bears are the new six pack
the face one makes when when a beard is lost shaving
no. no shaved face guys here
so if your ball itch are you gonna cut those off too?
guys that can’t grow a beard
you can have your ”swag.” i have a “beard.”
your girlfriend loves my beard
Girls be like he shaved his beard!!!
i don’t want flowers!! i want you to grow a beard!
that moment when you see….. another
there are just some things i will never see again. my ching is one.
so if i grow a beard… you’re saying there’s a chance?
when you feel your beard blowing in the wind
live bearded bearded all day
Beard Funny Memes
This is not your friend
i am the sun
i see you shaved i’m sorry the weight of being a man was to much for you
shave you say? not by the hair on m chinny chin chin.
when a bearded man enters the room i volunteer tribute!!!
that moment you realize you’re out of beard oil
can’t decide if i want my beard inder the covers or over the covers
Shave my beard? next time hire women
i may not be perfec but i married a bearded man and that’s close enough
it’s too hot, i need to sha… be a man!!!
you don’t know the power of the beard
then she said “it’s either me or the beard”
don’t look at me without a beard
waiting for that bearded gentleman
imagine a lion without a beard pussy cat
this is not a beard this is a beard
if you have a beard but you can’t change a tire… shave
grows beard, wins oscar coincidence?
how i feel when i’m a room and i know i have best looking beard
Beard Funny Memes
beard season never ends.
with great beard comes great responsibilty!
Beards parting wet things since 1391 b.c.
beard don’t have? bitch you are
Beard Funny Memes
one can always trust a man with a beard & glasses
Ladies, if your man has a beard, raise your hand. if he doesn’t, raise your standards.
love your man love his beard
tomorrow’s things to do… 1. not shave 2. dominate
Exercise for beard men.
Beards this is exactly how they work
pogonophile someone who is fond, or loves beard.
beardless men!!!
Grow a beard. then we’ll talk
be the kind of man your beard thinks you are
new years resolution… grow more beard.
chicks be like i need that beard in my life
no beard no thanks
kissing a man without a beard is like drinking champagne without bubbles


200+ Funny Happy Birthday Memes

200+ Funny Happy Birthday Memes

Birthdays are the most important part of someone’s life. It is the day when everyone memorizes the moment of your birth and makes you feel special about it. This time try something new to wish birthday your love one’s and close friends. This is a new way to wish anyone in a unique way. You are at right place to find 200+ funny happy birthday memes.

We can wish our family members and close friends and surprise them. In birthday memes, we create a funny and happy movement for our friends. We may also wish everyone who is very close to us. To resemble our friends with celebrities and players most of the people use memes. This way to wish close one’s is remember always and when our friend or any relative will see that post, they will become happy and always remember us. We can chat with other friends in that memes and to make the birthday girl o boy happy. Birthday is the movement when a birthday girl or boy to make their memories and these memories are very long lasting for them. And after birthday the special one always remember you and your memes. Birthday is the day when we can make many special and cute movements. And through wishing anyone in memes, the other one who don’t know the birth date of the birthday special, they can see the post and quickly wish him/her. This is a cute and time consuming way to wish your relative, siblings, friends, parents and love one’s. Funny birthday memes are a way to make laughter that the birthday boy/girl a long life and the do nothing in his/her life.

These more than 200 funny happy birthday memes gives you a chance to wish your close people birthday in new and funnier way. Such funny memes really makes one’s birthday a special one because it is a way that he/she will memorize rest of the year which makes her/him feels happy.

Birthday are no exceptions: Wishing someone for their birthday or making funny comments on the passing of time & subsequently, their age through memes is hilarious alternative to the usual sending of wishes – although caution is advised when you don’t feel close enough to the birthday boy or girl. If you’re aiming for some plain text, you can find funny birthday wishes here. Have a great laugh, then!

We are collecting beautiful & Birthday Wishes & Quotes with Images as a meme to send to your loved ones, friends and family on their birthday. We love DIY, crafts and handmade products from home. We provide you with the best inspirational 200+ funny happy birthday memes. Use them and have fun! Try these birthday memes as a wishing tool and make these beautiful days of your friends or family more special.

Images Of Happy Birthday Funny Memes

it’s Friday……and it’s my birthday biiaaaatch!!!
Happy Birthday My Nigga!
Hope you have an unforgettable Birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday memes for him

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday pete you big arsehole!
Happy birthday old timer!
Happy Birthday
Ermagersh! Happi birfday
It’s your birthday? big deal i’ve had nine lives
It’s your Birthday? birthdays are cool!
Your birthday it is. celebrate you must
When People sing happy birthday to you and you just sit there like
Moi mon meilleur copain c’est zerome et je l’aimerais pour la vie
Happy birthday, duder, el-duderino, your dudeness!!
Happy Birthday

Funny birthday memes for Guys

Nobody sends better birthday wishes than do, believe me
Happy birthday you haven’t Aged a single day
Relax! it’s your birthday
Happy birthday
How old, you say?
Happy birthday my pretty
Happy birthday!
I’m MORGAN FREEMAN, And i’m wishing you a happy birthday and you just read that in my voice
Happy birthday from your favorite cousin

Funny Birthday memes for friends

Hello, yeah this is dog, i wanted to wish you happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Who’s a birthday girl? you’re a birthday girl
Happy bird-day have a mice day. best fishes
it’s your birthday? hallelujer!!! praise the lort!
Happy birthday to me…
Happy birthday brother!
Happy birthday this much!!!!!!
Happy birthday motor harley-davids cycles
Happy birthday to you!!!
Happy birthday crazy lady
Happy birthday!!! have a great day

Funny Birthday memes for her

Happy birthday bunghole!
Happy birthday to you!
HAAAAAAAAAAAY Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to youuuuuu!!! happy birthday to youuuuuu!!!
Happy birthday handsome! your may be getting old. but look on the boughtside…
Happy birthday its like your very own christmas!
Well it’s your birthday …again
Happy birthday
Happy birthday brother!!!!
I hope your birthday is extra gingery
senior moments… now what did i come in here for? happy birthday!

Funny Sister birthday meme

When it’s your birthday but still have to work
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday… you little spoonful of sugar
Happy birthday bitch
Happy birthday big boy come and get your gift;]
Wait…stop it’s my birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Birthdays are good for your health studies show poeple who have more
Happy birthday you crazy animal
Ermahgerd happy birthday i got you dergs
that’s indeed here real age happy birthday
Happy birthday!!!!!
Remember the birthday where you got drunk sang karaoke, and went streaking? happy birthday
Here’s to another birthday and not growing old gracefully!

Funny Brother Birthday memes

MOm,mom,mom. guess what it is? birthday @ happy birthday!
Nobody wishes happy birthday better than me, believe me
Happy birthday!!!!!
Happy birthday rockstar!
Sooo cool to find this old baby photo of rob! Happy birthday.bob!
Hello yeah this is dog, i wanted to wish you happy birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Memes For Him

Hey you happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday your crazy animal
Ermahgerd happy birthday i got u dergs
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday bitch
Happy birthday… you little spoonful of sugar
wait…stop it’s my birthday
Do i smell birthdaycake?
smile… it’s your birthday!
Hey girl, happy birthday!
its my birthday

Funny dog Birthday meme

Happy birthday big boy come and get your gift;]
happy birthday you dirty cocksucker
Happy birthday big brother!!! another year older? never mind. me too!
Happy birthday from one sexy beast to another
guess who is wishing you a very…. happy birthday!
Happy birthday dobby harry potter loves you; so glad to have you as a friend <3
Happy birthday!!!!! john!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you!
Hey dickhead happy birthday
OMG it’s your birthday!
Mission accomplished happy birthday

Funny cat birthday memes

Happy birthday now you’re one year closer to dying
Happy birthday!!
They say it’s your birthday! well, happy birthday to yeh!
Happy birthday! i hope it’s a real hoot!
Happy birthday
Birthday hug incoming!
Birthday cake? lord jesus it’s a fire!
Happy birthday to the coolest and most laying brother around!
may you grow so old that people mistake your boobs for nuts! happy birthday
we’ll put in a happy little birthday over here

Funny Belated birthday memes

nanananananana happy birthday
Touch my cake and will cut you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
i know i wont see you but happy birthday
just called to say happy birthday btw… ate your cake
what you should wear for you birthday? birthday suit!duh
that face you make when you see an unwanted friend at your birthday party
OMG! it’s your birthday! happy birthday
wait…you’re how old? happy birthday my friend
Birthday and liking it
When life gives you birthdays eat cake
Happy birthday bro looking forward to the cake

Funny Mom birthday memes

Happy birthday to moo
Happy birthday, you magnificent, sparkle beast!
Happy birthday bro!
Holy shit! it’s your birthday!
thanks guys for the birthday wishes
Happy birthday to my special brother!

Funny Happy Birthday Memes For Her

is it your birthday? zuz icing isn’t the only thing l’ll be smearing all over your face tonight.
Happy birthday cousin join us party
But, i wanted a mouse.
Happy birthday! just another year closer to being that crzy cat lady…
Happy birthday to yooooou!
smile it’s your birthday!
hey girls, happy birthday
Happy birthday
Have a barking good birthday
be happy, sister! it’s your birthday!

Funny Birthday Cousin memes

happy birthday brother
Happy birthday
omg it’s your birthday!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday bud hope your cake was 96% pure
Happy birthday! hope it’s awesome
today is your birthday, so… why aren’t we drunk yet?
Happy birthday if you blow out all the candles your wish will come true
i just wanted to eat but you lit my food on fire
it’s your birthday i’m controlling my excitement
it’s your birthday? hallelujer!!! praise the lort!
You live with your brother. you have no job, and you have no direction but there’s good news…
Happy birthday
Happy birthday lol girl and thank you for being a friend!!!!

Funny Dirty birthday memes

and i will strike upon you with birthday flowers.
happy birthday! i hope it’s a real hoot!
Stop scrolling it’s my birthday
its your birthday you has cake?
Happy birthday one step closer to touchin your balls to the water when you’re on the toilet
birthday is here kick back like a boss
Heard it was you birthday alrighttyy then, happy birthday
we have no idea what “happy birthday” mean, but we love it!
Happy birthday from me my pussy
Have fun it’s your birthday
From your “good friend” happy birthday
Happy birthday

Funny old man birthday memes

Happy birthday i did not know what to get you for your birthday ’cause at your age it usually depends
every thing funny your birthday
Happy birthday any name here
it’s your birthday! put on a smile as biiig as this! happy birthday!
Happy birthday thank you for always being older than me.
Big hug! happy birthday mom!
Hey girl happy birthday
A birthday poo… for you!!
Happy birthday your cake is inside…
Happy birthday to you! it’s obvious to grow old. but growing up is optional.
dont drink too much … yoo-hoo happy-birthday
saying “Happy birthday” is too mainstream so i just say “woof woof”
Happy birthday my beautiful wife i just love the smell of coconut in the morning
go shorty, it’s your birthday we gonna party like it’s your birthday we gonna sip bacardi like it’s your birthday
Yeah… happy birthday. now if you. could get back to work, that would be great.
Happy birthday… …oh, you’re not mr. president…
another year older happy birthday
cakes come in such crazy shapes these days, eh? happy birthday!!
Happy birthday you northern monkey!
Happy birthday, bitch! want a baloon?
Happy birthday brother from the same mother
Happy birthday christy!!! have a kicking day
party… for you birthday!!!
Happy birthday now, for your spanking!
This is my happy birthday face for ma friend
Happy birthdhday yeah…

Funny Gay Birthday Memes

Hen no one remember your birthday
obama wishes you a happy birthday! boom!
Happy birthday must you have
Happy birthday! it’s party time!
Hey cuz, guess what? happy birthday & i luvvv ya!!!
Happy birthday or at least it was until we put that damn hat on his head
Sorry it’s your birthday
it’s friday… … and it’s my birthday biiaaatch!!!
Happy birthday jessica
Happy new year george sorry..wrong day happy birthday
Happy birthday my nigaa!
Happy birthday it is going to be a great birthday, a great, great day, so, so great, very special, very beautiful.

Funny 50th birthday memes

say happy 50th birthday one more time….
How does facebook know it’s my birthday?
Happy 50th Birthday
Happy age advancement day
Happy 50th birthday! i’d like to buy you a birthday drink

Funny 40th birthday memes

say happy 40th birthday one more time! dare you, i double dare you!!
i found a baby picture of you Happy 40th Birthday Brother
It’s your 40th Birthday?
Happy 40th Birthday kick back like a boss
Happy 40th birthday princess! Today is your Day!

Funny 21st birthday memes

Happy 21st Birthday to a very special nephew!
Goes out for 21st birthday designated driver
celebrate your 21st Birthday they said it will be fun, they said
False your birthday was 21 years ago!
21st birthday? challenge accepted
Turn 21 Today i can finally drink alcohol!

Funny 30th birthday memes

It’s your birthday? i dont think your re 29 anymore
oh, it’s your 30th birthday?
i had a 30th birthday once it was awful.
it’s my 30th birthday i’m kind of a big deal
happy birthday you bitch
had a 30th birthday party when he was only 15


100+ Funny Love Memes

100+ Funny Love Memes

In this world, no one can live alone. Everyone needs with them who can buck up them and tell them that you got my back don’t worry at all. These words can make anyone feel special and complete. It is now age of social media and you can share your love and feeling for anyone there in front of whole world. And when it comes to give it a funny side to your love life by using memes, yes! By using 100+ funny love memes you can show your love and make it special for you and her/him as well.

If you are going through a relationship where the fun part is missing, then all you need to have a look at these funny love memes. These love memes may help you to restore the lost element in your love life for example, fun. If you are not having fun with your partner, then that means you are not happy with him or her. So, to make your relationship a little healthier all you need to do is to improve your sense of humour. We have a compiled a list of some hilarious and funny love memes that will make you and your partner laugh hard. You can also share these funny memes with your loved ones maybe that can help you to get back the lost fun and laughter you used to have in your relationship. Let’s have a look at these cute and funny love memes.

Do you want to lift up the mood of your partner and to make him/her smile? Send cool funny pictures and express your jealousy, longing, love, affection in such an unusual way, since a colorful image replaces a thousand words.

These love memes will give you an opportunity to show you love to your better half. Showing love is an art and when it comes to a funny way then it really feels good. These 100+ love funny memes with some fun sprinkled on it shows your inner love with your original spark of fun and humour.

Find and save an idea to show your love with the best feeling ever in really a love manner to get his/her attention to get the real love from other side as well. Social sites nowadays this trend of tagging someone in a relatable picture or in a relatable meme especially in love meme in an unusual manner with all of your love.

Images Of Funny Memes About Love

Live, laugh, love if that doesn’t work, load, aim and fire.
wait! i forgot to kiss you
i will murder everything you love
he, can you solve this? hmmmm.. not realty. here, let me help you. i love you
Wen you nonbinary freind is sad because they keep getting misgendered
love is like a fart. if you have to force it. it’s probably shit
how girls fart: how boys fart:
I can show you the world i can show you the door
i’d problbly my eyes out anybody else trynna figure out how the hell he’s gonna brjng that dog around without dropping it
“hey derpa” “hey” “i love u” “really??!!!” “yeah, it’s my favorite vowel”

Funny I love you memes

And then i realized… i love you i want no one otter than you…
love is an oper door close it
Please hug me
Roses are red violets are red… tulips are red… bushes are red… trees are red… i set your garden on fire.
i love you enough to make our iphone-samsung relationship work.
did i ever tell you that you smell like love?
i love math… it makes poeple cry
true love means never having to explain your star wars references
noraml usual unusual perfect
I love u this much
i was supposed to have a nice body for people to look at this summer but there is one small problem… i love food more than i love people.
All the feels

Funny Love memes for him

just because you’re mad at someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them
wife: i love you. husband: i love you too. wife: prove it. scream it to the world. husband: *whispers in ear* i love you. wife: why’d you whisper it to me? husband: because you are my world.
being deeply in love by some one give you the strenght to endure all the pain in order to be with the person you love
when you see your crush smiling and your’re all like
i love you this much
i love you.
we come to love not by finding a perfect person. but by learning to see an i am perfect person pefectly

Funny Love Memes For Him

look at me like prince eric looks at ariel
your face. it needs my kisses
have i told you lately? that i love you!
i love you… you’re my honey bunny
if i had to get married right now, i thinks i’d be happiest with you
i must destry you with hugs and kisses
i need hugs
change your facebook status you’re in relationship with me
he love me. he loves me not. heloves me ! i knew it!
i love my boyfriend so much all i fantasize about is him being comfortable and happy
i want someone to stick around, and annoy me for my entire life like this.
i love you this much, no life!

I love u memes

i’m smiling, because i love you.
one person can make it all go away
i love yyyyooouuuuuu!!!!!!!
Come here i wanna kiss you!!
that moment when you watch your cruch sleep.
i’ll just pretend to hug you until you get here.
who’s awesome? you’re awesome!
respect a lady that values your love more than your money

Funny Love memes for her

all you knead is love.
My favourite place is next to you!
will you
Boyfriends that rub your back and play with your hair until you fall asleep are gift.
i love you
i love you you piece of shit
i love you this much!
it’s nice to have someone in your life who can make you smile even when ther’re not around
i love the way you love me…
“sure, i’LL spot you…”
Wake her up like this
I am not the best, but i promise i will love you

Funny Love Memes For Her

Rememver march is buy your girfriend a goat month
i love you menu
there are so many dreams about your and me
Happiness is me and you
Grow old with me…
The first kiss is always a little awkward
is never boring because i’m with you
Me in a relationship
every day is valentine’s day when you are in a happy relationship.

Funny I like you Memes

you are mine, and i know we look perfect together.
watching a hug rub rub holding up in your arms kiss pushing someone down loving to much lastly…
you look like you wanna tell me something.
i am otterly in love with you
i love you menu
when you love his beard
look at her eyes after the boop
when your parents ask you why you’re still single you gave me the ugly!
pray for my cousin y’all. ain’t noghin wrong with her neck look like a good damn velociraptor
Love is in the eir..
Love @ first sight…
love is….
True love you know it whe you see it
you come to me on this… the day of my daughter’s wedding?
agre kiraz 1928-2003
Brother are true love
True locw hey look
and iiiiii will alwaaaaaaaaaaays loooooooove yooooooooooooooooooou
this summarizes my love life i’m the guy in blue
Lur love can never be
Monkey love
Love is habing things in common
love has no weight limit
i love this box. wait is that a new box!? i miss you old box. i was just confused, please take me back.
the hand position says it all
my love is like a candle because if you forget about me i will burn your fucking house to ground

ladies, i’m taken and shes just my type
what is love?

I need love memes

is your body from mcdonald? because i’m loving it
i love you more than cupcakes
i love you this much! that’s not very…
te he he my but loves you…
feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime.
come back here and let me love you!!!
True love at first sight
my love for you is like diarrhea icant hold it in
i love you like a fat kid loves cake


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