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100+ Funny Merry Christmas memes

100+ Funny Merry Christmas memes

What is cuter and lovely then making a beautiful wish for the most awaited event of the year? What if people waits for an event throughout the year and then when it finally arrives, it brings a lot of happiness for them as well? What s better than this?

There are lots of such events out there that are awaited throughout the year and people do celebrate it with their full extent. And Christmas is one of those cheerful even of the year.

But what is the best thing about it?

Yes! The snowy weather is what makes it best for all. Winters that brings lot of warmth with it in all manners. If we say that it is the time when people become closer to each other and if we say that it is the time when relation flourishes than it won’t be wrong.

But why is it so? Because it is the time when all of the family members get a chance to stay close with each other because it is the time when they all get a rest form their busy and hectic lives. It is the time when they all get a chance to know about their family closely and when they get a chance to spend some time with each other in a delightful manner of this sweet occasion.

The festivity of this event is no less than a really treat for all of the family members. Christmas is an event that can make you feel like you really have a family that needs you more the anything in this world.

So how to celebrate or wish it!

This is the most important thing regarding this occasion. Nothing can be more beautiful if you express it openly and with all of your heart and when you make a difference from all of others when you wish your friends, family or others.

So what it’s like when you wish in a really dry way no will ever remind it again or remember it in fact they don’t even like it. But when you add something really funny in a wish of Christmas then it really becomes a worth remembering thing.

That is why we are here to present you 100+ funny merry Christmas memes that can give your love one’s a new boost and new lovely feeling that can make their event more lovely and joyful.

It is not like to wish with some joke it’s like to wish in such a manner and way that your family, friend or love partner feels that they are the most special person to you and you are wishing them with all of your heart in such funny way that can give them a hard laugh and a make them to remember you in such a cute way.

So have a look on our latest collection of 100+ funny merry Christmas memes and make your way towards your love one’s heart and make them feel that you really love them and they are really special for you.

Just grab a meme that you like and then share it with your family or friends or tag them so they can fee l the warmth of your love in a funny way.

Merry Christmas memes

what if i told you Merry Christmas?
thilver bellth thilver bellth ith chrithmath time in the thity
Every time you say merry christmas
why is santa’s sack so big? he only comes once a year
Merry Christmas! shitter’s full!
A merry christmas i wish you all
Merry Christmas you little shits
Merry Kissmyass
Merry christmas
i noticed you said merry christmas instead of happy holidays
i juanna wish you a merry Christmas
i destroyed your other gifts because i’m the only one you need
i find your lack of Christmas disturbing
merry christmas
Merry christmas you filthy animal
oh chrismas weave
from all of me to all of you Merry christmas

Pinky Merry Christmas memes

ermahgerd chrerstmahs!
Merry Christmas!!!
Murry Christmas nyukkas!!!!
Hail satan….i mean merry christmas.
Merry christmas nigha from pinky nigha
Merry Christmas from pinky NUCCA
you gonna get “present”
All i want for Christmas is to punch you
Hey y’all pinky shit his pants!
“A pinky & the brain christmas”

Merry Xmas memes

congratulations you’re broke
christmas is cancelled!
Merry Christmas Muthafucka
hipstersanta wants you to leave out a coconut water and a
Merry christmas ya filthy animal
santa he knows you have been naughty
Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Do you know what i got for christmas?
MERRY fucking Christmas

Funny Santa memes

someone’s cookies gave me the shits
come sit on santa’s lap and we can
playstation4? ho ho hold the fuck up
you better watch out you better not cry
Has kids sit onlap gets boner
it’s begining to feel a lot like fuck this
works one day a year
i’ve seen your facebook statuses
well it ain’t gonna suck itself
Has his way with your mom eats the cookies too
i don’t always follow the naughty list
Ho Ho Ho! Leave the presents and go away ho ho ho

Cute Christmas memes

when Christmas decoration finally go up…
cute christmas doggo doggo
i see you when you’re sleeping.i know when you’re awake
MAM? can gt a pet Dog for christmas
come here you said want to see santa you said
co beautiful
Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree
It’s ok, they will just think santa ate them.
what do you mean santa’s got enough reindeer
i dressed my dog up for Christmas How cute and festive
He sees you when you’re eating…
i think i hear santa??? it’s santa!!!!!!!!!

Hilarious and Happy Christmas memes

Santa gave me some coal for Christmas
Merry christmas
first we’ll make snow angels for 2 hours.
Santa Claus was Real
when thanksgiving is over
offend a liberal
it’s christmas eve NIGGAS
christmas is like anal sex
Niggas be like just finished putting up my Christmas tree
i noticed you said merry christmas instead of happy holidays
why the fuck
Merry Christmas son
you want to pony Christmas So here it is!

Family Christmas memes

i just brought A $25 Gift card
when some family drama comes up at christmas
When your family starts talking politics at Christmas dinner
almost time to trim the tree the family tree that is
going to family christmas like
my family just sent this out as our Christmas card.
one does not simply celebrate christmas without family
Christmas time? no. family drama time.
and on christmas eve ye small return home
the meaning of christmas
Christmas is a holiday created for a time to be with family!
Merry Christmas to my family
“Like” to show your respect to a family that has no dad for christmas
asks for more hours to give my kids a good christmas
The moment you realize shit.this is my family.

Christmas Movie memes

i triple dog dare you!!!!!
i beat the shit out of some kids today
i don’t care what they say. i’m watching christmas movies now
Woman, do your job, & swaddle this baby!
Murray Christmas!
Merry christmas you filthy animal
it’s not christmas until
it’s not christmas until i see hans grubber fall off nakatomi plaza
i don’t always watch hallmark movies but when i do, i watch them all fuckin day
there are two types of people in the world

I love Christmas memes

i love you i love you Love You!!
Christmas i love that shit
i left a dead rat on top of all these boxes
i love Christmas!!!!
i Love Christmas!
i love Christmas music
i just wanted to do a secret santa
i love christmas and snow!

Dirty Christmas memes

Dear santa i want a little brother for christmas sincerely timmy
you better not pout you better not cry
baby just roll me over
Merry christmas ya filthy animal
maek me a sandwich you ho ho ho
that’s one dirty christmas combo
santa came early this year…on yo mama’s face!
i will watch you masturbate and write your name on the naughty list
if you jingle bells
Never mind my kneee…..

Hate Christmas memes

i dont always hate music, but when i do,it’s christmas music
how can it be a happy Christmas if war is over?
dashing through the no
i hate christmas i iz the grinch
yes i knocked the christmas tree over…
i can’t wait for the holidays! to be over
i hate christmas

Christmas Holiday memes

ermagherd wake up! it’s Christmas!!!
Brace yourself the holiday season is coming
Rocking around the Christmas Tree Have a happy holiday
All i want for Christmas is a nap
Works 1 day a year spends the rest of it judging you
welcome to christmas break
Why did this

Christmas Cat memes

what do you mean santa’s got enough
what was in that catnip dude….
your gift is in the litter box
jungle bell go to hell
OMG it’s just what i wanted!
jingle bell jingle bell get me out of this fucking sleigh
christmas tree o christmas tree
i destroyed your other gifts
wreck the tree and blame the doggies
you think this is a mother fucking game?

Sexy and Inappropriate Christmas memes

i’m no weather man But
why is santa so jolly? he knows all the bad girls
anybody else hot in bed last night or was its just me…..
Good sex sounds like stirring mac n cheese
come sit on santas lap and we can
calm the fuck down it’s only november
never mind my knee…. sit on my face
i heard santa on the rooftop
if you jingle my bells
of course i’m jolly…i know hwre all the naughty girls live

Funny Mexican Christmas memes

you know you’re Mexican if…

Mexican Christmas Tree
Mexicans be like…
i juanna wish you a merry christmas
we’re gonna start to say “merry christmas” again
These Mexicians have too many kids
The Mexican that ruined christmas
i don’t always celebrate Christmas
Mexicans be like only half the family

100+ Cuddle Memes for Couples and Friends


Every relationship has its own beauty and own charm but when it comes to a love life relationship than it really has a beauty of next level. And if you are lucky enough that you have the right man or woman in your life than I must say that God is really kind to you.

But this beautiful love life needs some things that make it more exciting and beautiful. Expressing love is really a necessary part of it and cuddling is one of those expressions of love that really melts heart of your partner and gives you a feel of being loved and special all the time.

That is why today we are discussing cuddling and present you 100+ cuddle memes for couples and friends even the really funny cuddle memes as well.

Hilarious cuddle memes for couples

Friendship is really the first step of a devoted love and when there is friendship then there is laughter and happiness because friendship part makes you to be free each other. Yes! In a pure love relationship there is an element that make you feel hesitate but when you are friends as well then you really share funny moments and share hard laughs as well with the love and true feelings of yours to express it. That is why here we present you some of the hilarious cuddle memes for your spouse or love partner so you can be the best of all time couple.

when you want to cuddle with bae But you’re single
when you mad at bae but you want to cuddle
wanna cuddle? fuck no
what it looks like what it feels like
Rangers game cuddle rape after
when you are cuddling but ur natural and your man……..
i hear voices in my head they tll me to cuddle u till you die
Cuddles!! Just one more cuddle
All i want is….My cuddle buddy
Soon i will give you cuddles
ok, i’m going to take a nap now you can use your arm later
i’d rather cuddle than have sex then
Cuddling. 99.99% of cuddling starts with rape
Rangers Game cuddle rape after
Give me cuddles?
There is a spider My husband isn’t home


Want to cuddle memes for boyfriends and girlfriends

Everyone is not lucky enough to be with their love life partners all the times. Yes! We are talking about long distance relationships where you can’t come closer to your partner. So here comes the part of want to cuddle memes for boyfriends and girlfriends.

Yes! It expresses your need of a warm hug or a beautiful cuddles where you can feel relax and make your girl or boy feel your presence around them. Cuddling is one of the bests feeling in a love life relationship and if you are not together then it may really make you sad but now don’t need to worry because our want to cuddle you memes will express your inner feelings in such a way that can make both of you feel love and spread happiness around you.

Lets cuddle with your cock inside
lets cuddle and watch espn
when all you wanna do is cuddle and talk about your feelings but she just tryna fuck
Cuddling after sex? Ain’t nobody got time for that!
stay warm and cuddle fuck that.have lots of sex!!!
this could be us but you playing
kissing and cuddling makes me feel loved intense naughty and rough sex makes me feel wanted
poking your dick against my butt when we cuddle doesn’t make me want to have sex
isn’t in the mood for sex still wiggles her ass in to
i love when cuddling turns into wild sex and then goes back to cuddling.
cuddling after sex you mean more sex
cuddling the desert for after sex


Cuddle weather memes with images

oh yes! Weather’s impact is the most important thing in a love life relationship. Because it’s only the weather which can bring lots of memories back from a hidden alley and make your mood to be with the one you love and make you romantic as well.

For example when it is winter then you always want to hug your spouse or love life partner to make him and yourself warm and to get the heat of love and when it’s spring then you just love to be with the one who is special for you to express your love in the presence of lots of flowers. Every season has its own beauty, color and charm and that is sometimes change of weather make you heart to wish that you should cuddle your partner and give her/him lots of love.

Here comes our one of the best cuddle weather memes with images so you can tag your partner or can share with her/him so they can get your true feelings and when come back to you, they have a sweet love feeling for you.

Awww it’s perfect cuddling weather ………hi pillow
bitches be like aw cuddling weather
cuddle weather hurray
fuck your cuddle weather i’m going drifting
not sure if this is actually good cuddle weather or if i just always want to cuddle
cuddle weather
cuddle weather
cold weather and cuddling i like that shit
this that cuddling eat ya girl pussy all day weather
niggas be like cuddle weather
here i am rock you like a hurricane
Bitches be like aww cuddling weather
bitches be like cuddle weather
brace yourself cuddle weather posts are coming
hears about cuddling weather goes home and hugs a pillow
perfect cuddle weather grabs pillow from other side of the bed
bitches be like awww cuddling weather


I would cuddle you so hard memes

Yes! Sometimes you feel such thing that you will love or hug or cuddle your partner so hard that you will smash them with the intensity of your feeling. Sometimes you just want to hug your partner tightly and want to forget all the things around you.

This intensity really brings true feeling for each other and makes the relationship stronger and pure. That is why we present you some I would cuddle you so hard memes so you can tell your feelings in a nicer and sweet way so your partner can feel the beautiful feeling even if they are at some distance or if they are on their work and then you tag them in such a meme or share with them so they will run towards you leaving everything behind to have such intense feeling and to make you calm as well.

i’m about to cuddle you so hard
don’t be scared i just wanna cuddle
i would cuddle you so hard
AY i would cuddle you so hard
i would cuddle you so hard….
i’m going to cuddle you so hard you’ll be walking with a limp tomorrow
you have no idea how hard i would cuddle you
i would cuddle you so hard
i would cuddle with you so hard….
i would cuddle you so hard if you know what i mean
i want to cuddle you so hard
i’m gunna cuddle you so hard
im gonna cuddle you so hard when you get home
i’m going to cuddle you so hard when we get home
cuddle so hard bitches wanna find me


Cuddle time memes

If we truly observe a love life relationship and go deeper then we can clearly feel that mostly girls are into their guys and they really want to have a cute or sweet response in return of everything they ask or say to their men. Girls really give worth to random kiss or hug from their partner and they really feel and believe in it that a cuddly feeling from their partner really recharge them and give them a new energy to face the world.

That is why we are here to present you cuddle time memes so you can share them or tag them as an alarm of your battery low. And show that my battery needs charging that is for sure a cute cuddle from your side. This really makes girls feeling special and important and makes them believe in their men as well.

cuddle time with momma kona luke
countdown to cuddle time!
Time to cuddle and watch the cowboys
Er meh gerdd cuddle time
human dinners is 10 mint late
cuddle time
it it cuddle time?
It’s cuddling season
human is no time for is time for cuddle
baby cuddle time
uh oh its cuddle time
cuddle time with my cat

Cuddle Meme Pictures

Fuck this shit let’s coddle
When you find the perfect one to cuddle with
What it’s like cuddling with the bearded
I miss cuddling with you
i don’t always sleep but when i do i cuddle
i heard you needed someone to cuddle with
that’s okay i didn’t want to cuddle anyways
excuse me i was wondering…. can we cuddle….pwease?
you want cuddles on demand? here’s $20. buy a dog
‘sup sexy? wanna’could?
this is my cuddle face
i just wanna cuddle that’s all i want
i don’t usually but when i do, you’re wearing all black and about to leave for work
When you cuddle yourself cause you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.
Don’t struggle methane cuddle
i don;t always like to cuddle.. but when i do, you can’t resist me.
after a long day of fetching sticks and she finally let’s you cuddle
i just can’t get enough cuddles!
let’s cuddle so i can steal your body heat.
you there… one wishes to cuddle the fuck out of you
wadda ya mean you don’t wanna cuddle? …i give koality hugs
does it look like i like to cuddle? well i doooo!!
ummm haeh if you could cuddle me, that’d be great
hey baby wanna come over and …cuddle:) omg i’m so sorry! my cat stole my phone!
i don’t like the term rape. i prefer cuddle with a struggle.
i’m cold i just want to cuddle, damn it
when you dada bad day but babe wants to cuddle
i kinda want you to cuddle me but i also kinda want to bite you


50+ Ford Truck Memes

50+ Funny Truck Memes

There is no doubt in it that in western countries trucks are the love of the locals. They love to drive a truck. They love heavy vehicles. And when it comes to trucks then western people love to have trucks or heavy cars that have a look of truck.

Then what is better than Ford truck for them?

Ford is one of the most ancient vehicle manufacturers that really keep up the good work and maintain a high standard since its birth. They have established a rank and scale system that makes them realize that what people need out there, what they are going to like? What they feel about their products? What is the reason behind the increase or decrease in sale? What should they do when it comes to beat other brands?

And the most important thing, that how to raise the bar of their signature things!

Their strong and long lasting vehicles are the signature mark of the company. They originality and the innovation in their vehicles and their dedication towards each piece makes them able to produce wonders for the public out there.

Every piece of their cars and heavy vehicles are really a master piece and when it comes to the public trust then they really maintain the standard as well.

Ford trucks are quite famous out there in western countries because of their looks, design, innovation and originality.

The thing is that Ford car parts do not available easily and you have to approach authorized persons to have it. This is one of those steps that lead them to stick to their originality and innovation.

They heavy and intense looks of ford trucks really make it really difficulty for the users to choose any other brand because it really attracts the car or truck lovers out there. Ford is one of those brands who really still have the old and ancient glimpse of their classic pieces.

Lots of people also complain about the factor that spare parts or other things of Ford cannot be found easily that makes it difficult to keep it but it does not make any difference in the popularity of the brand.

There are lots of other things as well in the brand as people love the brand so they have to keep up the bar of their level of working and innovation as well because people want beauty with intelligence present in the car that makes it more attractive and useable.

As there are lots of qualities there in Ford trucks so that is why we are here to present you some funny ford truck memes that can make your relation with your truck especially with your ford truck more funny and loveable.

There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful heavy car to a real man and when it comes to ford truck it really stands in the first row of the people’s choice out there.

So if you are obsessed with your ford truck or you any family or friend that are really obsessed with it so grab a meme that you like and share or tag them so they can a hard laughter and can feel the love for their ford truck more intensely.

50+ Funny Ford Truck Memes

Federal recall on Ford trucks heated tailgate may catch fire from prolonged use
this guy deserves a medal
go home ford you re drunk
honked at a prius scared rhe crap out of it
you know chevy sucks. when a 100 pound compressor sags it.
every chevy owner needs this for when they break down
one of these represent the other is a rainbow
how to spot a ford guy who has chevy friends

Ford Vs Chevy Truck Memes

here are some really funny memes about comparing Ford and Chevy trucks. You will surely enjoy them when you see them.

Ford owner be like “pulls Good” thats cute.
A Ford is like a tampon, Eventually all pussies get one
how trucks look lifted
Articulation you’re doing it wrong
two mirrors out but no hitch receiver
when you want to be somebody you buy a new truck
Get a ford they said they never break they said
easy now ford! Don’t over do it!!
Ford owners be like keeps my turbo cool
all chevy should have an emergency plan t get them home like a backup ford
ford truck owner club.. sike just junk yard pic
Ford’s new tailgate seat so you can watch for the tow truck
Ford owner be like truck does good towing
crickey what we have here is a
oh no! i ‘m becoming a ford truck!
i tried to tell him not to put that chevy engine in a ford

Ford Owner Memes

These Memes are related to Ford Owners – Some of them are really hilarious. Check them yourself

Ford owner be like stay the night bro, we’ll fix it tomorrow
chevy runs deep ford pulls them out
how to fix a ford buy a chevy
did you know 98% of fords are still on the road today the others 2% made it home
dodge or ford ? pick one
we give each other hell but, admit it these are the 2 greatest trucks ever made
i dont usually talk to ford drivers
best pick up line ever
Buy a ford they said they are built touch they said
if a picture says a thousand words this says it all
oh modding my truck is stupid?? tell me more about how fun it is parking beside yourself
i’d rather push a chevy then drive a ford
how to fake a forest fire
suddenly…. an oven

Anti Ford Memes

free with every new ford truck for the walk home
For sale camouflage ford truck
Lifted ford lifted chevy
when your buddy buys a ford
watch out for this truck when biking!
since when do trucks have HDMI ports
powerstroke be like hauled some scrap metal today
i dont always roll with fords but when i do they better not break my tow strap
i want to sell my F150 5bucks is the best i can do
My truck aint leakin oil… it’s sweating horsepower!
it will only be 1 hour. 15 hours later…..
hey look! it’s a ford pulling chevy
Doing work according to ford
Lift your truck they said it’ll be fun they said
Never skip leg day
on this day 95% of trucks on the road are Ford the rest of them made it home

100+ Funny Goodnight Memes for Him and Her

100+ Funny Good Night Memes

What if you work really hard all the day and in night you can’t get a healthy good night sleep? What if you feel lonely at night and this makes you feel like you can’t sleep?

Actually the thing is that everyone needs to be pampered in one way or other. This is human psychology that they need someone around them who can keep them in manner that they are the most important one for them and the one who really means for them.

But what is the connection between someone around you and good night sleep? Yes! That is the question mostly asked around and people want to know why there is a relation between these two things.

The reality is that at night your mind and heart is in the position of peace and at that time of the day, they focus on the deep parts of their soul and heart. And here you find the hidden secrets of your life and this silence lead you to a point where you find yourself in a state of Karma or pity.

Karma, if have done something wrong to an innocent person and pity if you are the one with someone did wrong. And pity if someone did wrong to you. It’s all you can feel and face at night and that is why is the time when you need a love one around you who can pamper you and make you feel calm and relax.

It’s not like if you are having someone around you then they can decrease your stress or something like it. But they can give you a warm feeling of their presence with you at that time and make your night sleep a good night one.

What if someone just says that don’t worry I am with you and you don’t need to be worry about it and all will be ok. It does not get rid you from the problem but it gives you a hidden strength and power to face the problem manly and to make things better.

This is same with saying good nights with some sort of encouraging words or soothing things that can give someone, a boosting strength to get up next morning with a new energy and passion to do all in a much better way.

What if this good night thing gets a funny face? Yes! It will make you feel relax and give you a hard laughter after a long tiring and hectic day. Funny good night memes is all about such stress relieving memes that can make you smile in no time and make your night a dreamful and beautiful night.

Saying goodnight with a smile and in a funny way really can make your way to someone’s heart as well because how can someone ignore the person who make them feel happy by just saying or sharing a thing that can make them smile and make their nights happy.

Here we present you some funny good night memes. So grab the one you like and tag or share with your friends or family and give them a good night sleep to start a passionate day ahead!

Images of Funny Goodnight Memes

Here, we have found some really cool, and hilarious goodnight memes for you. hop you like them.

i know i wont see you But i hope you have a good night
grumpy cat says good night
my pillow is getting some serious head tonight
nite nite phleep tight
good night facebook you too NSA and CIA
i love you good night
alright y’all i m going to thleep now GOODNIGHT
GOODNIGHT have vegetable dreams
good night , sweet prince Hugo Chavez 1954-2013
we all have that friend………….
i love you Good Night
you have a good night…….you have a good night and you have a good night……everybody have a good night!!
Good Night Honey sending you my hug and kiss….sweet dreams <3:>:D<
any dates that end like this is a Good Night
i have a feeling….. that tonight’s gonna be a Good Night!
GoodNight sleep tight Dont Let her bite;]
Merry Christmas to all And to all a Good Night
Good Night …..Folks sleep with the Angels!
Good Night. Keep your butthole tight
oh by the way Good Night!
Good night Joker i’m out
Good night sweet dreams………………
why do we have to say GOODNIGHT? i’m still ready to play!
nite nite SQUISHY

Goodnight Memes For Him

These Goodnight Memes are specially categorized for boys and horny men. Some of these are funny, some are really Sexy goodnight memes and some simply mention the 3 romantic i love you goodnight memes. So if you are looking for something like this then this is it so Enjoy;

I’ll be in bed in a moment honey. i’m just saying goodnight to everyone on the internet.
Nite Nite Thleep Tight
No Good Night Text? alright then….
GoodNight And Sweet Dreams
Here’s a Good Night Hug THIS BIG
good night and if you dream of me, remember i like it rough
sorry your hurt. Good Night Love you……
Goodnight sleep tight!
GoodNight kisses
i don’t always say Good Night And Sweet Dreams But when i do…..i say it to you……XOXO
when she says goodnight but remains online for hours
Night Night keep ya butthole tight
well alright then… Good Night!
GoodNight And it will be amazing because i say so
GoodNight And Good Luck
well GoodNight then
Good night guys wat
Oh my god look at the time Good Night
Good Night Brother!!!!!!!!
Good Night And sweet dreams…….
Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow
Goodnight,sleep tight dont let the titans bite
Good Night SWEET
Good Night bitch
i said good night but she is not listening
Good Morning hustlers Good Night strippers!
Good’Fight Good Night
Good Night My precious
Good Night my kwala sweet dreams….Love you!

Sweet Goodnight Memes For Her

These Memes are categorized as goodnight memes for her only because they are more associated with girls. All of the below funny memes will surely be liked by your female friends or colleagues. So enjoy and pick the best you like and start sharing.

GoodNight Motherfuckers!!
Good Night MOM
Thugs Don’t say Goodnight We just stop texting.
Good Night i’ll think about you
ooooweeeeoooooo just wanna say good night you sexy ppl
Good Night. Sleep Tigh. Dream of me tonight….
Good Night Motherfuckers!
bout to give My pillow some head & my bed some ass
Good Night Don’t Text me again
GoodNight it’s prime time
GoodNight is when you go offline
Good Night Sleep tight, Don’t let the bed bug bite
i just wanted to say GOOD NIGHT
How i’am about to be GOODNIGHT!!!
Good Night MAH NIGGA
Alright, i bothered you enough for today, Have a good night, One More Thing Though………Later y’all
Good Night SweetHeart i’ll be waiting for you at Window…….
GOODNIGHT To all my niggas
Good Night Sweet Dreams <3
Good Night Sweet Dreams
Go To Sleep i m under your bed
goodnight sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite
Good Night Old Sport
i love you this big! Good Night
Get Text ending with “going to bed, Good night”. Knows not to reply.
Good Night Sleep Well
Good Night DAWG Gotta work in the AM

Goodnight Sexy Memes

Going to bed…. My ass is tired.
Good Night ….FACEBOOK
Goodnight Mother fucker
Good Night Princess
Good Morning Good Night
Well i’m done here….. Good Night
Good Night To you Too
Good Night Sweet Prince
I Got a feelin That tonight’s gonna be a Good Night
Tired pumpkin says Goodnight
This is how you kiss her Good night
Good night, Rose Good Night, John Boy
Thank you AND Good Night
i told him i’m going to kiss the kids good night He told me to kiss his balls
are you sure sweetheart that its your final good night wish for today
nighty night keep ya butthole tight
Go back to bed AMERICA
the meme is good. it is you who sucks. now shut the fuck up!
hey friends have a nice sleep
good night you shall have
when you hit him that “goodnight” cause he texting bacl slow and he reply ‘night” within 5 secs
when she stays online for 4 hours after saying Good Night
when she says “Good Night” at 10 pm but her last seen shows 2:30 Am
what if i told you Goodnight and i love you
what a day Good night
uhmmmmmm, Let me just say, GOOD Night

Sexy Goodnight Memes

last but not the the least we have compiled really funny yet horny sexy memes for you to share to your lover. So enjoy

Eat Healthy -goodnight meme
Goodnight Sexy lady
touch yourself
late night Confessions
Goodnight Sexy husband

80+ Funny Tuesday Memes

80+ Funny Tuesday memes

Everyone in this world is busy and having a life with lots of coming and pending work. No one has enough time to just stop and stare at the beauty of the world and to admire the creations of God and to be thankful for such a beautiful world.

It seems that in old times people had 48 hours in a day and we are having way less time that is why we can’t find time for anything in our lives. It seems like we are living lives of machines we just wake up do our tasks and then sleep nothing else in our lives.

It’s like in a week its only Monday that alarms you of a haunting week ahead. The sound of alarm in Monday morning leaves our lives on Sunday morning. What a busy life we all are living, no time for anything else!

But today let’s look on the other side of the picture. Let’s check what happens when gradually week passes. Yes! We are talking about Tuesday. The very next day of the haunted start of the week that is Monday.

Tuesday is the first step towards you relaxing weekend where you can get the time for you and your love ones. Yes! It is not the 2nd day of the week but the first step towards holiday. And bit relaxing as well because the alarming Monday had passed so Tuesday is quite a relaxing day as compare to previous one.

The best part is whatever you left on Monday, now it’s your chance to finish the pending task and the day on which you start thinking that yes the week is passing and now you are this far of weekend.

If you deeply look into the real philosophy of the life then you will clearly feel that life is all about a second chance. Till the last breath of your life you have chances and have a way to make things better. If you have life then you do have a way to be a better person and have a chance to make things work in a much better way.

So it is same with the Tuesday! Yes it is a second chance given to you to work harder in your life to get a better place and a chance to make things better.

Here we present you some funny Tuesday memes that will give you hard laughter and make you feel better in your week days and give you a hope that this will end and you are going to get a good night sleep without setting an alarms. But this hope will have a funny side that will motivate you as well to work hard until you get the position you dreamed of.

As this day of week is a second chance for you so avail this chance in a best way you can and prove that you are worth of such second chance and prove that you can do much more in your life and this is just a start.

Use our funny Tuesday memes and make the stressed week of your friends and family quite relieving by tagging them in funny Tuesday memes or by sharing with them.

80+ Tuesday memes Collection

its been one of those days all week.and its only tuesday
Fat Tuesday when the calories don’t count and fat doesn’t matter
why do you call it “FAT” tuesday? you are fat the other days of the week too.
Do you know what day it is? it’s tuesday! go home camel you’re drunk!
that awkward moment when tuesday feels like a monday and the week actually seems longer
holy shit its only tuesday
It’s only tuesday? Monday took so long i thought it was Wednesday!
It’s only Tuesday? Monday took so long i thought it was Wednesday
When you realize its only tuesday
when you wake up with that monday morning feeling…. then realise it’s aready tuesday
is it taco tuesday AGAIN
When your bed is so comfy but you know you gotta get up and be awesome today
Good Morning Have a tip top tuesday

Happy Tuesday memes

It’s Tuesday mimosa still ridin’ dirty
Turn up on tuesday night you must be really productive at work
It’s Tuesday so Here’s a cute puppy
Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister
of course it’s Tuesday This ain’t my friday face
wish you a happy tuesday
Tuesday is just Mondays ugly cousin
Phones are blowing up, on a tuesday?
Drinking on Tuesday? why yes, i think i will
Tomorrow is friday and no school Monday or Tuesday
Happy Tuesday Love Dj baby Bok choy
nothing ruins your friday more than realising its only tuesday

Taco Tuesday memes

Tuesday we meet again
Taco tuesday PSH thats errday
alsay’s get ready for the shut down on tuesday
it’s only tuesday and i’m already 995% done with this week

Fat Tuesday memes

it’s fat tuesday and no one brought paczkis to work
it’s tuesday! you can do it !!!!!
guess what guys its only tuesday
smile its a beautiful tuesday
that moment when you realize taco tuesday is becoming a problem
Happy tuesday now get back to work!
Happy Friday you cannot tell me otherwise reporters may say its tuesday but i say fake news sad
Happy Friday!!! oh wait its tuesday
Hold up you tellin me its only tuesday?!

Happy Tuesday memes

Happy tuesday arriba!!!!! Good Morning
It’s Tuesday? Really? Then i made it through Monday! woo hoo!
Me on taco Tuesday
Club going up on a tuesday
Happy tuesday only 3 more till the weekend yeah baby

It’s only Tuesday memes

its only Tuesday?
Never Trust a taco tuesday fart
Two for tuesday
what if i told you it’s only tuesday
It’s only Tuesday?…. Crap!
oh it’s tuesday ready to get weird!!!
And every tuesday will be free taco day…..
It’s still only tuesday?
not sure if Monday or tuesday

Tuesday Morning memes

Have a Happy tuesday
It’s Fat Tuesday! it;s good thing you’re Fat.
Happy Fat Tuesday aka Regular Tuesday to everyone who doesn’t live in the south.
Happy fat tuesday to someone who was already fat on Monday
Smile! It’s Already Tuesday!
The moment you realize It’s only Tuesday
The moment you realize…..It’s only tuesday

Tuesday work memes

thinking about going to work tomorrow like:
remember even lions were kitten once keep up the hardwork
what day does mike tyson always schedule his dentist appiontment?
It’s only Tuesday Mood
It’s been a long week. me in the middle of tuesday
the front of this nigga shoes going up on a Tuesday
Tuesday only tuesday? i can’t deal
Nothing fuckup your friday like realizing it’s only tuesday
Happy Tuesday
Damn it.. it’s only tuesday!
Taco Tuesday
it’s only Tuesday OH lort
Tuesday Is Mondays ugly sister
it;s only tuesday and i feel like

Tuesday Motivation memes

knowing that tomorrow’s only Tuesday
It’s only Tuesday?!
when you realize it is ….only tuesday
Tuesday global warming
when you realize it’s only Tuesday
when you try to kill abug and it starts flying….
when you thought it was friday but it’s only Tuesday.

Tuesday Drinking memes

when you realize it’s only tuesday


Tonight i am drinking dinner. because fuck Tuesday.


Drinking on Tuesday? Why yes, i think i will


Drink responsibly? Shhiit…Responsibility is why i drink


Heavy night of drinking

Tuesday cat memes

Tuesday? i hate the Tuesdays


The moment you realize….it’s only Tuesday


you mean to tell me….it’s only tuesday….


it’s only tuesday so much news


Tuesday can u please go away


Tuesday is just Mondays ugly cousin

Titty Tuesday memes

it’s tuesday show me them titties or get me some tacos
o, its titty tuesday so i’m waiting in your pics
titty tuesday oh yeah
Did somebody say Titty Tuesday




50+ Bad Relationship Memes

50+ Funny Bad Relationship Memes

Relationship, a hope to live! A word that can give you enough strength to tackle all the situations and in all the circumstances and guarantee you a life full of strength.

No one can survive alone or can’t lead a life without people around him/her. It is like oxygen to live a happy life because without any relation around you, there is no life and color in your life. No one can live happily when you don’t have anyone with you to share all the things of yours and all the happiness or sorrows. It clearly shows the importance of the relationships around you.

And when it comes to your love life relationship then you really need someone who can give you life full of colors and love where you always feel completeness and special. It means a love life relationship is the one where you are truly what you are and what you want.

But everyone is not lucky in terms of relationships and especially in love life relationships. Sometimes you bumped into a person who is not worthy enough to have your trust in you and your love in their lives. Sometimes you meet a person who is not even the glimpse of the one who is right for you. But it truly is not your fault. Sometimes life happens and gives you such shocks and bad situations that you can’t even imagine.

Sometimes it’s not the right time to express your inner feelings and if you do so it leads you to a point where no one bothers to look back towards your and ask about how you feeling?

Bad relationships really leave such impacts on a person’s mind that she/her never trusts anyone again because they don’t find it their selves brave enough to trust anyone else or to get into any other relationship because they are quite afraid of the first experience they faced.

The thing is you have to move on if you had been into such thing and now it’s over then you must go on and leave all the shit behind and give life a second chance because maybe so much is hidden in your future that can give you a beautiful life ahead.

To express such relationship experience having such bad things in it, we are here to present you 50+ bad relationship memes so you can express your feelings or if someone around you is facing such problem you can share it with them or tag them. Because if you are facing such problem, then it is not your fault but if you are not ready to solve this problem then it is clearly your problem.

When you are not having any problem within you than you don’t need to be sorry or ashamed of such bad relationship experience, admit it and use this as a tool to be strong enough and vigilant enough to get a good partner next time.

Use our 50+ bad relationship memes with your friends or family and make them feel that they are not alone and you are with them in their bad times and they need to be strong enough to make a decision in order to make their life better.

50+ Funny Memes on Bad Relationship

life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships.
The person who really loves you will never leave your side no matter how hard things get through better or worse
current relatioship status: made dinner for two ate both
recently ended a 4 year relationship for the better of us both no longer have any plans for my summer and fall
I’M one bad relationship away from having 30 cats
if you ask your girlfriend whats wrong because you don’t know Nothing
a wrong relationship will make you feel more alone than when you were single
going through tough relationship problems doesn t post vague sad facebook update

 Cheating Husband or Man Memes


Cheating Husbands aint nobody got time for that!
Ladies if you think your man is cheating take him to that bitch front door and see if jis wifi connects
Divorces husband for cheating on her
catches wife cheating she yells at him and forces him to babysit her man’s kid
i know he’s awful but he’ll change
being alone may scare you but staying in a bad relationship will damage you
bad relationship change good women.
you remind me of something tina what’s that
that awkward moment when he just bought you life insurance
bad grade on the exam, HUH?
what if i told you being single is better than rushing into a shitty relationship
dad blames me for our bad relation ship
i thought we were dating because we chill everyday and i pray for everything but don’t fuck me right?
you know what can save your relationship? a baby

Cheating Boyfriend Memes


woman kills boyfriend because he cheated on her in a dream
when you find out your boyfriends been cheating
your boyfriend gone for 2 minutes he’s cheating on you
Dudes favourite line after they get caught
so your boyfriend is cheating on you and cheated on you?
Finally Broke up with my cheating Bf
i treat my girl like shit
break up with boyfriend
it’s been over ten minutes since you last sais you love me! are you breaking up with me??!
if you have to tell yourself she is not that bad she s that bad
when yo ex try hard to bring up all the good times y’all had i don’t recall
the best way to her heart is through her pants
has no life and is in a bad relationship assumes everyone else has no life beyond their job too
you keep using that word relationship i did not think it means what you think it means
has the change to get out of a bad relationship has a kid with her
muscle that pumps blood gets blamed for failed relationships
relationship problems relationship problems everywhere
one does not simply leave a bad relationship
if you think long distance relationship work you’re gonna have a bad time
if your relationship is in trouble have a baby

Cheating Girlfriend Memes


we need some time apart so i can find myself and hang with the girls fucks ya boy dave
my girlfriend cheated on me with 6 people in 2 weeks
that moment when…you found out your Girlfriend is cheating on you
He caught me cheating It’s his fault for spying on me
That face you get when you find out your girlfriend is cheating on you
Gets back with cheating girlfriend Gets cheated on
one bad realtionship could make you never want to fall in love again
compare your relationship to ones in movies
remember there is always a way back no matter how bad it seems.
my relationship with whiskey is on the rocks
like is too short for shitty sex and bad relationship
welcome to a relationship where eveything is fine and you can do whatever you want
that feeling when you finally get out of a bad relationship
ways to tell a woman’s mad at you:
would someone in a bad relationship have an insignificant other?
when you get out of a bad relationship
when you get out of a bad relationship and start enjoying life again
When i said i like it rough i meant sex…not the whole entire relationship
the face you make when a single friend gives you bad relationship advice
that feeling when you finally get out of a bad relationship
we are just talking! if you know what i mean
i present to you The relationship agreement
after not seeing my girlfiend for a month and getting the runaround
yo mama so bad with relatonship the forever alone guy denied her friend request

Cheating Wife or Woman Memes

My husband said i’m beautiful He is such a Jerk!
that face you make when you know your wife is cheating on you
caught wife cheating on me Its been a long hard year but finally divorced
oh, you said you’re sorry for cheating on me?
catches wife cheating with a white guy
Am i the only one around here that my wife isn’t sleeping with?
i brought present for your next three birthday already
your wife aiting for you to come home from fishing
i’ll get over it. i just need to be dramatic first.
when you’re waiting on bae to come home.

70+ Funny Sex Memes


We All know that the current era is of social media and almost each of us is using the social media apps and sites. There is a new trend on social media sites which is getting a hype and almost everybody like it a lot. The trend is of memes. Memes are of different types however the most successful and funnier are the sex memes which are bringing smiles on the faces of a number of people. These funny sex memes are based on a number of different subjects. People use to tag their friends and family members in such memes and make fun of each other and bring smile. The article is regarding the funny sex memes which you can tag your best male and female friends.

Funny Sex Memes for him

The following are the top funny sex memes in which you can tag him.

  1. Her: You pulled out right? Me: Yep – This funny sex meme is having graphics of a washing machines having soup pulled out. Understand yourself.
  2. When you are trying to convince her that your pullout game strong AF – This funny sex meme is having a graphics of a man having cunning and naughty smile.
  3. Bae: It’s movie tonight, Me: What we watching? Bae: We are making one – This funny sex meme has a graphic of a man having seducing smile to make romance.
  4. When you put a finger in her butt and you lowkey expect her to tell you to take it out but she starts moaning more – This funny sex meme has graphics of a man having seducing amused smile.
  5. How it feels when you go to the bathroom without your phone – This funny sex meme is having a man in dessert to depict that life is nothing without phone.
  6. Doc: Hoping for a boy or girl? Guy: Was hoping to pull out, here we fucking are – This funny sex meme has a scenario of a hospital where girl is pregnant.
  7. When you are smashin from the back and she reaches under her right hand and starts caressing ball sack – This funny sex meme is depicting the scenario of sex, understand yourself.
  8. That’s how I feel when she says “That’s too deep” – This funny sex meme is when a man feels his penis is too big for the girl.
  9. When you ask for nudes and she says brb – This funny sex meme is illustrating that girl has said yes for the nudes and you are happy.
  10. Complete the sentence “Better late than…..” Answer is pregnant – This funny sex meme is really funny, isn’t it?

Funny Sex memes for her

The following are the top funny sex memes in which you can tag her.

  1. Cashier: wow, haha, big plans tonight? Lady: Go fuck yourself carol and do your damn job – This funny sex meme has a graphic having cucumber, condom, and a wine bottle.
  2. Me: Damn girl yo, wet asf! “turns on light” – This funny sex meme has a graphic of a hand on blood.
  3. When he ask you “who taught ya that?” but it’s your first time doing – This funny sex meme is having a girl smiling with grace and happiness.
  4. Did you get invited to the BBQ? What BBQ? The one where I slap my meat across your grill – This funny sex meme is actually an abuse, try to understand.
  5. How she looks when you stick your thumb in her ass for the first time – This funny sex meme is having a girl in almost doggy style giving paining look.
  6. When she is kinky and smokes weed – This funny sex meme is of losing control while having sex.
  7. When you want a big dick but you also want to keep your ovaries in place – This funny sex meme is about the girl who is thinking of having big dick but is worried at same time.
  8. When your ex asks what your new man got that he does not have – This funny sex meme is a fantastic illustration that she got big dick in her new boyfriend.
  9. Me: Hey you, wyd? Him: Nothing, lets meet up – This funny sex meme has a girl having girl shaving vagina to attract the person.
  10. I heard she does not sucks penis, such a loser – This funny sex meme is about the girls who do not suck dicks.

    Images of Funny Memes About Sex

    i’m the type of gentleman that will hold the door for a girl but smacks her ass as she walks in.
    When she says she never had anal
    Waginas are like the weather if its get, it’s time to go inside
    What do you see? if you see anything but a person reading, you have a dirty mind.

    Sexual Funny memes

  11. kiss my neck
    Pull my hair and make me ur slut
    When you pee after you had sex
    Do you lik epizza? cuz i want a pizza dat ass
    Doesn’t matter had sex
    When she finds out he cooks, cleans, eats pussy, and wasn’t lying about the dick
    we never truly grow up we just get better swing sets
    Waiting for him to come back with a condom like

    Hilarious Sex memes

    When u hittin’ it from behind and see tissue balls on her asshole
    when she doubts your tongue game but you eart box like an emotionally broken man on bath salts
    I can’t feel my face when i’m with you but i love it
    When she’s done riding your face after 30 minutes
    That face you make when her pussy stanks!
    it was at this moment this dog knew he didn’t want to lick his butt anymore
    When you ask a vegan to send nudes

    Crazy Sex memes

    i finally found my girlfriends G-spot turns out it was in her sister the whole time
    afriendofmine speaks openly about contraception has awesome safer sex
    Married sex during the week
    i’d rather cuddle than have sex *then….
    lack of sex will have you mad at stupid shit like why is this floor on the floor
    Just once i’d like to wake my gf up with oral sex… but she never sleeps with her mouth open!

    I want Sex memes

    on a scale of one to ten, how horny would you say you are?
    me… before dick vs after dick
    real freaks be like give me my shit
    Oral sex memes oral sex memes everywhere
    her: my gyncologist says i can’t have sex for 2 weeks him: wha did your dentist say?
    handjobs 50%off
    “write a sad story in 4 words” i shaved i shaved for nothing

    Freaky Sex memes

    How you feel after you know you hit it right
    Her: “you pulled out, right?” me:”yup”
    When your having roblox sex and you hear your dad moaning your username from his room i don’t have to say anything without my lawyer
    slow down fucker all din was like your comment
    When you put a finger in her butt and you lowkey expect her to tell you to take it out but she starts moaning more
    when you both crazy so the sex is wild
    when you’re bot hungover af but still manage some morning sex morning after sex
    *During sex* him: fuck. ur tight me:thanks. ur pretty cool too

    Funny Sex Question memes

    When u hittin it from behind and she says ‘faster daddy’
    Bitches who don’t swallow run to the bathroom like…
    the netflix & chill by yourself starter pack wome’s edition
    guys think they want a lot of sex until they get a woman who wants a lot of sex
    guys- meme’s are like sex or pizza.. it’s never bad
    Women wake up yawning and men wake up with an erection coincidence?
    humans named a sex position after us?…
    sex face everyone has it

    Morning Sex memes

    no, jasmine… …that is not the genie’s lamp you’re feeling.
    when he taking his sweet ass time getting the cum rag
    Hair ties… proof that girls are always prepared to give a blowjob.
    when he putting the condom on and you just waiting there like
    “I’ll just assume neither of you have any bread. ok cool”
    ‘sup,guys? guess who got laid last night

    Good Sex memes

    doctor my husband wants to have sex all day can you give me something to give give him? give him my phone number.
    when she asks if you pulled out and you say yea
    when you freaky in the dms but she finally comes over
    when she bends over and her bootyhole stares at you like…
    if her legs aren’t shaking when you are done you’re not done
    that was great
    sitting on the edge of the bed after some nasty ass sex and wondering if you still getting into heaven
    when you try to be sweet but you’re still a pervert

    Bad Sex memes

    when u beat up hte p*ssy & she says she’s going to go ge something to drink. ha haha 420 420life dankmemes meme memes sex sexmemes
    When phone sex gets weird
    when she say she not horny but you stick your hand down her pants and you know she lyin
    the best sex is when you don’t have to worry about how loud you are.
    when u fart after he dun nutted in bootyhole
    wen u hittin it from the back and she turn around and moans “daddy i’m cumming!”

    Funny Sex Jokes Memes

    We have compiled some funny jokes made as memes. I am sure you will like them and will share these with your friends and loved once. These also include memes related to oral sex.

    No Sex Memes or lack of sex Memes

  12. when his dick is little and you moan & pretend like it hurts, because you are just a realy nice person with a good heart.
    when u come in the room and your gis dropping mad non verbal hints she wants to catch the D

    Nasty Sex memes

    when he start yelling too many instructions while y’all having sex “now flip over… on you side… turn around… look at me…”
    When she tells you to go deeper
    when he ask do you have any sex toys you like playing in ya ass with
    sext facts a woman achieves orgasm: mastrubation= 4mins intercouse= 10-20 mins!

    Sex memes for wife

    the secret to a great marriage is having sex 3 times a week
    the wife says she wants to have sex tonight
    now thats something i haven’t had in a very long time
    i can’t feel my face when i’m with you
    wife rejects husbands propositions for sex nobody bats an eye
    i can’t get a back rub without him turning into sex
    i don’t give her sex everyday
    20 minutes later i heard him yell, ‘ round two fight”.

    Rough Sex memes

    that choke stroke makes me cum harder
    you see rough sex i see her 5th orgasm
    when she had a rough day
    after some good sex

    Dirty Sex Memes

    when she finds out
    this could be us but you playin
    his dick was so tiny i had to suck it like this
    when her head game is so good
    surprise finger in the butt

    your face

100+ Funny I love you Memes


What if you love someone and can’t tell him/her? Or what if you tell him but it wasn’t so appropriate that she/he didn’t even notice this expression your love. What a tragic scene it would be?

It means that expressing love is the most difficult part of any relationship. It really does matter and give you a start that can lead you to your destiny. Most of the people think that saying these three magical words directly without any preface or without any atmosphere is OK! But it is no, because why someone would answer you or attract towards you when you are taking this most important part of a relationship so for granted.

Saying I love is not enough when you don’t have a feeling in this sentence. You should say it with all your heart and feeling so you can give the warmth of your love to your love one. It means that saying or expressing your love in right manner does matter and can make you hero in her/his eyes.

It’s not only about to start a love life that you should say I love you properly but in your love life or love relationship these three words really have their own importance. Properly and innocently expressed love really makes it place through your heart and life. You can’t forget or want to forget the moment when your life partner says these words to you in an attractive manner.

But what about you express your love in such a way that they really laugh hard and not even laugh but they feel love for your, such expression and feel really special as well.

So here comes funny I love you memes that can give your relationship a new twist and can make your relationship a full of fun thing. As we all know that friendship is the first step of love and any couple who are not friends can’t make a good couple. And when it comes to friendship then it really means fun, adventure, party and no secrets.

So how is it possible then if you don’t put some spice and sparkle of fun in your relationship how you will have a good life? This clearly says that having a love affair or relationship is not enough to spend a life full of love, romance and fun. There must be some of fun there that you can bring in your relationship through our funny I love you memes.

Yes! Funny I love you memes, a funny way to express your love to the one whom you really love and always want to make this love work as ever green so use these funny tricks.

Share these funny I love you memes with them or tag them so they can have the glimpse of your true love through them because love does not only means romance or candle light dinner and that is why it is necessary to give your love a funny side to make it work and to make it true.

Just try our funny I love you memes and have a new funny experience of your love and spread smile on your special one’s face with the funny expression of your love with our funny I love you memes. Just chose the one you like and here you go!

100+ I love you Funny Memes

i Love you and i maen it
did i ever tell you that you smell like love?
listen baby listen i love you
i love you like no otter
i love you going fit for for you
i love u!!!!
if i say love you what will be your answer
let me love you
and i will alwaysss love you!!!
i love you more than cookies!
i love you… and i ain’t lion
i flipping love you
just want you to know i love you
i can’t see you, but i love you…
sarah… … i love you
i will wait… forever because i love you.
i love you this much
i love you more than this much!
i love you you piece of shit
i love you, baby get the fuck of my hair
Love is in the air try not to beathe
what if i told you goodnight and i love you
Good morning i love you
i love u more than kanye loves kanye
I love you
My boyfriend asked me i love you this much baby!
we crawl on your face and under your sheets while you’re sleeping we do this because we love you
i’m hurting you, only because i love you
how girlfriend makes me say “ilove you”
i love you so much it makes me shake
i love you zebra
i love you, you love me. and you didn’t read that, you sang it.
i love you… to the moon & back!
i lovr you this much, no life!
i love you so much
i love you so much ! so so so much! i’m being so good!
i love you more than words can show, i think about you more than you could ever know, untill forever this will be true, because there is no one i would love the way i love you.
i love you more than words can show, i think about you more than you could ever know, untill forever this will be true, because there is no one i would love the way i love you.
guess what?! i love you i love you i love you i love you i love yoooouuu!<3
Happy friday!!! i love you!
i came to say i love you
i love this peeling i go bananas for you
I love you good night
don’t be mad i still love you hun
domn it woman i love you
i love you
you’re weird but i still love you
i love you and i realy want you to pet me, but i also kinda want to bite you and that’s just something you’re going to have to deal with.
But .. but.. i love you..
And llllllllllll wil alwaaaaaaaaays loooooove yoooooou
all you need is love false. the 4 basic human necessities are air, water, food, and shelter.
Hey you, yea you i love you
i have to tell you i kind of love you…
i love you like kanye loves kanye
i’m miling because i love you
goes to google translate types “i love you”
i Love you this much!
i love you like i love this ball big but still able to fit in my mouth
good morning i love you
Breaking news i love you!!
i love you, couch, you understand me.
i’m sorry. i love you.<3
i know somewhere deep down in my heart i still love you
i love meme it’s my favorite thing to talk about
I love you will you be my friend
i said i love poo she thought i said “i love you”
i love you more than life itself baby xoxo
i love you dis much! and i luv u dis much
i love you, cheesberger i love you, kung pao chicken
i love you always & forever
i love you more than cupcakes
i love you so much right now
Do you know that i love you
My love for you is like diarrhea i cant hold it in
i love you with all my boobs. i would say heart, but my boobs are bigger
let me count the ways i love you i lost count
i’m cute. love me now.
i love you better than bamboo
false i love you more
And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will Always love youuuuuu
oh butt, i love you
do you know that i love you
i love you. just kidding, where’s my fucking food?
Love you too
and then i realized… i love you i want no one otter than you…
i just popped up to say i love you!
i will murder everything you love
i wanna choke you i love you so much
i’m mad at you but i still love you
i might be grumpy but i love you
they say “do wha tyou love.” i wanna do you.
i hate you so when are we getting back together? i love you!
love you i do miss you i must
i love you like fat kid loved cake
i love you like carl loved ellie
sorry i’m an asshole sometimes but i love you with all my heart
i love you to much, to let you go
and IIIIII will always love you
why don’t you say i love you to me
when bae doesn’t say i love you back
what if i told you sarcasm is my way of saying i love you
this is my “mg-omg, i love you” face! do you like it? do ya? do ya?
when your having a bad day but fod wants you to know he still loves you
Stop running i love you
Said “i love you” to him replies “ily2”


100+ Funny Easter Memes

100+ Funny Easter Memes

Every country, every region of the world and every culture have their own festivity and have their own rituals and customs. Every region has something special and attractive that really is awaited all over the world.

Easter is one of those Christine events that are awaited throughout the year, all around the globe. A sacred event of Christine religion that is celebrated warmly all around the world.

This event celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from death. That is why it is one of the most important events of the Christine religion. The most important thing is that this event is also known as moveable feast in some regions of the world because of the fact that Easter is not celebrated on a fixed date every year in fact its date changes every year.

Like Christmas, Easter also has some specifications and yes they are really attractive. As the date changes every year so you can get the taste and enjoyment of every season with this event and when it comes to the different seasons every time this fact really made it more attractive.

As all around the world festivals and events are celebrated and wished in different ways with new things every time. So how is it possible that someone wouldn’t wish Easter with new thing or trend all the times?

Yes when it comes to wishing any event especially the one that is waited the whole year desperately and people are making arrangements for the event then it is the main thing to wish such event with new and innovative way that attracts everybody.

The best way to say anything is the way that has some fun sprinkled on it with some love and innovation. As we all know that anything that you say in a funny manner leaves a long lasting effect as compare to the one which is said in regular manner.

Here comes the part of funny Easter memes. Yes! Funny way to wish your love one’s, family or friends Easter and make them feel special with the sparkling fun present in the wish.

Funny Easter memes will give you a chance to say it all when you don’t have enough words to say it. It’s not only about Easter or this event but also for you to convey your message and wish with really a new and trendy way.

Sharing memes or tagging in them n social media sites is nowadays quite trendy and innovative way to ask something or to say something. That is why we are here to present you some of the best funny Easter memes so you can share them with your friends, family or special one’s or tag them so they can see what you want to say and feel special that how cutely and innocently you are wishing them and feel love for you as well.

Grab the funny Easter memes that you like most and use it to wish Easter or  to say something about Easter in a funny way so your love one’s can remind this off during all of their Easter vacations and there is a smile on their face by remembering this.

100+ Easter Memes Images

Happy Easter to every bunny!
your easter weekend my easter weekend
i know i wont see you so happy easter
why does the easter bunny hide the eggs he doesnt want anyone to n=know he’s screwing a chicken
Coming soon easter diet peeps
met up with the easter bunny could have used some salt
i wish u happy easter and won soft bunny foreverz! [Eggs included]
paused episode easter egg
don’t ever buy weed from the easter bunny
all this extra easter candy is making me stick hey look extra easter candy!!yum!!
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter from the easter google

Funny Happy Easter Memes

If my mother showed me this photo of the easter bunny,
happy easter to someone still younf enough to remember where you hid most of the Easter eggs.
Easter Happy
Happy easter Niggas!!!
Happy Easter!
my parent accused me of being a liar. So i looked them in the face and said
A T -Rex disguised as an easter bunny your argument is invalid
now you’re just some bunny that i used to know
and thats how easter eggs are made
in soviet russia easter eggs find you
i’m the Easter Bunny and i say Happy easter
There will be no Easter Bunny this year i ate it
Easter Sunday Church parking Lot
he’s not as popular
Happy Easter I hope you choke on a peep
Dog nearly dies eating chocolate easter egg says PDSA

Cute Easter Memes

watching black panther opening night
To all my atheist friends who still reply
Happy eastern
The eastern bunny
Fun fact
Beware of eastern suits soming to a church near you!
Easter Egg hunt for adults
Happy easter to all my peeps!
Happy Easter from the meme’s
Happy easter Meow

Hilarious Easter Memes

Easter it will be fun, they said
on behalf of mein fuhrer happy easter y’all!
i am the easter bunny but i eats ur eggz
i regret to inform easter has been cancelled
Happy 2017
eastern eggs
Not sure if it’s an easter egg hunt or the hunger games
just another young chick taking selfie
easter monday
for the easter egg hunt this year i won’t dye the eggs

Funny Easter bunny Memes

the easter bunny didn’t rise from the dead
i like petting zoos at easter.
i am the easter bunny
A Floridian easter Bunny
ash wednesday is on st
Marines be like hey isis you down
this 4/20 lets smoke enough pot to find the story of easter believable
meanwhile on easter island happy easter
Happy Easter!
for the easter egg hunt this year i won’t dye the eggs
Happy Easter
Easter egg
easter bunny says high
regular sunday easter sunday

Religious Easter Memes

happy easter uh i mean christmas merry christmas
Happy Easter

Happy Easter
sorry kids easter is cancelled
funny bunny easter
how come most easter egg hunts turn into the hunger games?
Happy Easter
so what costume are gonna wear for the party tonight
my wife asked me what my plans were for easter.
check out the dye job on her….
dont confuse
why did the Easter egg hide? he was a little chicken
Happy easter. i’ll take your eggs this time.
easter egg hunt for adults
dont touch my easter eggs
easter cookies
sorry billy i ate all yer damned chocolate

Yolo? speak for yourself
changed water to wine woke up 3days later in some cave shit was crazy
me, when i spot crafting supplies on sale.
in 2018, easter and april fool’s are the same day tell the kids to hunt for eggs you didn’t hide!
Happy easter
you are one my favorite peeps

Dirty Easter Memes

Good friday Easter Sunday Easter Monday
Easter Sunday
i like petting zoos at easter.
jesus died on good friday
Beware of easter suits
Happy frickin easter i made lunch
funny easter bunny paints wrong egg
celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!
The easter bunny
happy easter everybody
making easter memories
easter sunday bleesings
merry Easter y’all!
Happy Easter i need bail money
and on the third day he rose the roof
My butt hurts what

100+ Funny I miss you memes


It is an admitted truth that no one can live alone and can’t live his/her life without anyone around. That is why family, friends and other relations are really important of all of us. It is a bitter truth of life that no one can stand alone and it is also a truth that in your happy times and joyful moments everyone will with you but when it comes to your bad times or trouble time then only a few people are going to be with, around you and besides you.

But there is a person whom we believe like no one else. He/she is the center of our universe and we really love to be with those people who are meant to be our world and we can’t live without them. These are the people we chose for ourselves and they are the ones whom we believe and love most.

But when your love one’s are not with you this is the worst feeling and no one can bear this and yes if you really and truly love someone then living without them is no less than a nightmare. Because when you really miss someone you can’t focus on anything else you just want to be with the one whom you are missing badly and you really know how it feels when you really miss someone.

You tell your love one that how badly you miss them and how you feel when they are not with you and you want to be with them all the time.

Expressing your, such kind of feeling, is the most difficult part of a relationship because you really want to convey the true feeling of your heart in true and loyal words. But what if you tell it in a bit funny way that when you tell your love partner they will feel love for you because of this innocent expression of missing him/her will be the cutest and lovely feeling.

Funny I miss you memes are really something worth using that can really help you to convey your message with a cute feeling and with some funny side.

Funny I miss you memes will defiantly give you chance to say all from your side. As we know that this is the age of social media sites where everyone present and say whatever they want and now there is a new trend of tagging and sharing memes to the ones whom you want to share it.

So from our latest collection of funny I miss you memes you can chose the one which you love, tag and share it with the person who you really miss and want to spend all the times and moments with her/him.

Try to tell them your true feelings with a funny loving side so they can really enjoy being loved by the one who really loves you and miss you and then express it all in a funny loving way.

Just try these funny I miss you memes and tell your love ones that you love them and miss them when you are not around.

100+ I miss you Memes Funny

so miss lottie… how about that drink we were talking about?
i miss you already
i miss you pig time
we miss you nigga
i miss you pig time
i miss you do you also miss me
i miss you like a fat girl misses cookies
i miss you come back soon
i missyou this much
oh hai, i miss you lots

Missing you memes

ah miss yew thisss much
i miss you
false i miss you more
Boo i realy miss you know
i miss you so much i can’t wait to choke on your dick
i miss you like a dumbass misses the point
did u miss me i guess not…
Come back!! we miss you already!

I miss you memes for him

I miss you
i miss you ’cause…. you’re one in a minion
you can come home now i miss you
i miss you
i miss you… …do you miss me?
im gonna miss you
i do miss u i Ain’t textin first tho
i miss you so much i can’t believe i haven’t seen you in 14 hrs
miss me!!??

I miss you memes for her

Funny how i don’t miss you at all.
i miss you! i miss you! i miss you!!!!
i miss you
i miss you so much trying not to cry is
i miss you fix it
where’d you go? i miss u so..
i bet you miss my face
i miss you toooo
i miss you more

We miss you memes

This is me…missing you… and waiting for you to come visit me!!
not sure if i miss you or i miss insulting you
hi mommy i miss you so much or i meow you so much
i miss you guys
Hey friends. i miss you all.
i miss you so much it’s unbearable!
Hey sexy pants… i miss you.
I’m too tough to cry. but i’m gonna miss you too
i miss you y u no live closer
i do not know where are you… …but i miss you.

Miss you memes

My face when i miss my alarm
Hey! i miss you…
Grumpy cat will miss you
Hello! i miss you
Hey you i miss you
I miss you this much keep up the hard work
i miss you so much…. spiderman memes
i miss my boyfriend, but sometimes… i’ts nice to watch a movie & listen to music without him saying it’s dumb!
i crazy miss you.
i miss you eric
OMG!!! i missed u so much
but… i miss you…

I miss you already memes

but will miss you so much
i miss you so much! pawr
i miss you so i just create a meme to tell you i miss you
i fucking miss you
i miss you waiting for you
i miss u like a squirrel misses his nuts
A lot i miss you
Do i miss you?
I miss you
OMG!!! i missed u so much
Excuse me miss your nipples are on backwards
Oh, i missed you so much!

I miss you too memes

Sitting here thinking about how much i miss you.
my funny says hi to all!!!
When ever i make poops i miss you
But baby… i miss you
I miss you!
I has a sad cause i miss my sweet little beautiful
and i pretty look like this cat when i miss you..
i fucking miss you bitch
I’ll miss you…
Truth be told i miss you truth be told i’m lion
I miss you like michael j fox misses soup
I miss you like a fat kid misses cake!
And i miss you
Just here to remind you that i miss you
When you mis him but you tryna stay strong
I miss you
I miss you lots like tater tots
I miss you like crazy
I miss you
I realy miss you, but probably not as much as you miss me. im pretty awesome.
I miss you so much it hurts
I miss you ’cause…. you’re one in a minion
i miss you already
i miss you…
i miss those days when we all were friends.
i miss my bitch
i am gonna miss u too, but…
I miss you this much
We will miss you.
Wajiha i want you right here right now i miss you:[
I miss you
We are gonna miss you
I miss you but i shall see you soon:]

I miss you cat memes

you were gone for forever i counted
i miss you this much
i miss you
i missed you. just kidding
i miss you waiting for you
grumpy cat will miss you
i miss you
sometimes i miss you….
i miss you fix it
how can i miss you
i miss you do you always miss me
oh hai, i miss you lots

I miss you brother memes

we miss you already bro
miss you bro wish you were here
i miss you bro
i miss you brother!
i’ll miss you bro
what if i told you….that
i miss you too bro
I Miss you brother

I miss you sister memes

when you miss your sister
sister around why are we always fighting? sister gone i miss you
Miss you, sister BIG TIME!
I miss you y u no live closer
i miss you! yeah you sister!
i miss you too big sister…..
To my gorgeous sisters


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