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50+ Doggo Memes

50+ Doggo Memes

Dogs or doggo as its internet known term, have been part of our daily lives and existence. They have become our best friends, part of our family and sometimes our little adversaries. Whatever their role to our lives are, they are everywhere and most of the time, we can’t resist them because of being so cute and loveable. Having access to these adorable doggo has been made so easy through the influence of the internet. Every single day, long doggo memes are being posted to different websites for entertainment purposes. Why not? Dogs are the perfect means of being amused online and smart doggo will never fail to make us laugh all the time.

Doggo adorable pictures have been so famous on social media. They are being used mostly to convey feelings, ideas and latest trends online such as funny doggo memes. They have been used for humorous lines, incredible events, and even sarcastic statements by some. It is so easy to be amazed with these photographs with their silly faces and reactions that sometimes made with so much exaggeration that makes the view even more hilarious. A perfect reason to laugh indeed!

Whenever you are having a dreadful day, funny doggo memes are best for you to switch your mood in just a snap. And their delightful pictures will surely make your day better. These dogs can literally cheer you up and will surely make you laugh so hard. No other animals can create that level of connection with humans like dogs do. These memes like heckin doggo memes make these dogs look like real humans and act as one. That is the same exact reason why we love these kinds of memes made from these endearing little creatures.

Hilarious memes are mostly what we enjoy so much even if some of those are inappropriate memes. What special about these long doggo memes is that they will always look so cute and adorable. Funny doggo memes are one of the best animal memes that is being used online and any other famous platforms. A lot of times, their facial expressions are the best. Memes are created because of their human-like emotions base on their expressions. Therefore, most people use them to send, share or tag with their friends and make fun of them and sometimes, humiliate their friends in a humorous way!

Some of the best heckin doggo memes are the memes where they are being featured as jealous doggo, sad, or upset when their owner is with someone else or with another doggo. Or when they did something terrible that was caught on cam. Sometimes by just simply staring at something, they would look that amazing, weird and so funny. Even if they just lazily sitting at the corner or on the sofa, it’s the perfect sight for us to laugh or be in awe of these gorgeous doggo.

Now, look at these funny doggo memes that you can relate to. And even if you can’t, there’s no way that you will not laugh so hard because of these. Enjoy!

You vs the guy she told you not to worry about
intense fancy doggo
I dii the math we can’t afford the cat
Home office not allowed
not wait, i’m not ready…
Mess with the doggo you get the floggo
intense fancy doggo
me before nuggers me after nuggers
Me: i’m so fat. friend: No. you’re beautiful. Me: i didn’t say i was ugly, i said i was fat.
Okay, where’s the dog?!
beware of dog he wants cuddles
When u have nice hat and someone metions it and you feel nice
When you use the word pardon instead of what
a rare sighting of the North american snow loaf.
More doggo memes? more doggo memes
You have been visited by the doggo of good times for good times increase comment with ‘cheers doggo!’
whaddya mean i’m ugly
Doggosaurus rex
when you take a selfie to get a photo of the hottie behind you!
Hey it’s a giraffe where are it’s antlers
When your owner doesn’t want hair on the seats
Mom: wake up its late! *sees clock, 4:00 AM*
When i see people and have to socialize
When your huma fake-throws the ball twice in a row:
Pupper Doggo
He called me ugly! i called him an ambulance.
dog chatting in park
when u are the king of the cars and your friend ask u for something abut them
i will for mine
Jeoffrey, is that thunder? pack my bags its time to flee
did you know yawns are deadly
when your friend sees that you’re are taking a selfie
when you realize you don’t own a dog
you may be cool but you’ll never be as cool as this doggo
wait a min thats not the doggo crate
what the hell fred where is my crate fred
“911 what is your emergency”
dude turn the tv down i can’t taste my macaroni
your owner won’t give you a treat? have you tried going outside and coming back in?
you have captured my attention…
you see what he is doing, right? and you’re gonna stay there and take a pic?
Someone is at the door how can you stay calm at a time like this?!
atheism is a non-prophet organization
you steped on my tail i wont do a forgive you are forgiven
the moment when i looked into your eyes
When your laptop is running low on space but you dog helps you by giving it a megabite
When human pets a doggo that not you
Heeyyyyy Happy birthday
I haven’t eaten in an hour that’s 7 dog hours
when there’s a deep rage burning inside you but you gotta act nice cause you’re at work
Chelsea 25, yoga instructor. vegan
When you cut sugar and carbs from your diet
brings owner favorite toy as a gift he throws it
susan had a feeling creepy bob was doin a sneaky
dog: that noise probably wasn’t anything to worry about dog to dog: bark just in case it’s not

100+ Weekend Memes

100+ Weekend Memes

I know how painful it was to get up on the Monday morning and walking to your office. But what a happiest moment it was when someone says to you that “tomorrow is the last day of week”. For your excitement scroll down to see some of the best funny memes that will cheer you up for your weekend and made it more wonderful.

Weekend meme

  1. The best idea for a perfect and long ended weekend is one and only that ends till until the next Friday.
  2. Just be like an irresponsible person, so every day can be weekend for you
  3. I am reading books this weekend to make delicious dishes for the week.
  4. Hey! I can’t wait for the weekend, to spend the cold holidays in home with coffee but not in office.
    Brace yourself guys weekend is coming
    And just like that *poof* weekend, gone.
    When people ask me what i did over the weekend i always squint and reply why, what did you hear?
    *any fun plans this weekend?* Me: i’m lookin gorward to sleeping.
    yah! it’s the weekend! high five all the things!
    i got 99 problems but they can wait till monday
    cheer up… it’s almost weekend!
    Finnaly it’s weekend
    list of healty things i ate this weekend
    IT’s THE WEEKEND dont know you, you do not exist
    it’s friday baby!!!
    it’s almost the weekend
    i can smell the weekend from here
    Weekend!!! please dont leave me!!
    A day on a jupiter”s moon last less than 5 hours just like saturday and sunday on earth
    When my boss asked me to work the weekend. i was like… not thanks i choose life
    when it’s finally the weekend
    omg omg omg it’s the weekend!!
    THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU walk out of work

    THis is the face you make when it’s the weekend

3 day weekend meme

  • It’s the craziest and the happiest moment when you heard that Monday is off, but the day when comes after the three day weekend still always like a Monday.
  • The face of the person looks so lazy when he get up on the Tuesday morning after three day weekend.
  • Just one thing is more cool than the news of a three day weekend, its four day weekend..
  • It’s a very tough moment, getting up for office after a three days weekend.
    HELLLOOOO 3 Day weekend
    NOthing cooler than a 3 day weekend? false. 4 day weekend.
    three day weekend
    3 Day weekend? i haven’t had one of those in a long time
    you get a three day weekend and you get a three day weekend everybody weekend everbody gets a three day weekend!
    WoHoo!!! 3: day weekend
    ME leaving work on friday heading into a 3 day weekend
    it’s a 3-day weekend pace yourself
    that moment you realize its A 3 Day weekend!

    HOw it feels to have a three day weekend

Long weekend meme

  • It’s tough to have recovery from a long ended weekend, because it’s like you have a wish to lose wait in seconds….
  • When we get back on work after a long weekend, the first day at office is passed just by sleeping and I don’t care about the work.
  • Hey! I am not in perfect health because of a long weekend which made me sick.
  • A long weekend is a day like you dream in the night, that drinking for the whole night and in the morning you are fine because it was cold drink.
    THe feels going to work post long weekend
    Did someone say… …long weekend
    Tuesday after a long weekend: monday’s ugly sister
    long weekend booyah!
    long weekend! calls for internet righ five!
    WHen you realise it’s A long weekend!
    Happy long weekend ewe deserve it!
    First day back after a long weekend and you’re ust sitting at your desk like

    WHen you realise it’s a long weekend!

Girls weekend Memes

The girl dream for the perfect weekend is

No marriage No children Shopping and a weekend

  • The whole weekend is wasted by the girls in planning the weekend.
  • When girls start talking with each other in the weekend, they don’t care what is happening in the surroundings.
  • The crazy friends and a good weekend are the dream of women.
    Girls Going away for the long weekend
    Hey girls road trip to mudgee for easter long weekend?
    Fall back!!!!!! remember the time change this weekend!
    i dont know how that happend it was girls weekend
    Stay strong! girls’ weekend is coming.
    you pussies ready for the weekend
    OOOOHHHH yeah!!!! Girls weekend is nearly here!
    Girls be like it’s the weekend i have no kids
    Weekend got me feelin’ like

    you said you were going for a girls weekend with carly

Happy weekend meme

The happiest moment when you get up in the morning with your own, no office today and the breakfast is set on your table……

  • When you ignore your friends on the weekend, like you don’t know them….
  • Hey! It’s not a working day, so it means happy holiday
  • Wow! It’s a party day because the very next day is weekend.
    i smell the weekend
    Have a good weekend… ya hear??
    Weekend please don’t leave
    AHHH Happy Weekend..!
    It’s the weekend time to chill
    The weekend is here!
    Happy weekend! enjoy it!
    Happy Weekend happy weekend all, Have a great day#cat#dog
    Wishing you a happy weekend

    Happy weekend

Funny Weekend Memes

  • Be like those happiest persons in the world who spent a happy weekend.
  • No work, No work and no work only the food and me. It’s weekend.
  • Relaxing myself on the weekend, by taking a cup of tea in the morning with no work.
  • Yes! It is weekend and I want to repeat it… It is a weekend….
    When you realize… The weekend’s here!
    When people ask me wahat i did over the weekend i always squin’t and reply why,what did you hear?
    Any plans this weekend? me……..
    Friday got me like
    You know what rhymes with friday? alcohol.
    I hope your weekend plans work out a little better
    it’s friday oh yeah man!
    it’s the weekend i dont know you, you do not exist
    When you’re working on the weekend i hate it here

    Cheer up… it’s almost weekend!

It’s the weekend Meme

No matter how much I had done in this week, the weekend is enough to relax my mind.

  • Hey! I am happy on this weekend because on the weekend I don’t have to work just going to enjoy with friends.
  • Today is weekend and I don’t have to go to office…… LOL
  • Be calm in this weekend, because I want you to listen to my conversation only.
    its the freakin’ weekend baby, i’m about to have me some fun!
    Hey. it’s the weekend aand it’s gone
    it’s the weekend time for alcohol and poor decisions engage
    it’s the weekend!
    it’s the weekend!
    this is the face you make when it’s the weekend
    smell that? it’s the weekend
    relax! it’s the weekend!
    it’s the weekend!!

    smile it’s the weekend!

4 day weekend meme

I want to cry! Because it’s a four days weekend and now I have to go to business.

  • It’s a sad moment when you are going to plan a trip of four days but you have only two days budget
  • Hey! On the four day weekend, I am like to get travel of different cities.
  • Hey! What a moment to say these words once in a week, its four day weekend.
    Four day weekend starts now
    Coming back to work after a 4 day weekend
    if we could extend this 4 day weekend for another 6 days that would be great!
    nothing cooler than a 3 day weekend? false. 4 day weekend.
    you’re saying it’s a 4 day weekend… and i get chocolate?
    4-day weekend got me leaving work like
    how you look at the start of a four day weekend!!!
    4 day weekend bitches

    four day weekend.. that means more cooking

Labor day weekend meme

  • Hey! What a weekend for me, with a plus day of weekend that is Labor Day.
  • The moment of happiness! When you know it’s a Labor Day weekend and suddenly the happiness increases because it is a three day weekend.
    you mean to tell me where you’re from labor day means you get the day off?
    we thougt you said it was labrador weekend?!
    Labor day weekend is here you get a test, you get a test, you get a test, and you get test! we all get a test!
    Happy labor day just another holiday weekend that some of us have to work
    When people ask me what my plans are for labor day weekend
    this labor day weekend you’ll find me in the yard drinking beer, grilling and being an asshole
    o white after labor day i don’t think so!
    When you’re so close to a holiday weekend
    dragging into work after labor day weekend like…

    i noticed you are wearing white after labor day i too like to live dangerously

Birthday weekend meme

  • The moment of laughter when someone wish you in a different way and say “happy birthday weekend to youuuuuuuu”

No work, No tension, be relax on your birthday weekend.

Did somebody say birthday weekend?
it’s my birthday weekend where my girls at
Happy birthday weekend too youu!!!
Why’ it gotta be on the exact date, celebrate before not event jesus’s birthday is celebrated on the his birthday
Yeah bro its my birthday but we going out this weekend
Right after i told you it’s my birthday weekend
walking out of work on a friday when it’s your birthday weekend
it’s my birthday weekend michaels tonight
navy birthday weekend? let’s get weird!
finding out that your birthday falls on a weekend

65+ Tired Memes

65+ Tired Memes

It is really a natural phenomena that a person feel tired, ill or sick. This is really natural because sometimes when you over work or some times when you are over relaxed your mind began to start feeling or assuming that your body is feeling tiredness or laziness. And sometimes when you actually work day and night or you are mentally disturbed then you feel like you are hell tired and you need to take some rest and you don’t want to work anymore. So here comes tired memes that really show your tiredness in a funny manner that can make your boss laugh not and do not make him angry on your absence.

That is why today we are here to present you 50+ tired memes so grab the one you like and tell others that stop please because you are hell tired now.

Tired memes

You can find lots of tired memes but here we are giving you options of tired memes that are sarcastic, funny and hilarious at a time. These memes will give you a chance to express your inner feelings and make you feel better.
Here you are going to find some extra funny tired memes that are totally relatable. So why not express your feelings in such a way that can really give you an exciting expression of your feeling.

That is why we are here to present you some of best tired memes that will really help you out when you can’t even say the words.

Coffee can’t fix this kind of tired.
Going to bed… My ass is tired.
I haven’t been on imgflip for two month and i’m already tired of the cnn memes
im so tired i feel dead
Going to bed… my ass is tired.
i’m looking for a moisturizer that hides the fact that i’ve been tired since 2010.
To tired to care
Current mood
Coffee Connot fix this kind of tired.
i’m too tired to caption something meaningful
tired. just tired.
i’m just so tired
Tired, i am sleep, i must
not sure if i should sleep or just cry about being tired!
is tired
sometimes i with had the power to preeze time just so i could sleep for days
when you’re binge watching a show at 2 a.m. and you’re like…. ok….just one more episode
Being tired asn’t a temporary feeling for me anymore at this point it has become a part of my personality
when you’re too tired to function tag someone that’s been there

I am tired memes

Yes! If you are tired then tell the world there is no shame in it and sometimes when this is end of the week and you are completely out of your mind because of the tiredness then it is the right time to chose I am tired meme and tell the people around you about the hectic routine you are facing and how you are going to spend your weekend. It is really a good way to show your feelings and a lighter way as well because it shows your feeling in a funny manner.

So just grab the meme you like to express your tiredness and spread it around.

So tired memes: why not tell the world that you are tired and not feeling well. Sometimes when you are facing stressed time then you really want to get off with the daily routine of yours and want to show the world that how much you are irritated right now and how much you want rest and how much you need to relax your mind and body. So just grab the so tired meme that really reflects your condition in really a lighter way and then spread your words and tell the world that you are no more available.

not sure if i’m tired from doing nothing or doing nothing because im tired
i’m just so tired
Leave me alone i’m tired.
i’m pretty tired i think i’LL go home now
let’s go to bed i’m tired of this i need a new one
i’m tired, boss. mostly i’m tired of people being ugly to each other.
I’m so tired… ..i can’t move a muscle
After working out for 10 minutes… i’m pretty tired i think i’LL go home now
i spent all day sleeping… and now i’m tired!
I’m Tired asf
One. i’m tired. two. im tired and three. i’m fucking tired

Tired mom memes

Yes! Why not? Moms are the busiest persons on this planet earth. And if they are a working woman then God help them. It is really difficult for them to manage all the things and all the situations in order to keep all the things in place. And as there routine is highly bound so they are really tired some times. That is why we present you some really good tired mom memes that will really reflect their condition in a lighter and funnier way.

Just select the tired mom meme that you like most and tell the world about your mother or moms can tell it by themselves as well. Just express your feelings and get a day out.

Getting real tired of your shit mom!
When you’re tired of being a single mom
Moms are like… thank you lord it’s bedtime
Why does a man ask for a woman’s hand in marriage? because he is tired of using his own!
My mom mustve been rly Tired this morning cause… she tired to put the cheethos in the fridge!!
Spend all night making wegmans memes mom says i look to tired too go to school
Kid comes home tired immediate drugtest
I’m tired, busy day you’re tired, doing drugs

Exhausted memes

Yes! If you are facing and living too much hectic routine then these memes are for you. Sometimes daily routine and mental stress really makes you exhausted and makes you feel like you can never do anything else because you are hell tired. So when you are totally exhausted and never even want to talk to anyone then grab a meme from our exhausted memes and tell the world that you are really standing on the edge so no one should create any kind of mess now. You can even tag someone or share it with someone who is facing such condition and make them laugh by using our exhausted memes.

i’m done, carry me
someone cover me up and throw chocolate in my mouth
word of the day: exhaustipated too tired to give a crap.
tired just so tired
When someone asks how you’re doing but you’re too exhausted to snap
holding on to a grudge is exhausting! i’m going to forgive and forget because i need some rest!
thank goodness it’s friday i’m otterly exhausted!
Are you tired? no. i’m exhausted
Not sure if mentally exhausted or just i don’t give a fuck any more
its friday and im exhausted

Tired at work memes

Sometimes office and work really sucks, Mondays look like a demon and boss looks like the most irritating and dangerous person. And this all combines and make you feel like you are hell tired and you really need to get of this plane of tight and hectic routine and bossy attitude.

That is why we are here to present you tired at work memes that will really give you a sense of relief that someone is really understanding your condition so just spread your inner feelings by our tired at work memes and get some rest.

Tired cat memes: when you can feel tiredness then why not your cat? Yes! Cats can also feel tiredness when you or your child play all the time play with them and then you can tell by their attitude that there is something wrong. They are really tired and that is why looks down.

So here we present you some tired cat memes and give your cat a break. People also use it for their girl friends as well when they are totally out of routine.

When your still tired but have to wake up for work
How did work go? take a fucking guess
Bruhhhh im tired as fuck
at work like i can’t!
at work like this clock play too damn much i’m just tired already lol
Never tired at 12am always tired at work
Tired at work sleep on the toilet for 10 minutes
AHHHHHH.!!!! long day at work
Gettin’real tired of this ‘working for a living” shit
trying to stay awake at work right now like

Tired dog memes

In western countries almost everyone has a dog. Who has lots to do! And that is why they get tired as well.

That is why we are here to present you some tired dog memes that will show their tiredness in a lighter way and give you some awesome memes for your tired dogs.

i just can’t handle life today
Tired. just tired.
i’m done, carry me
i guess i was tired
i’m just dog tired
i’m not sleeping! just resting my eyes!
AHHHHH.!!!! long day at work
Fucking kids… i’m tired of this shit!
when you come home from work and you’re just dog tired
UUUUUUUUUU… so tired can someone help me?
Got so tired of your shit man that i had to rest, sorry.

70+ Blowjob Meme

70+ Blowjob Meme

Whether virgin or not oral intercourse is the most enjoyable experience in life. It doesn’t matter who does it; the goal is to make sure your partner feels so good. Oral sex other people call it blow job means using your mouth and tongue to flick slowly over the tip of your partner’s genital area, sucking or licking the clitoris to easily stimulate her. Many people like oral sex to prep them before sexual intercourse.  As partners, you should give it a trial and apply so many technics to enable you to know what you both enjoy.

Oral sex can be enjoyed in different ways and positions; you only need to take your time and explore whatever your partner enjoys. Oral intercourse has a low risk of one getting infected from HIV and undetectable viral load unless one has genital/mouth sores/bleeding gums, even though you can be passed other sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, herpes, and syphilis.  Using a condom or making sure that you don’t have a sore throat can protect you from STIs.

Actually, a blow job is staring at a hard penis, knowing that in the next few minutes whatever substance will be in your mouth will be intimidating and also a blow job is done voluntarily. A blow job is a fancy technical therapy massage which focuses on physical pleasure and touch.  It’s even daunting if it’s your first to loom a penis in your mouth. You should not apply whatever flashes into your mind just make your partner feel good and employ some blow job techniques that is funny, exciting and let him shout your name too. Brace your naughty minds and have fun with these bj memes.


 Keep calm and give me a blowjob.

When your girl just gave you a blowjob.

You’re facing when she’s giving you a head.

What makes my day? My favorite meal and a blowjob.

Hey baby. I need a bj now.

When your girl gave you a bj and nailed it.

every yawn is a petential blowjob if you’re fast enough.
a blowjob makes your day anal make your hole weak
so um i hear u give fantastic blowjobs
quick thinking mom saves family’s life by giving gunmen a blowjob
blowjob? choose one.
Hey america remember when your biggest problem was some guy getting a blowjob?
you hold it like this and then you start to suck
you know it’s gonna be a good blow job when she puts on a breath right strip
there’s only one thing that i love to do… blowjob.
treason deserves at least the same amount of ivvestigation as a blowjob


 Me when I’m upset vs. me after getting a blowjob.

When giving your bae a head makes him crazy.

Fucking hard is not enough without a blowjob.

You home? I’ll go get my blowjob.

When she sucks it well, and you get hard?

Give him a headache by giving him a head.

Hey america remember when you biggest problem was some guy getting a blowjob?
a morning blowjob gives a man more energy than any cup of coffee!
if an abortion is murder then isn’t a blowjob cananbalism?
Give a blowjob lets guy sleeps afterwards.
isn’t gay but gets a blowjob from a dude fugures he owes the dude one and goes down on him
“saving myself for marriage” blowjob queen
Hair ties… proof that girls are always prepared to give a blowjob.
“a blow job a da will keep his side chicks away”
Every yawn is a potential blow job if you’re fast enough!
isn’t it funny how a woman can argue nonstop for 3 hours but 2 minutes into a blowjob, and her jaw hurts
How do you know when you’ve had a good blowjob? you have to burp her to get your balls back.
Guys!! im gettin a blowjob!
ghost blowjobs… awesome!
what;s the best part of blowjob? the 10 minutes of silence!
girlfriend on period blowjob week.
Never give spider-man a blowjob!
blowjob traning
blowjobs but on get one free
blowjob? back in my day we use to call it mouth whoopie
you know u about to get some good head when she put her hair in a ponytail


 Happy birthday! You gotta get a blowjob!

When I forgot to get him a gift, but the blowjob is to the rescue.

I’m gonna blow your dick on your birthday.

When your girl gave you a blowjob as a last-minute gift.

Happy birthday, bro. More bj’s to come!

Happy birthday! Want a head?

surprise birthday blowjob yes!!!
Does this mean no birthday blowjob
wakes you up for a birthday blowjob
i asked if he wanted to come to bed for a birthday blowjob he said why the fuck would you ask me that
smokes you up for your birthday. gives you a blowjob for your birthday.
“sorry, you know it’s my birthday right?” “sorry. reading about some idiot trying to get a blowjob.”
my cousin gives me a blowjob every year on my birthday since i was 16
Birthday blowjob?
gives you a blow job on her birthday
wants a birthday blowjob get best blowjob ever


 Holding her hair for a blowjob is the best.

Good morning. Want a bj as your breakfast?

Morning blowjobs are the best.

A great marriage is falling in love over and over again while getting blowjobs every day.

When she’s giving you a blowjob, and you can’t stop yourself from cursing.

When giving him a blowjob becomes your hobby.

another blowjob? can’t a guy get a back rub once in a while?
“a blow job a day
you fucking liar. that blow job did nothing for my soar throat.
sees you have morning wood gives you a blow job
you fucking liar that blowjob did nothing for my sore throat
what to 34.5? what’s a 34.5? like a 69 but you do all the work you want a blowjob basically
Every yawn is a petetial blowjob if you’re fast enough.
morgue worker arrested after having sex with a dead man and getting pregnant with hi…
makes its own sour cream
yeah. if you could stop talking and give me a blowjob, that’d be great.


 Give him a bj like it’s the end of the world.

When you are just lyin’ there, and she starts sucking your dick head.

You know she’s extraordinary when she wakes you up by giving you a blowjob.

Fat is always nicer.

This is the look when she gives you a real good blowjob.

You know you got him when he loves you for getting a blowjob.

whats the best thing about a blowjob? the 10 minutes of silence!
Happy steak and bj day!! it’s a thing….true story
still waiting for a bj
you know it’s gonna be a good blow job when she puts on a breathe right strip
when you want to give him a bj, but cant find a their tie
The internet has ruined me all i see is a casual bj taking place
the first guy in the history of makind to refuse a bj !!!!
the awkard moment you get home and your mum is making your dad steak for tea
so if you could go ahead and give,me a bj that would be great
though she’d be a good girlfriend and give a bj on steak and bj day boyfriend didn’t tell her he has herpes
somen can argue for 3 straight hours but 2 minutes into a bj and her jaw hurts


 Giving a head makes him cum really quick.

When she’s giving you head and accidentally bite you?

Real women give heads without hesitations.

The moment that she said she couldn’t give you a head.

When it’s her first time giving head but will do it anyway.

when u giving him head & he starts fingering you
When her head game is so good it sucks out your soul
you know u about to get some good head when she put her hair in a ponytail
wakes boyfriend up by giving him head
when you’re giving head and look up to see him looking like dis
when you giving head and you hear him curse
when you finish giving him head and he pulls his pants up
when you are giving him head and he cums

110+ Boob Memes

110+ Boob Memes

Boobs! They generate an ‘awe’ when thought off. Men love them; women love them more. They are big, small, huge, tiny and yes moreover they are attractive. Sometimes exposed a little, sometimes exposed a little more and sometimes exposed totally. Boobs are fun to play with and super fun to foreplay. Boobs excite, Boobs charge up, Boobs do the job well. Boobs have been controlling history for ages. They are the highlight in any picture that they are found in. They are the best supporters and the best motivators. Boobs control people and therefore control the world.


BOOBS – The Bigger, the better. Bigger Boobs always do the job well. The Big Boobs are much easy to handle. Big Boobs are always needed for a healthy run. Bigger the boobs, better the job. Sucking the big ones is always better. Big Boobs are the best attention seekers. Bigger boobs are big-time trouble until sucked well. Bigger boobs are always accepted socially. The reward for big boobs is always a little better. Big boobs are heavy to carry but they lighten the heart. Big boobs do the big job better than a blowjob. Some choose the big boobs over the big holes.

My Boobs are on fire
I want to sleep on my stomach but my boobs are too big
When you start to lose weight & boobs are like
Big boobs right?
Lets try viewing porn types big boobs on youtube
Just look at thoso two, big, beautiful beers!
Ugly face but big boobs? she’s def a 10
i married her for her long legs and big boobs now she has long boobs and big legs
you havent heard about the dolly parton challenge?
Agree samller boobs are more beautiful when a women is naked but big breasts it’s subtle under the clothes
Megan has big boobs wonders why boys like her
When he touches me it’s always boobs first
bitches be like my boobs are to small, i need a breast implants
some ideas aren’t for the short friend
Boobs because you can’t motorboat a personality
To boobs!!! may the be big and plenty
That awkward moment when… your boyfriend has bigger boobs than you
Tag a friend with big boobs
i can do anything cause i got big boobs!!!
that awkward moment
girl believe the can control me with big boobs…they do,
pulls out bare breast in public but thinks that girls these days dress slutty…


       Boobs are the best bouncers. Boobs pressed is stress busted. Boobs have more followers than butts. Boobs have been used by the famous war strategists to conquer the world. Boob always had two eyes on it even when reversed. The boobs always mattered to all, even the kings and the masters. Boobs have a victorious history of their own. Boobs have a dual purpose – Milk with pleasure. Whether small or big, boobs can always turn you on. Boobs pressed harder make hard times better. Not Boost but Boobs is the secret of my energy. Boobs never have an expiry date.

Boobs are like the’s ok to look,not to stare. but that’s what sunglasses
brace yourself another wave of boobs memes
i don’t always wear revealing clothing, but when i do, i expose 50% of my boobs
i dont know but you can hold these
Harry potter and hermione’s boobs
nooooo! it’s a booby trap!
that awkward moment
can i get some bra with my bro
me at six years old and years old
takes selfies all you can see is boob
boobs are like the sun
when you realize you have bigger boobs than the victoria’s secrest model” i like my man boobs just the way they are vsfashionshow
when u want publick attention so u start showing ur boobs
when it dawns on u that the only job u ever wanna get is a boob job sarcasmonly
doesn’t anyone like girl with small boobs
hehehehehe… …she has boob bees.
so you re saying i just cry and boobs appear
one does not simply
oh yeah! what dafuq?


Show me your boobs, Oops! Boobs are fake unless touched and felt to be real. Fake boobs are easily identifiable. Show the boobs to win it like a piece of cake. Boobs turn real when sucked. Boobs are best suitable for women for they carry it with a charm. God made Boobs to be sucked not just seen. The love for better boobs never dies. Boobs have secretly conquered the world.

please show me your boobs
Keep calm and show me your boobs
your boobs show me, yes.
Bitch y u no show me your boobs?
show me your boobs and I’ll give you some cookies
if you don’t want to show me your boobs, that’s fine, i get that, but you’re selfish and i hate you
My boobs are on fire
can you show me your boobs please
yea, if you could just go and show me your boobs that would be great
Real friends show me their boobs
show me your boobs! noww!!!
i want you to show me them boobies
if you show me your boobs i’ll show you my tattoos. tit for tat…
if i asked you to show me your boobs would the answer to that question be the same as to this one?
Please show me your boobs


Bigger the boobs, better the advertisement. Boobs defeat butts easily. God placed the boobs in the right place – Easy access. Boobs below face is a comfortable view always. Fake Boobs grab attention but when grabbed have nothing too great to share. Fake Boobs fake everything.

did you just say fake boob
fake hair, fake boobs, fake nails, fake eyelashes and bitch you want real man
cups fake boob toy completely denies being lesbian
2016 goal fake boobs!
fake tan, fake hair, fake boobs fake nails, fake lips, fake butt and you want a “real” man that will respect you for your brains
ew.fake boobs are disgusting would not fuck
real boobs, fake boobs, who give a shit?
there are on such things as fake boobs if you can touch them, they are real.
these are nice to play with dad but where’s the milk?!
Saggy boobs? ain’t nobody got time for dat!
oh lord jesus we know you have fake boobs!
ohh fuck did i just saw your boobs
i think it’s only fair to throw monopoly money at strippers with fake boobs
i’m probably not wearing a bra in this pic


The best birthday gift a girl can give a boy is her Boobs because they are priceless forever. Boobs are celebrated around the world every day. Research says, every second there is a boob pressed somewhere in the world. Happy boobs day to you. Boobs are best seen at birthday parties. Boobs and birthdays are the best combinations. Bachelors value boobs more than a party. Boobs are better than birthday cakes. Cut the cake on the boobs to celebrate your birthday well. Boobs on a birthday are the best of the combination. The cake tasted on boobs tastes hundred times better.

Beer and boobs you can live without them but why would you want to
May your birthday be full of boobs in your face.
Happy birthday here’s a picture of brandi’s boobs
i see boob
look at this boob this is a nice boob
its your birthday Happy birthday. i guess.
Happy birthday you royal boob!!
Happy birthday! you may touch my boob
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Hey girl Happy birthday
not sure if actually your birthday or just trying to get boob pics
Keep calm but me a drink and show me your boobs cuz its my birthday!


Tits do the bit easily. Tits can amaze anytime. Better to be titzoned than to be friend zoned. Tit-tat-toe Tit-Tit-Tit. Two tits, one reason, sit, enjoy a bit. Tits are in high demand at public places. Tit can be amazing anytime. Tits are best had any time of the day. Tits pressed hard to make many things hard too.

tits or gtfo does both
i have tits give me free stuff i have a penis blame me for everything
beru lars blue milk tits
wow nice tits
big show’s hand is bigger than alexa’s tits
it’s friday get your tits out
if you do not settle down this instant i will find your tits and i will calm them
god damn thosw are nice tits
Hey its your ego it said calm your tits
Tits or gtfo
Roses are tits, violets are tits, i like tits
Ok ladies, i know you want to brag time to show us your tits
Maul my big tits
i like big tits real big ones
Girlfriend not home and there’s tits on the tv? time to fap
hey you, yeah you… i sucked on your wife’s tits last night

Funny Boobs Pictures

eye contact how long did you last?
it’s okay,. bro! you’ll get boobs again someday,
boob status=10 face status=troll
it’s like the old saying goes, make boobs, not war. or something.
Have you ever been so angry
So are my pants
maybe if i wear this shirt that shows my boobs i’LL meet a nice guy who wants me for my personality
Big boobs
lady sells margaritas and clears $1,250 a day the jobs are out there people!
Excuse me, miss… never mind, you’re doing it right

75+ Thank You Memes

75+ Thank you Memes

Memes have captured the most part of our social media feed. It is something which grabs our attention whenever we open up Facebook or WhatsApp. It results in scrolling down more and more to see more of them. Mostly they are related to trolling, and something which is in the trend. But sometimes, some memes come in social media, and they themselves become a trend. A variety of memes circulate over the internet, may be through forwarding it over WhatsApp among the friends or by posting it over Facebook. Memes make a sarcasm using images from different context and then putting some text which matches with the reaction of the image, and it makes us laugh. No one exactly knows when this meme thing started over the internet, but people continue to enjoy it and not just that, they don’t stop scrolling down looking for more such memes. So, as the theme for this post is Thank you memes among the other memes, we’ll try to focus over that meme, and will try to detail it so that we can read and imagine at the same time, and take some serious laugh over it. So, let’s get started!

 Funny Thank you memes

There’s lot of content spread over the internet related to funny Thank you memes.

Generally, we say Thank you to those who have favoured us by doing something which helped us in any way. But, the memes have changed the course of saying it in an unusual way. It has added some salt to the effect.

Let’s imagine this:

You are watching an episode of Mr. Bean. Suppose, the way Mr. Bean says Thank you to you. He says Thank you to you with a mischievous smile on his face. Wouldn’t it be funny? Undoubtedly it would look funny.

Thank you
Thank you
thank you for your attention
oh my od thank you!!
thank you kind sir
Thanks for listening
thank you
Thank you stay classy
Thank you! you rock
thank you pumpkin
thank you princess
thank you very much
you lady i thank you
hey girl thank you
thank you jesus
thank you you rock
thank you for the birthday wishes!
i just wanna say thank you
Thank you everyone
lol this is funny thank you
Thank you fool!
Thank you
you get a thank you
thank you all the birthday wishes stay classy

Thank you Jesus Memes

We used to say Thank you to the gods, whenever we would come out of a problem. But, nowadays, maybe due to the reflexes, people are humorously saying Thank you to everything, whenever they get something or get what they had wished for.

Let’s imagine this:

From today morning onwards, you don’t know where you have put your car keys. You search around wondering where you last put your keys. But alas! You can’t find it.

But, after sometime, Jesus has come with your car keys, and now present it to you, saying, “Son, you had left it in the toilet last night after having some beers”, and you are like, “Thank you Jesus”. Isn’t it funny?

thank you Jesus
Thank you jesus
thank you baby jesus
thanks Jesus for this food
thank you jesus
Thank you for the Information
Thank you jesus
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Dear sweet baby jesus
Thank you Lawd jesus

Thank you cat memes

Let’s imagine this:

You are in your car, with your lovely cat. You are speeding up the car. You cat is enjoying the journey. Bu, alas! After a few minutes, police catch you. Now, you are afraid. But your cat says, “Hey, don’t worry, I’ll handle it.” Police is surprised that how can a cat drive a car. But your cat immediately replies, “Don’t worry cop, there’s one beer for you too!” and gives it to the cop and speeds up the car, and you’re like “Thank you Cat” Your cat winks at you and says, we are buddies for life. Isn’t it funny?

Thank you Good sir
Thank you for your time
thank you for the fishes
thank you for not giving me another
Thank you! cat is not supported by ISF
…..God? Thank you….
after much research and consideration
you’re awesome Thank you!
Thanks so much!
AWWW thanks
Thank You! Done!

Birthday Thank you memes

Let’s imagine this:

All of your friends have come to attend a birthday party of your common female friend. After some time, when all the things have been done, like cutting the cake and during the chit – chats, the female friend at last goes on to the podium and says, “Thank you all for wishing me on my birthday! Now, let’s just forget that the birthday ever took place so as I can pretend to  be in my 30’s this year.” Isn’t it funny?

There’s a lot of thank you memes over the internet which gives a light humour. Specially, the reaction of the people makes the whole thing funny. Try imagining the above situations with the reactions of the people in the situation. It’s so funny.

Oh you wished me happy birthday on facebook Thank you
Thank you for the Birthday wishes everyone i feel awesome
Thank you to all who reaches out to wish me a Happy Birthday! i am truly humbled!
this is just what i wanted for my birthday!
thanks for all of the birthday wishes today it was a good day
Thank you for the Birthday wishes!
Thank you all the Birthday wishes stay classy
Here’s to all my snazy friends out there thank you for your birthday wishes
for all those lovely birthday wishes yesterday
thank you for all the birthday wishes

Thank you for your service memes

Let’s imagine this:

You went to Café coffee day after a series of mis-fortunate events, to have some coffee with your friend to have some break. You order two cups of coffee. Now, as you are enjoying the conversations with each other, after some time, the waiter comes with the coffee. Now, after you two have completed the coffee, you show generosity to him by saying, “ Thank you for your service.” And now the waiter says with a mischievous smile, “Bro, I had spit in your coffee” and You’re like “WTF”.

To all the veterans… thank you for your services
Thank you for your service!
Thank you for your service
i will find you and i will thank you
pearl harbor vet thank you for your service sir!
said to someone, “your momma wears army boots then i thank her for her service
thank you for your service
on this veterans day thank you for your service
thank yu for your service
Thank you for your service

Thank you very much memes

Let’s imagine this:

You help a lady get her purse from the thieves. Lady says to you, “Thank you very much.” Later, you found that, those weren’t the thieves. Instead, they were terrorists. And, also later you found out that the lady and the terrorists were in the same group. The purse that you had stolen had a bomb in it. But, as you didn’t know already about it, and you had passed it to the lady. You say it to the lady in your mind, “Thank you very much”. Isn’t it funny?

very much thank you
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
Thank you thank you very much
thank you co much!!
Hey ya know how you say thank ya thank ya very much
thank you, thank you very much
thank you thank you very much
thank you thank you very much
Aw, thank you thank you very much


85+ Alien memes

85+ Alien memes

Aliens! The most discussed topic in holly wood movies. It’s not only in current era’s movies but you can simply see the glimpse of monsters and aliens in early 80’s movies as well and it’s a mainstream category of the movies. in west people really believe that Aliens do exists and they have some of the evidences as well that space ships came to earth several times and there are chances that they will come in future as well.

It means this alien thing is quite famous out there and whenever people want to tell something or show something weird then they really use this word Alien.

And that is why we are here to present you 100+ Alien memes to you to make your weird things hilarious and full of life and fun.

Alien memes

Aliens are really not a new thing for the people around the world. Aliens are not only those creatures who are from outer space but those as well who are not familiar to you or not form your country.

That is why aliens are the ones from that people feel terror and get dangerous vibes from them. Aliens are the things that are not always dangerous but sometimes friendly and want to make other people their friends as well.

But most of the times as they are freaks and monster looking that is why they don’t are very much welcome out there as normal people about people do believe that aliens visit earth and watch us over.

That is why we are here to present you some alien memes that will show some weirdness and swag as well.

Aliens Humans
Look an alien! Where?
EEEEWWWW Alien Potatoes?!?
Whats the matter? it’s me hillary clinton
how did i get a job? Aliens
Where’s my cat?
Aliens built the pyramids
original version Alien version
Makes a great movie called “Alien”
most powerful alien in the omnitrix
I’m not alien
when youre just done with humans and want to be by yourself
when someone says they don’t like memes
walking up in the morning and looking at my phone like
i’m not saying it was aliens but it was aliens
when you try to party like you re still in college
if you think my fingers are long
The spoon became an airplane? Aliens
capable of intergalactic space travel steals a cow aliens
that awkward moment
What if aliens were visited by Aliens
The new alien movie looks intense
when you wanted in five states and six galaxies
illegal aliens
About my illegal alien statement why just everyone comb down?
Alien Vs Predator
100% when there are horses around
We’re a nation of Aliens trust me….i never lie
What if all the memes were made by aliens
let us not forget
cheese has holes……………

Ancient Alien memes

As we have told you earlier that the concept and believe on aliens are not the theory or story of today in fact people believe in them from ancient times and that is why they have their own place in old stories as well.

Here you will find some of the ancient alien memes that will give you some major shocks and hard laughs because you will defiantly feel that these memes are quite sarcastic in a funny way and discuss different things under the stamp of fun.

why am i smiling?
why did the chicken cross the road Ancient aliens
do you know what the t stands for aliens
Duck billed platypus
i don’t always smoke blunts
you fuck with aliens you fuck with me
if ancient aliens didn’t exist
doesn’t believe aliens….still has sex with one.
illegal aliens
and who came up with the illuminatati?
But what if?
Aliens are everywhere

History channel Alien memes

Yes! Associating old things with the alien stuff is quite in and makes it funny as well. History of aliens is not a hidden thing and almost accepted all over the world.

History channel alien memes refers to those memes that are used as a rebirth of old things and old fashions. It’s all like making a whole lot of new version and genre of those things.

Here we present you some of History channel Alien memes that will give you a chance to express your thoughts about old programs and TV shows and these will only be understand by those who were into those TV shows and know those characters.

you see the history channel is run by aliens
what if humans are really just….Aliens
Aliens is the only possible conclusion
i m not saying it was Aliens……But it was Aliens
it’s actually an aliens
why did i become a meme? Alien
tide goes in tides goes out Aliens
How did i get a job?
i didn’t really hear the question
i’m not saying it was Aliens but it was Aliens
if adam and eve are white and evolution
i’m not saying it was Aliens……..

Alien guy memes

Alien guy memes are mostly relatable to those men who do weird stuff and do the things that are not even expected by the people around them. These are the people who are hell funny and cute in their own ways. To praise them and to make them realize that their weird things has its own charm in its way!

Here we present you some of alien guy memes that will have lots of funny things int. So grab the one you like and tag your friends or share with them and spread the hard laughs in a funny sarcastic way.

Funny Alien memes: Why so serious? Yes! Don’t be serious at all because only those people succeed in life who happily admits all the circumstances and make sure that the second chance given by the life will not be wasted by them.

That is why such people take dangerous situations in a funny way to tackle them. That is why we are here to present you some funny alien memes that would definitely give you some inspiration and a laugher as well because when it comes to funny alien memes then it really gives a funny way to describe the aliens and to being funny as well.

what if the guy from ancient aliens
How do words get in the dictionary? Aliens
Bro, do you even science
all the lights inthe sky on july 4th? Aliens
you guys
I’M not saying it’s aliens But it’s Aliens.
some koind of aliens from the skol
hello yes this is TSOuk is aliens home?
And thats when i told them Aliens
this is why alien wont talk to us
i heard you guys talking about Aliens
Aliens italiens
fucking magnets how do they work Aliens

Alien birthday memes

It’s really not like seriously alien’s birthdays but the birthdays of those who have such weird stuff in them. In some parts of the world people really celebrates the day when they saw a so called space ship or any outer space man or an alien. And that is why we present you some of alien birthday memes here. So wish such weird people or so called aliens to make them happy an show you love to them.

i do believe a happy birthday is in order
Earth still here #MYBAD
Happy Birthday! From Aliens
Age is just a number
on your birthday remember you’re a star!!
who wishes you an
happy birthday to my brother from an alien mother
Have a Happy Happy Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!! Lindsay!!
so it begins
Happy Birthday X from your Alien Friend
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday from 21p
Happy Birthday my presious
Happy Birthday Alien


50+ Star Wars Happy Birthday Memes

50+ Star Wars Happy Birthday Memes

Star Wars is one of those TV series which has left an indelible print in the hearts of its wide range of audiences. It’s a series which is not just loved by the youngsters, but the adults as well. The Star Wars franchise was first created in 1999, with the name, “Star Wars – The Phantom Menace”, and after that, there was no looking back for its creators, and they made the sequel one after the other. The latest release of its sequel was in the previous year 2017.

So, here in this post we are going to talk about the Star Wars “Happy Birthday memes”. The social media is a dangerous place. It will troll you for the sake of amusement. So, like every other thing, there’s been some trolls lately with the theme, “Star Wars Happy Birthday memes”. There’s couple of jokes on the online which makes jokes around its characters, and we’ll be talking about them here.

Star Wars Funny Happy Birthday Memes

Here, I am going to present to you the trolls from the Star Wars characters as they wish you Happy birthday with a sarcastic statement, which would be jaw – dropping or at least funny.

Suppose, you have your birthday preparations finalized. Now, it’s time to cut the cake. You are ready, and after blowing off all the candles, people sing Happy birthday for you, and you are winking. Now, the cake has been distributed among the friends and family, and it’s time to eat the cake. But, after a while, from the front door, your favorite character from Star Wars, Jabba the hutt enters. You are astonished, while looking at him, and so are others. But, he comes near to you, and looking at the cake, he says, “Don’t eat this birthday cake, otherwise you will indeed become like one”. Now, everybody laughs and you are still astonished. But, now you don’t need to. Why? Because you are trolled, and that too from your favorite character.

Now, as you have become good at supposing, let’s take one more. Suppose, for your upcoming birthday, which is tomorrow, you have planned to go on a picnic with your friends. Everything has been finalised, and all friends are ready for it. You are excited for it. Now, the D – day comes. You along with your friends are going for the picnic trip, and you all are more than excited. The journey ends in no time, as you all were busy talking to each other. So, now at the picnic spot you all decorate your birthday stuffs and are prepared to cut the cake. Everything is ready now. You blew off the candles, and friends sing happy birthday song for you. Now, in the middle of the song, your favourite character, which is a robot named R2 D2 comes from nowhere, and comes near you and, says screaming, “Happy Birthday, you biggest beep”. Now, all your friends burst into laughter. You as well, start to laugh, but my friend, R2 D2 was damn serious about it. Don’t you think?

Listen kid Happy Belated Birthday
Imma Firin Ma lazar!!
Happy Birthday Andrew
Drunk Vader
A Happy Birthday You must Have
Happy Birthday Drake!!!! May the force be with you on this birthday
You’re Invited to join the dark side…
Happy Birthday Queen Amidala!
Sent in (and Happy Birthday To) Out great fan & friend, Ashleigh hunter<3 may the force be with you!
Growing old is it drink more you must. a happy Birthday may you have.
Boba fett wishes happy Birhday
Happy Birthday Happy Wishes so many
A Happy Birthday I wish you
Happy Birthday From the republic incoming celebration
Age matters not Happy Birthday
Happy belated Birthday Now, release your anger. only then will you get a cake
Middle Aged?
Look how old you’ve become… Happy Birthday!!!
It’s your birthday? Gooood….
A long time a galaxy far far away… …you were born! Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday i wish you
The force is strong, with this 1 Happy Birthday tj
The Empire wishes you a happy Birthday
When harrison ford goes to his own birthday party he arrives sold
Happy birthday Here’s a happy little millennium falcon for you
Don’t eat complete birthday cake otherwise you will become like this
That face you make when you see an unwanted friend at your birthday party
Happy Birthday i want a “dark” chocolate cake
Happy Birthday forgot the gift sorry?
Happy birthday i know it’s trap for getting gifts
when you forgot to wish me happy birthday that’s how i felt for you
You will never have a 21st birthday again happy Birthday andrew
Happy Birthday! i hope it’s real hoot!
What you wanted a birthday present? how about don’t get you frozen in carbonite
it’s your birthday… i know.
When 900 Years you reach not as good as me you will look
Happy birthday it is very young man you are not
Happy Birthday? good… good …let the alcochol through you
Party on wayne party on darth
You ever think that maybe we’re with the bad guys? nah, lets just head back to the death st… to the ship.
The empire wishes you a happy birthday
Drunk vader
Happy birthday you are aging graciously
Happy birthda simon the forties are strong in this one
Happy birthday, chris… …have a good one!
Happy birthday muthafucka?
Happy birthday i love you to the death star and back!
Happy birthday? good, good… let the alcohol flow through you.
The hero of a generation Happy birthday mark, may the force be with you!
Happy birthday
Random star wars meme wishing you a happy birthday
Happy birthday now join the dark side!
Happy birthday that’s the thing i have not wished since a long

70+ Middle Finger Memes

70+ Middle Finger Memes

Admit it, you came to a point where you’re totally pissed off and you can’t do something about it. Here are the best memes you can use to show your reaction to anybody out there!

Funny Middle Finger memes

  1. My middle finger salutes your dumbness.
  2. 2 middle fingers are not enough for you bitch.
  3. You deserve all my middle fingers.
  4. Seriously, my middle finger was made for you.
  5. Stay calm and go fuck yourself.
  6. Just shut up and fuck off.
  7. You deserve something. Here’s my middle finger.
  8. Awesome! Now take my middle finger stupid.
  9. How I wish I have more middle fingers. You deserve more!
  10. Oops! Sorry! My middle finger thinks on its own.
  11. Fuck off before I kill you.
  12. Don’t you get it? I don’t fuckin’ care.
  13. I get it. You hate me. My middle finger doesn’t care.
  14. Killing is illegal, so fuck you.
  15. Aliens take humans. You’re perfectly safe.
  16. Good day! Oh sorry, autocorrect. I mean fuck off.
  17. Please tell me that you sense the fuck you in my smile.
  18. You’re truly special. I give my middle finger just for you.
  19. Isn’t it cool? My middle finger loves you!
  20. I knew you don’t like me. Your boyfriend does anyway.
  21. How I react to idiots like you.
  22. You are perfectly dumb.
  23. Oh, you’re mad? My middle finger feels the same.
  24. Hi bitch. I’m still alive.
  25. I’m looking everywhere for my care. They’re nowhere to be found.
  26. You think you can handle me? Think again!
  27. Act nice to those who are nice to you. Else, fuck them all.
  28. I see that you’re awesome. Stupidly awesome.
  29. I sincerely admit, I don’t give a fuck.
  30. My major is not giving a shit.
Fed up baby has no patience for your shit.
when you try and sleep but they keep taking photos
Dear middle finger, Thanks for sticking up for me.
i’m going to stick my finger up your butt
Go fuck yourself
roses are red violet are blue i have 5 fingers
i don’t have a short temper
ohhhhh no middle finger
Happy Birthday! yea, that pretty much sums it up.
i send a long meaningful text
back in my day this was a middle finger
when your choice for president are Donald trump and Hillary Clinton
hey bitch
being number one
take a deep breath and fuck this shit
fuck you optimus prime!
its monday keep your head up, and your middle finger higher
oh, you stick your middle finger up in pictures
when the teacher shout and your just like haha….you
when you drive past your job on your dayy off
the way i feel
monday insert middle finger emoji here
well fuck you too
oh you pose with your middle finger up in photos?
censorship tyler tries to censor his middle finger
ok i was wrong i aplogize…
when people say
i dont fact check my memes
went to the zoo today….
oh i’m so sorrry
smell my finger
when some talks shit about your favorite show
my neighbor wanted me to trim my trees up….
the middle finger
show middle finger with sanskar
i dont always say fuck you in public
my middle finger salutes you
aww my middle finger likes you
middle fingers up
you wanna play rough?
the middle finger was first used as a gesture back in
to he internet for making fun of me

Middle Finger Meme Gifs

  1. Hey you! Back off.
  2. I’m not sure what makes you so dumbed, but it totally works.
  3. Who the fuck are you?
  4. I’m not good at faking. You are.
  5. Fuck your thoughts about me. You don’t know me.
  6. I don’t have time for all your bullshits.
  7. Good morning from my middle finger. Have a great day!
  8. My middle finger cannot easily be intimidated.
  9. I don’t think there’s enough middle fingers for your stupidity.
  10. I’m so sick of your shits.
  11. You’re about to perfect your dumbness. Keep it up!
  12. My favorite motto is don’t fuck with me.
  13. I think you just need a middle finger to start your day. So here it is.
  14. I’m just speechless with your dumbness.
  15. I rarely talk to idiots.
  16. Hey slow down. I’m not born with enough middle fingers.
  17. You’ve been insulted? I’m so sorry I don’t care.
  18. Trust my middle finger. I don’t give a shit.
  19. If you don’t have the courage to say it on my face, shut up.
  20. I knew it. The truth pissed you off.
  21. I’m sorry for offending you with my honesty.
  22. My middle finger is pretty active lately.
  23. My middle finger is my best friend. She hates you too bitch.
  24. Here’s my middle finger for being such an ass.
  25. If being stupid could make us rich, you’re a billionaire now.
  26. My day is just starting but I’m thinking to fuck them all.
  27. Zombies love to eat brains. You’re still safe so far.
  28. Oh crap! I almost give a shit to your nonsense.
  29. Talk to my middle finger bitch.
  30. I will let you meet common sense.
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    GIF middle finger
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    smoking middle finger GIF

Middle Finger Cat Memes

  1. I am amazed by your stupidity. I’m serious.
  2. Cats know when you’re sad. They just don’t care.
  3. You sure I’m not one of you?
  4. I saw what you did bitch.
  5. Feed me or your I’ll steal your boyfriend.
  6. Give me some food or I’ll tell your mom what you did last night.
  7. Don’t touch me. I just cleaned up myself.
  8. I thought you will not be home early. Sorry for eating your dinner.
  9. I hate it when she joins me for a walk when she’s the one who needs it the most.
  10. Sorry for destroying it but I think I don’t give a shit.
  11. I don’t care if you’re celebrating but just be quiet when I’m asleep.
  12. I’m pretending to listen but I’m all sick of your dramas.
  13. I’m tired. I’ll continue ruining your day later.
  14. Are you sure you’re not one of us?
  15. I don’t want to spend my 9 lives with your stupidity.
  16. I know you always say I’m a good girl. I don’t trust you bitch.
  17. I know you love to pet me but honestly, I love to bite you in return.
  18. See this look? It means mind your own business.
  19. It is nicer when I’m alone at home.
  20. You humans suck. Fuck off. 
    Wednesday… is the middle finger of the week.
    My face when i found out that they created a middle finger emoji
    an actual picture of me in the future
    roses are red violets are blue
    i’d tell you that i think of you
    roses are red violets are blue
    life is suffering
    we’ve been working on our communication skills lately
    ooohhhh fuck! you flip me the middle finger?
    if i had a middle fingers
    come here….pull my finger.
    fuck you fuck your cat
    i know sticking out my tongue
    hurt my middle finger
    i haz a message for u monday
    yeah i dont have a middle finger
    strengthen your fingers step one: move the cat
    science your mind giving the middle finger to what is known
    look at this fucking cat playing piano

    fuck off

70+ President Memes

70+ President Memes

Memes are said to be the most common thing now a days and yes this is one of the mediums that conveys lots of hidden messages in such a way that is hilarious and funny in its own way. President memes are one those memes that contains different amazing and some of embarrassing moments associated with them. These are the memes that has lots of taunts and other funny things in it and they express lots of other swag things that are related to those presidents of United States.

Here today we are going to see 70+ president funny memes. That will give you a hard laugh and a chance to express some of your inner feelings through it.

President Memes With Pictures

President is the head of state and as he has such a position, he has lots of responsibilities on his shoulders. And that is why in such pressure sometimes they make some silly mistakes that get the lime light and become famous and sometimes in their tenure they do such things that make their government strong and unforgettable. That is why we are here to kind of celebrate such things here and therefore these memes are for.

Mexican word of the day: Nacho still nacho president
you ready joe? i’m ready B!
i has been 122 years since we have had a beraded president
that face you make
now i know why the deplorables call me killary because i just killed trump tonight!
was president before it was coolidge
brace yourself the president memes are coming
so if the next president is white
if you havin monarchy problems i feel bad for you, son
so, are we all totally sure that i’m not allowed to be president again?
Gets elected as class president assassinated
we shall over comb trump 2016
Look at me i’m the president now
i was too busy killing osama bin laden
let the memes begin
Trump talking with the president of virgin islands
orange is the new black
lesser or two evils?
if kanye becomes resident who will be vice president?
i used to be a president like you
i’ll be the best joker ever why so serious
i hope jeb bush becomes president
what if i told you that a chimp would make

Not My President Memes

It is also a part of a president’s or other government official or representative’s life when they are not appreciated or accepted by the masses and it is quite normal because everyone has their own standards and choices. Here comes the part of not my president memes which shows the feelings of masses in a funny manner.

Donald trump you are not my president
Umm…..yeah saying “not my president”
not my president and not anyones president either
Trump is not my president because i live in europe
when people say ” Trump is not my president”
not my president lol not my resident
Not my president Literally
i wake up every morning and i’m grateful that this evil
not my president

President Donald Trump Memes

Yes! Donald Trump the current president of United States of America. There is no doubt in it that in the history of United States he is the most humiliated president who faced a lot of criticism. It’s been now almost two years of his president ship but people out there still don’t accept him as their country’s president. Along with his violent decisions on some delicate issues made him less popular as well. That is why we are here to present some of president Donald Trump memes having some really funny and silly moments of him that will give you a hard laugh.

Get in Pussy we’re making america great again
Foreign Policy?
If you ever feel stupid just remember
i really want greenday to make a song about donald trump running for president
donald trump president ? that shit is funny
please welcome president donald j. Trump
votes for hillary clinton donald trump became the president
Trust me if i’m elected we’ll go to war
fu-k me i’m your president
take over the world when i’m on my donald trump shit

President Day Memes

Yes! There is a president day that celebrates all of the presidents of United States from the start of the time. These memes are used not only for the president but for the leaders out there that has some of these leader ship qualities and such swag as well.

So here have a look on president day memes and share them or tag your friends and family and spread the laugh.

Monday is presidents day unexpected 3 day weekend
so what did you get me for president’ day?
President’s day will never be the same again
i don’t always take the day off
think you should have president day off work?
president day:
i don’t get tired of winning.i’m just getting started
happy president day Mr.President!
President’s day off?
Happy presidents day Hillary

President Obama Memes

Obama, First black president in the history of United States, the most famous president out there who did lots of different things and loved by the people of United States! The most highlighted thing that he done was to find and kill Osama Bin Ladin. This made him extra famous and extra popular around the globe.

That is why here we present you some of the president Obama memes that will show some of swag and some highlights of his life for all over the people around the globe.

i was too busy kiling osama bin laden
And then, I told them there would be change
WTF is this shit
i don’t remember republican talking about unity when i got elected
White Obama your argument is invalid
Not Bad
Haters Gonna hate
Helloo, Dog? This is the President
if i was your president you’d make no cell phone calls
Y’all aint saying shit

President Bannon memes

President Bannon was also a president like Donald Trump. He wasn’t so popular among the people of United States and his first week in the office was destructive. That is still discussed out there. But he got the lime light like all other president of the state and did a lot of things in his tenure from which some got appraisal and some were not accepted by the public out there.

Here we present you some of President Bannon memes that will give a hard laugh and make you realize that how big it is the responsibility to be a president. Because you are not free from accountability and you have to answer the masses out there for your use of power and that is why you will find some of really hilarious and funny memes about him and some of sarcastic ones as well.

i knew trump loved sking with those tiny hands
the real 45th president steve bannon
Steve Bannon
now trump this is what we think yes sir president bannon
I’m not a racist.
may the electoral college be forevor in your favour
like if you think
Dear president Bannon,
there’s no argument there he is sloppy steve
i’m going to run for president in 2020 excellent!


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