Admit it, you came to a point where you’re totally pissed off and you can’t do something about it. Here are the best memes you can use to show your reaction to anybody out there!

Funny Middle Finger memes

  1. My middle finger salutes your dumbness.
  2. 2 middle fingers are not enough for you bitch.
  3. You deserve all my middle fingers.
  4. Seriously, my middle finger was made for you.
  5. Stay calm and go fuck yourself.
  6. Just shut up and fuck off.
  7. You deserve something. Here’s my middle finger.
  8. Awesome! Now take my middle finger stupid.
  9. How I wish I have more middle fingers. You deserve more!
  10. Oops! Sorry! My middle finger thinks on its own.
  11. Fuck off before I kill you.
  12. Don’t you get it? I don’t fuckin’ care.
  13. I get it. You hate me. My middle finger doesn’t care.
  14. Killing is illegal, so fuck you.
  15. Aliens take humans. You’re perfectly safe.
  16. Good day! Oh sorry, autocorrect. I mean fuck off.
  17. Please tell me that you sense the fuck you in my smile.
  18. You’re truly special. I give my middle finger just for you.
  19. Isn’t it cool? My middle finger loves you!
  20. I knew you don’t like me. Your boyfriend does anyway.
  21. How I react to idiots like you.
  22. You are perfectly dumb.
  23. Oh, you’re mad? My middle finger feels the same.
  24. Hi bitch. I’m still alive.
  25. I’m looking everywhere for my care. They’re nowhere to be found.
  26. You think you can handle me? Think again!
  27. Act nice to those who are nice to you. Else, fuck them all.
  28. I see that you’re awesome. Stupidly awesome.
  29. I sincerely admit, I don’t give a fuck.
  30. My major is not giving a shit.
Fed up baby has no patience for your shit.
when you try and sleep but they keep taking photos
Dear middle finger, Thanks for sticking up for me.
i’m going to stick my finger up your butt
Go fuck yourself
roses are red violet are blue i have 5 fingers
i don’t have a short temper
ohhhhh no middle finger
Happy Birthday! yea, that pretty much sums it up.
i send a long meaningful text
back in my day this was a middle finger
when your choice for president are Donald trump and Hillary Clinton
hey bitch
being number one
take a deep breath and fuck this shit
fuck you optimus prime!
its monday keep your head up, and your middle finger higher
oh, you stick your middle finger up in pictures
when the teacher shout and your just like haha….you
when you drive past your job on your dayy off
the way i feel
monday insert middle finger emoji here
well fuck you too
oh you pose with your middle finger up in photos?
censorship tyler tries to censor his middle finger
ok i was wrong i aplogize…
when people say
i dont fact check my memes
went to the zoo today….
oh i’m so sorrry
smell my finger
when some talks shit about your favorite show
my neighbor wanted me to trim my trees up….
the middle finger
show middle finger with sanskar
i dont always say fuck you in public
my middle finger salutes you
aww my middle finger likes you
middle fingers up
you wanna play rough?
the middle finger was first used as a gesture back in
to he internet for making fun of me

Middle Finger Meme Gifs

  1. Hey you! Back off.
  2. I’m not sure what makes you so dumbed, but it totally works.
  3. Who the fuck are you?
  4. I’m not good at faking. You are.
  5. Fuck your thoughts about me. You don’t know me.
  6. I don’t have time for all your bullshits.
  7. Good morning from my middle finger. Have a great day!
  8. My middle finger cannot easily be intimidated.
  9. I don’t think there’s enough middle fingers for your stupidity.
  10. I’m so sick of your shits.
  11. You’re about to perfect your dumbness. Keep it up!
  12. My favorite motto is don’t fuck with me.
  13. I think you just need a middle finger to start your day. So here it is.
  14. I’m just speechless with your dumbness.
  15. I rarely talk to idiots.
  16. Hey slow down. I’m not born with enough middle fingers.
  17. You’ve been insulted? I’m so sorry I don’t care.
  18. Trust my middle finger. I don’t give a shit.
  19. If you don’t have the courage to say it on my face, shut up.
  20. I knew it. The truth pissed you off.
  21. I’m sorry for offending you with my honesty.
  22. My middle finger is pretty active lately.
  23. My middle finger is my best friend. She hates you too bitch.
  24. Here’s my middle finger for being such an ass.
  25. If being stupid could make us rich, you’re a billionaire now.
  26. My day is just starting but I’m thinking to fuck them all.
  27. Zombies love to eat brains. You’re still safe so far.
  28. Oh crap! I almost give a shit to your nonsense.
  29. Talk to my middle finger bitch.
  30. I will let you meet common sense.
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Middle Finger Cat Memes

  1. I am amazed by your stupidity. I’m serious.
  2. Cats know when you’re sad. They just don’t care.
  3. You sure I’m not one of you?
  4. I saw what you did bitch.
  5. Feed me or your I’ll steal your boyfriend.
  6. Give me some food or I’ll tell your mom what you did last night.
  7. Don’t touch me. I just cleaned up myself.
  8. I thought you will not be home early. Sorry for eating your dinner.
  9. I hate it when she joins me for a walk when she’s the one who needs it the most.
  10. Sorry for destroying it but I think I don’t give a shit.
  11. I don’t care if you’re celebrating but just be quiet when I’m asleep.
  12. I’m pretending to listen but I’m all sick of your dramas.
  13. I’m tired. I’ll continue ruining your day later.
  14. Are you sure you’re not one of us?
  15. I don’t want to spend my 9 lives with your stupidity.
  16. I know you always say I’m a good girl. I don’t trust you bitch.
  17. I know you love to pet me but honestly, I love to bite you in return.
  18. See this look? It means mind your own business.
  19. It is nicer when I’m alone at home.
  20. You humans suck. Fuck off. 
    Wednesday… is the middle finger of the week.
    My face when i found out that they created a middle finger emoji
    an actual picture of me in the future
    roses are red violets are blue
    i’d tell you that i think of you
    roses are red violets are blue
    life is suffering
    we’ve been working on our communication skills lately
    ooohhhh fuck! you flip me the middle finger?
    if i had a middle fingers
    come here….pull my finger.
    fuck you fuck your cat
    i know sticking out my tongue
    hurt my middle finger
    i haz a message for u monday
    yeah i dont have a middle finger
    strengthen your fingers step one: move the cat
    science your mind giving the middle finger to what is known
    look at this fucking cat playing piano

    fuck off