Memes are more than fun. They can give you smiles, laughter, and some would make you have tears. Most of them are double-meaning and what you just need to understand them is a good humor and a common sense.

In this article, we have shared 50 plus meme for all of you. They are regardless of genders and you are surely gonna enjoy them.

Here we begin!

jk Dankest meme of all time bottom text
how do i put this? you will never sleep in again
i dont think that memes what you think it memes
i don’t always but links but when i do, google devalues them
what if i told you the alphabet song is really twinkle twinkle little star
says he’s going to destroy isis too scared to speak in chicago
when its april end and she still pregnant still greatest meme of all time edgefest lackofbillz
just do it did you just use a seophone as a nike icon iprovise. adapt overcome
you mean to tell me tom brady is the greatest of all time? jim kelly won 4 straight super bowls with the bills & i have the shirts to prove it jim kelly is the true goat
your off, who is going to send me memes all day?
when you tell your friend you found the best meme of all time. you show it to them and they’re just like when you find the best meme
trying not to fart while sitting next to your crush
oh, you just graduated? you must know everything.
likes your status from 6 months ago
your meme. it belongs to me now.
my reaction when my husband asks how much my best friend and i have had to drink.
you dawg, i heard you like meme so i made a meme mocking memes so you can mock me knocking memes while reading mock memes
how i look when you go fishing without me
parents ge divorced no one wants custody
hide’ yo kids hid ‘yo wife
you mean to tell me spoons don’t actually sound like airplanes?
now i’m pith off
still here bitches
when someone asks if they can fax me something fax? why don’t you just send it over on a dinosaur?
tbt donald trump’s baby picture
age is just a number false: age is a word
jeromes in the house watch ya mouth
she’s angry,happy,scared, canfused and intrigued… all at the same time!
do it!
best memes ever!!!
creates best meme of all time gives bad luck brian credit
chuck norris killed 2 birds with 1 stone
on of the greatest memes of all-time
take date to taco bell make her pay.
yo dawg, i heard you like justing bieber so i took a crap on your ipod so you can listen to shit while listening to shit
orange is the new black
wins money in the bank tells opponent in advance when he will cash it in.
i’m a jedi. jedist don’t kill people blows up death star. 5 million innocent people die.
one does not simply play gta without shooting random citizen
wants to change something in his gimmick new shirt
i don’t want to live on this planet anymore
no one must learn that my fur is delicious oh sh*t!
lost one pound time to reward myself
clicks on me gusta image changes
real life never heard of that server
woke up today it was terrible
sits out of gym class arthritis
becomes most famous meme of all time still can’t ge a date
hey i just met you, and this is crazy. i have alzheimers hey i just met you
jesus can walk on water i can swim on land
that awkward moment when you get in the van and there’s no candy
followed pretty girl follows back
how light skin dudes lick dorito cheese off they fingers


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