Birthday is one of the most awaited moments for everyone. It is mostly the perfect time to greet and make them appreciated. Why not put some twist and send some entertaining wishes for them! Sending humorous greeting ideas is way better than usual plain messages they receive.

Here are the dog memes you can use to make them laugh on their special day. Be cautious with hilarious memes here especially if you are greeting someone you’re not so close with. Enjoy!

Funny Happy Birthday Dog Memes

  1. Happy birthday! Now, tell me your real age.
  2. I got you. I have age defying cream.
  3. I know it’s your birthday. Now, don’t tell me the same age you said a year ago.
  4. I did the calculation. We can’t afford a big party. Sorry.
  5. You are a year older today. Start acting as adult and stop your dumbness.
  6. I’m sorry I can’t resist your birthday cake. Happy birthday anyway!
  7. It’s your birthday but you have bills. Enjoy your day!
  8. I can smell you, birthday boy. Now go take a shower.
  9. I wanted to make your birthday awesome. So, I made you a present.
  10. Sorry for the mess. I know it’s your birthday, but I thought you are busy.
  11. Happy birthday to the least favorite of the family. Cheers!
  12. I feel great for remembering your birthday dude. Thanks to Facebook!
  13. Happy birthday to the best dog lover in the world.
  14. Happy birthday is too ordinary. Let’s have party tonight.
  15. Keep calm and invite my dog on your birthday.
  16. Happy birthday! More dogs to come!
  17. I got a cake enough to hold all your candles. Happy birthday!
  18. Am I supposed to give you a gift? How about a dog?
  19. I wish you a long life. Age faster to get your wishes come true.
  20. Happy birthday! Don’t be afraid if you’re aging. You’re about to get your benefits real soon!
  21. Should we kill him for licking your cake? No worries, I kept them in the fridge.
  22. Hey, it’s your birthday! Now smile.
  23. Happy birthday you scamp.
  24. Say what? It’s your birthday? I’m not prepared!
  25. Happy birthday buddy! Let’s get your party started!
  26. You want an awesome birthday? Get yourself a puppy.
  27. When you finally realize that you’re getting older.
  28. Get a dog service on your birthday! They will not let you down.
  29. Congrats bro! You’re few years closer to death as of today!
  30. Happy birthday mate. Looking forward for your cake.
  31. Trust me. He wishes you a happy birthday. That is his typical face.
  32. I don’t know about you human, but I hope you live longer like mine.
  33. I heard it’s your birthday. I invited the gang.
  34. I love your cake. What’s the occasion again?
  35. You’re not old. You’re being a legend.
  36. Today is the day a terrible person was born. Have a blast!
I has too much birfday
smill! it’s your birthday!!!
Happy birthday i ate you cake and i farted
i wish for lots of treats and belly rubs
Happy birthday cupcake is happy!!! happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday!
i would say “happy birthday” but that’s too mainstream feliz cumpleanos
Party hard
Happy birthday! how old is that in dog years, again?
Happy birthday! we’re here to celebrate!
Hello yeah this is dog, i wanted to wish you a happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday do!! can i have some cake too?
happy birthday
Oh guys you shouldn’t have!
growing old is inevitable growing up is optional!
smile it’s your birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday here’s something to wear that makes it impossible to lick youself
Happy birthday! in dog years you would be dead
and you think that this is funny?
Hey Dude! happy birthday
Happy birthday to you!
we have no idea what “happy birthday” means, but we love it!
Hmm, i do say happy birthday
Happy birthday, taylor!
i made you a birthday cake…. but i eated it.
i made a cake for your birthday but i eaten it….lol
HEEYYYYY happy birthday
Happy birthday must you have
Happy birfday
The party cats wish you a happy birthday!
Happy birthday kosta
This is my happy birthday face for ma friend
Birthday dog says
i put on this party hat just for you…. happy birthday
For your birthday cake is orange flover ok?
Happy birthday
i don’t always bark at night.
let’s get this overwith happy birthday to me
Have a pawsome birthday
Happy birthday!
I just wanted to eat but you lit my food on fire
who’s a birthday girl? you’re a birthday girl
Happy birthday
This dog is a savage! happy birthday to the ground by unknown
that was dog he says happy birthday
Party all over
Happy birthday!!!!
Awooooo happy birthday adrian
Happy birthday
Happy birthday dog i am coming by air
Happy birthday dog promise me you will give first bite of the cake to me
Ermahgerd happy birthday!