Sometimes life becomes so exhausting and hectic that you really want to escape from the reality. The daily morning alarm feels like a scream of demon from hell. A constant torture and then a long day of tiring work with lots of headaches and freakiness!

Sometimes this work routine sucks! It really screwed up all the things even if you love your job still sometimes you are not ready to face the world that have knives in their hand to pull you down and cut you into pieces. So how one can perform well and give his/her best in work field with a lot of pressure of work and competition then how is it possible then one can love to come at work place.

Here comes the funny work memes to change your mode and give you the strength to face the world and to start with a new passion.
Funny work memes about work is a way to give people a laughing start to relief the stress of the work.

It’s about that these Funny work memes are supporting the fact that workplace is a horrible place or like a haunted house it is just a funny way to relax a person who is hell tired by his work routine.

The ticking of pens, sound of key board or even sound of door when someone opens or closes the doors this all can make you irritated from your office environment or strict boss can give you a tough office time. But if someone shows you a fun side of it then you can feel the relief and can make yourself calm and full of freshness.

Whatever it is, these funny work memes should come in handy. They let you shrug off the stresses of the day with some good old chuckling. So take a moment, check out the funny memes for work and make your office life fun and have some swag as well.

It is a fact that we all have to do a job no matter what happen and once we get the job we really don’t want to lose it at any cost. This leads us to a state where we feel ourselves helpless because of the fact we cannot work with love because we have a constant tension that what if Boss will kick out me from the office and from this many people suffer from problems.

Here we give you an opportunity to make your work life awesome and full of fun. What its feel like when in morning you send your boss or a colleague a funny work meme that can change their mode instantly and then they start a fresh day with new and funny thoughts.

It will also give you a chance to stay happy at your work and make you more comfortable with the environment of the office. Then no one will bother you in office and you will enjoy all the things at office.

Try our funny memes of work and make your working days more relaxing and fresher with a pinch of humour and fun!

100+ Work Funny Memes

work smarter not harder
Leaving work on friday like
i’d tell you to go to hell
today’s goal os tp make it through work
My face when
when you’re at work trying to stay positive
stay strong! weekend is coming soon

Funny Workspace memes

when you call in sick to work,
when you’re high AF and have to go to work
when you at work & ate your lunch for breakfast and now
i need to go to work but it’s so warm in here
i’ve only been at work for an hour and this is already me
when u have to work on saturday
when you get out of work and assemble the raging
Me: i don’t wanna go to work

Office work memes

when you have pretend you’re in a good mood at work
i don’t mind coming to work but this eight hour wait
Bosses be like you still coming to work right
This is how women work
The look you give your work BFF
Good Good Let the hate flow through you
GREAT! I am finally home from work aaand it’s bed time


Hilarious work memes

Boss: are you on Drugs?
Me trying to leave work early….
Do i have to go back to work
It’s Friday! Fuck this shit. Monday
when you haven’t even gone to sleep yet and you already
10 minutes at work
we all have that one co-worker thats like this with the boss
when you’re at work trying to figure out how to get sent home
this beer tastes like …i’m not going to work tomoroow
if my job sucked any harder than it does now,i’d orgasm

Get to work memes

sir,sir if you con, sir if continue to raise your voice i’m going to have to ask you
me when i see an opportunity to leave work early i’m like….
me when i see a new employee so happy to be working here.
My face when……
Tomorrow is national take your flask to work day
that look when you don’t want to go to work
do you ever look at one of your co-workers and wonder
coming home from work like
The I.T department is working on it
when your co worker who has been fucking off all shift

Office work memes

I’m so bored at work that i’m actually doing my job.
Bosses be like you still coming to work right?
bosses be like you still coming to work right?
i wish you dumbass was an appropriate way to end a work email.
My boss told me Dress for the job you want not the job you have
when your boos wants a picture to prove you were in hospital
you ever look at one of your coworkers who is stressing out and think
does this daily when his
that feeling you get when you have to wake up for work

Working late memes

when you’ve been at work for a few hours
Happy friday! no,wait,it’s monday
whats black and never works?
How to be grown up at work:
tells you how to do your job doesnt know how to do your job
working here isn’t so bad
doing work at work? ain’t nobody got time for that
why the fuck is she still working here

Hate work memes

not sure if i hate ,my job or just hate working
when your lazy ass-co worker
i may need to extend my lunch break into not working here anymore.
when people ask how i handle this job
the face i make
Fridaybe like……
Man returns to work after vacation with fresh,
when you see that co worker who’s a snitch

Bad employee memes

when senior m,anagers constantly crack shitty jokes but you need your job and that promotion
i sit at work in front of a computer all day
getting to work and finding out you’re short staffed
i need to go to work but it’s so warm in here
hard at work Hard at work There’s a difference
What do you mean i can’t go to work with you?
it’s friday we work
great i am finally home from work
how your supervisor watches you at work
when you drive past your job on your day off
not going to put my name on the work because i didn’t help you?

Work training memes

first day at new job gets promoted
i don’t want to go back to work
I’D tell you to go to hell But i work there and i don’t want to see you everyday
i dnt always tolerate stupid people.
Strange new trend at the office.
Use math software to check work
Me at work after 2 hours…..i can’t do it anymore
This is how beer goggles work

Funny work meeting memes

your outfit says you work in an office, but your shoes tell me it must have a pole in it.
Literally 5 minutes into work
pooping at work took longer than expected overtime
coming in 2 minutes before close
sees you getting ready for work ehre are we going?
Stay strong weekend is coming soon
this is how i laugh when i’m leaving work

Sarcastic memes about work

what i think i looke like when i walk into work
when your boss asks how you’re going
when your-co workers ask you what you’re doing after work
i’m onna need the rest of the day off
working from home
not sure if working in CAD or really angry
working on a friday it’s pretty much like that
i must be willing to take on extra responsibilities


Work stress memes


i get paid to be nice to people at work
if i dies & went straight to hell it would take me a week to realize i wasn’t at work anymore
The I.T department is working on it
because i willl be older therefore wiser.
when you’re about to leave work and the boss says”before you go….”
Work smarter not Harder
Boss: This is the third time you’ve been late to work this week
when someone you hate walks into your work….