Everyone in this world is busy and having a life with lots of coming and pending work. No one has enough time to just stop and stare at the beauty of the world and to admire the creations of God and to be thankful for such a beautiful world.

It seems that in old times people had 48 hours in a day and we are having way less time that is why we can’t find time for anything in our lives. It seems like we are living lives of machines we just wake up do our tasks and then sleep nothing else in our lives.

It’s like in a week its only Monday that alarms you of a haunting week ahead. The sound of alarm in Monday morning leaves our lives on Sunday morning. What a busy life we all are living, no time for anything else!

But today let’s look on the other side of the picture. Let’s check what happens when gradually week passes. Yes! We are talking about Tuesday. The very next day of the haunted start of the week that is Monday.

Tuesday is the first step towards you relaxing weekend where you can get the time for you and your love ones. Yes! It is not the 2nd day of the week but the first step towards holiday. And bit relaxing as well because the alarming Monday had passed so Tuesday is quite a relaxing day as compare to previous one.

The best part is whatever you left on Monday, now it’s your chance to finish the pending task and the day on which you start thinking that yes the week is passing and now you are this far of weekend.

If you deeply look into the real philosophy of the life then you will clearly feel that life is all about a second chance. Till the last breath of your life you have chances and have a way to make things better. If you have life then you do have a way to be a better person and have a chance to make things work in a much better way.

So it is same with the Tuesday! Yes it is a second chance given to you to work harder in your life to get a better place and a chance to make things better.

Here we present you some funny Tuesday memes that will give you hard laughter and make you feel better in your week days and give you a hope that this will end and you are going to get a good night sleep without setting an alarms. But this hope will have a funny side that will motivate you as well to work hard until you get the position you dreamed of.

As this day of week is a second chance for you so avail this chance in a best way you can and prove that you are worth of such second chance and prove that you can do much more in your life and this is just a start.

Use our funny Tuesday memes and make the stressed week of your friends and family quite relieving by tagging them in funny Tuesday memes or by sharing with them.

80+ Tuesday memes Collection

its been one of those days all week.and its only tuesday
Fat Tuesday when the calories don’t count and fat doesn’t matter
why do you call it “FAT” tuesday? you are fat the other days of the week too.
Do you know what day it is? it’s tuesday! go home camel you’re drunk!
that awkward moment when tuesday feels like a monday and the week actually seems longer
holy shit its only tuesday
It’s only tuesday? Monday took so long i thought it was Wednesday!
It’s only Tuesday? Monday took so long i thought it was Wednesday
When you realize its only tuesday
when you wake up with that monday morning feeling…. then realise it’s aready tuesday
is it taco tuesday AGAIN
When your bed is so comfy but you know you gotta get up and be awesome today
Good Morning Have a tip top tuesday

Happy Tuesday memes

It’s Tuesday mimosa still ridin’ dirty
Turn up on tuesday night you must be really productive at work
It’s Tuesday so Here’s a cute puppy
Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister
of course it’s Tuesday This ain’t my friday face
wish you a happy tuesday
Tuesday is just Mondays ugly cousin
Phones are blowing up, on a tuesday?
Drinking on Tuesday? why yes, i think i will
Tomorrow is friday and no school Monday or Tuesday
Happy Tuesday Love Dj baby Bok choy
nothing ruins your friday more than realising its only tuesday

Taco Tuesday memes

Tuesday we meet again
Taco tuesday PSH thats errday
alsay’s get ready for the shut down on tuesday
it’s only tuesday and i’m already 995% done with this week

Fat Tuesday memes

it’s fat tuesday and no one brought paczkis to work
it’s tuesday! you can do it !!!!!
guess what guys its only tuesday
smile its a beautiful tuesday
that moment when you realize taco tuesday is becoming a problem
Happy tuesday now get back to work!
Happy Friday you cannot tell me otherwise reporters may say its tuesday but i say fake news sad
Happy Friday!!! oh wait its tuesday
Hold up you tellin me its only tuesday?!

Happy Tuesday memes

Happy tuesday arriba!!!!! Good Morning
It’s Tuesday? Really? Then i made it through Monday! woo hoo!
Me on taco Tuesday
Club going up on a tuesday
Happy tuesday only 3 more till the weekend yeah baby

It’s only Tuesday memes

its only Tuesday?
Never Trust a taco tuesday fart
Two for tuesday
what if i told you it’s only tuesday
It’s only Tuesday?…. Crap!
oh it’s tuesday ready to get weird!!!
And every tuesday will be free taco day…..
It’s still only tuesday?
not sure if Monday or tuesday

Tuesday Morning memes

Have a Happy tuesday
It’s Fat Tuesday! it;s good thing you’re Fat.
Happy Fat Tuesday aka Regular Tuesday to everyone who doesn’t live in the south.
Happy fat tuesday to someone who was already fat on Monday
Smile! It’s Already Tuesday!
The moment you realize It’s only Tuesday
The moment you realize…..It’s only tuesday

Tuesday work memes

thinking about going to work tomorrow like:
remember even lions were kitten once keep up the hardwork
what day does mike tyson always schedule his dentist appiontment?
It’s only Tuesday Mood
It’s been a long week. me in the middle of tuesday
the front of this nigga shoes going up on a Tuesday
Tuesday only tuesday? i can’t deal
Nothing fuckup your friday like realizing it’s only tuesday
Happy Tuesday
Damn it.. it’s only tuesday!
Taco Tuesday
it’s only Tuesday OH lort
Tuesday Is Mondays ugly sister
it;s only tuesday and i feel like

Tuesday Motivation memes

knowing that tomorrow’s only Tuesday
It’s only Tuesday?!
when you realize it is ….only tuesday
Tuesday global warming
when you realize it’s only Tuesday
when you try to kill abug and it starts flying….
when you thought it was friday but it’s only Tuesday.

Tuesday Drinking memes

when you realize it’s only tuesday


Tonight i am drinking dinner. because fuck Tuesday.


Drinking on Tuesday? Why yes, i think i will


Drink responsibly? Shhiit…Responsibility is why i drink


Heavy night of drinking

Tuesday cat memes

Tuesday? i hate the Tuesdays


The moment you realize….it’s only Tuesday


you mean to tell me….it’s only tuesday….


it’s only tuesday so much news


Tuesday can u please go away


Tuesday is just Mondays ugly cousin

Titty Tuesday memes

it’s tuesday show me them titties or get me some tacos
o, its titty tuesday so i’m waiting in your pics
titty tuesday oh yeah
Did somebody say Titty Tuesday