Who don’t love his/her childhood, the era of carelessness where you have no tension, where you are not answerable to anyone, the time of learning and trying new stuff and to get appreciation. Yes there is no doubt in it that when you became adults the most thing that you miss in your life is your care free childhood and the tension free life behind you that you have passed and lived to its full extent.

And here comes the part of school. Yes! School first place where you truly see the world, socialize with others and get recognized among others. A place where you learn to be yourself on your own and to learn how to survive!

School! Place that really bring lots of memories, a word that can make you feel nostalgic. In start some of the children do not love their schools or class or teacher but gradually they become a part of this picture and when they grow up, this school building, friends and teachers become the most important part of their lives.

When it comes to friendship then those people are considered to be the lucky most, who have their school friends with them even when they become adults and got busy in their lives.

It means school gives you a lot and never asks anything in return. A place that make you a better person, a word that teaches you the real meaning of friendship and life!

School really affect our lives in many ways and change us in many ways and there is no doubt in it that in most cases these changes are really positive and convincing. When you get busy in your life, business jobs or other things it’s the training from the school and the way they have been teaching you since day one.

So the school is the place that makes you ready for the challenging life out there so you can manly face all the hurdles and can make your place in society.

It is not possible that you can forget your school or if you are still having your school buddies with you then this is your time to celebrate school days r to be nostalgic all the time. Here comes funny school memes, something that can remind you the some of the best days of your life and some of the difficult days as well that made you strong enough to beat the heat outside and made you a better person.

These funny school memes are all about the fun life and hectic routine of that time when the most difficult part of that time was completing assignments and passing the papers. So these memes will remind you of these things and make you feel those days that can really give you a boost and start fresh and courage that you can do it and give you strength to face the world manly. And make you feel that that was the time for fun with your friends.

Try our funny school memes and remind your days of childhood and care free time that you passed and be nostalgic and remind that you decided to be something and it is the time to prove it but with some fun in it!

50+ School Memes Funny Images

When you beat up your classmate and the teacher class the principal
Ohh high school i will miss high school life
what school thought me.. texting without looking
junior in high school thinks college junior meme also applies
when ur mom pick u up from school early
Frist day of school y no remember how to write sentence
Why the fuck would i go to my high school reunion when facebook shows me daily who is fat and unsuccessful?
20 minutes after engineering school.
When people ask me how school is:
Before school.. after school…

Funny Back to School memes

just preparing for school
Moms be like back to school times!
finishing homework the day its dues go go go
But But… i dont wanna go bak to school
in other news kids are going back to school
Everyone in high school being like
people in school are like “why are you so quiet?” and i’m just like: we’not friends.
finished another week of nursing school!
Just me when i finally finish my homework at 3 am
when the teacher is watching you during a test..
When you ask a white kid in your class if he’s ready for the test,but he says:”there won’t be any tests today” while reaching into his bag
regular teacher school librarian history teacher physics teacher german teacher
when ur the only person who saw, the fight in school
What if i told you being in school is much better than working everyday and having adult responsibilites
Why can’t boys like this go to my school??

Funny high School Memes


when you hear a freshman say they’re tired of high school
i had class at 8 am eveyday in high school i can do that in college too
why they fuck would i go to my high school reunion
in a dead silent classroom of about 30 people taking test
when you’ve been out of school for over a year

when you and your friends are laguhing in class and your teacher tells you to stop but you just can’t
My reaction when teacher select me as a monitor of class
why can’t boys like this go to my school?? oh my
First day of school ready for final exam?
When the power goes out at home. when the power goes out at school.
drawing like these in textbooks are one of the things i miss most from school
Me at 3 am vs me the next morning walking into school

Funny Nursing School Memes


nursing students while thats correct, it’s not the most correct
nursing students be like almost done studying
the lie detector determined that was a lie
go to nursing school they said it won’t be that bad they said
Dear Lord Baby jesus please let me pass these nursing finals
Why do we need school?
finding a pencil in grade school finding a pencil in middle school finding a pencil in high school
Riding the bus home from school realize that i drove to school
beep beep motherfucker time for school
when you see the first question on your findal and already know you’re going to fail
week at school schoool it can kill
other school my schoool
How i spent the first day of school

Funny Middle School Memes


what middle scoolers say when you dissagree with them
Middle school comebacks
be careful who u call ugly in middle school
Teacher says pick a partner Look at your friend like this
did everything from immature high school meme in middle school

your teacher running to their desk to stop the next video from autoplaying
How i felt inside

First day of school memes

How teachers look pulling up in the parking lot first day of school
first day of school ready for final exam?
First day of school we’re here to fuck shit up
brace yourself
first day of school i’ve got this!
that’s no school
when u see back to school commercials but u already graduated
teacher you are here to learn! Me: no im here because its the law
When you fail in exam when you hear your best friend failed too
when you have to teach yourself a subject because your teacher is useless

School memes for students


you go to school nothing happens you miss one day
stay strong the school year is almost over!
when your teacher walk by and tells you that you’re doing it the wrong way
Dear Teacher, i talk to eveyone.
seriously, dude? I just answered that exact question
has a test tomorrow plays call of duty
Read books outside of school? Ain’t nobody got time for that.
when you didnt listen in class and try to do the homework
And then the teacher said you may take notes
When i was younger i told my sister that a lesbian was a type of flower she got in a alot of trouble still don’t know it was my doing
Every group project in school you have ever done
he left school he left school he left school if i left school

Vacation is over memes


My vacation is over it was so wonderful
the moment you realize your vacation is over
that look you give when your vacation is over!
My vacation is over Tomorrow
Vacation over Back to the bullshit
When the exam is too hard you gotta make sure if you’re still alive
When the bell rings the teacher forgot to assign homework
*bell rings* wait class, there is homework. i hat youuuuuu

Summer Break meme

Summer break you come back here and let me love you
walking out of school to summer break
how you feel like
Summer Break its in sight
Summer Vacation almost here
Summer Vacation
Walking into the wrong class on the first day of school like

Back to School meme for Parents

that feeling when your kids go back to school


Kindergarten parents on the 1st day of school


Me as a parent during back to school


my kids are back in school. i’ll need a couple of days to process my devastation.


Moms be like back to school time!

Clean School memes

Lets release all the awesome games when school starts


alright class how do we keep our school clean?


GOOD Job for helping to get the school clean


midwood high school y u no clean floors?

Private school memes

oh, you go to private school? Tell me more about your refined lifestyle


mocked nra for proposing armed guards at public schools…..


I am a rich private school boy


never missed the bus for school


goes to private school thinks it means they are smarter


private schoolers

No school Tomorrow memes

When you just learned no school tomorrow


There’s no school tomorrow…..


No school Tomorrow see you on monday


no school


no school tomorrow


you get no school tomorrow you get no school tomorrow

Funny School Pictures

and then the teacher said you may take notes
can i copy your homework? i ate mine
walking to school on a monday
teachers be like
copied test from classmate
be careful who you call ugly in middle school
go to school leaving school