There is no doubt in it that nursing is one of the most sacred and noble professions. But if you deeply look into their profession than you can clearly feels that their profession is really a heavy duty with lots of ups and downs where they daily have to face numerous kinds of people with different diseases. They have to be patient in order to deal with sick people. So it is clear that there duty is quite a hard one.

It is also a fact that what medicine or doctor cant a laughter full of heart can do. A smile can spread happiness all over around you and it’s not only about sick or ill people but in general one smile can change a person’s whole mood and can make him feel the blessings he have that can make him/her happy and blessed.

To spread the smiles and happiness to all a fresh and well behaved really work as medicine in fact more than that. And that is why you see funny nurse memes around you and especially funny nurse birthday memes that is really a fun stuff.

Funny nurse birthday memes consist of really important and funny facts that can make a person’s day full of laughter and thoughtful at a time. Funny nurse birthday memes is a new trend of wishing birthdays in new and trendy way with lot of taunt in it that you can use to tease your friend or family or make them feel happy throughout their day.

Using nursing profession in such wishes really work as cure because as they really work hard to save someone’s life, these memes have such element in them as well!

Nursing is the profession where there is n holiday and no rest while you are on duty even if it is not your shift you have to work selflessly and you can’t give false reason to get rid of tiring routine that is why this profession needs passionate persons who can take the burden of the job and can make others happy by giving selfless service without having an intension of getting reward. This professional attitude with high gratitude makes this profession most sacred.

That is why this healing profession is used in such a way that people can get the best funny nurse birthday memes. They are not very colorful or vibrant but still have an impact on readers mind giving them a way to happiness and prosperity.

So it really is the time to wish your close one’s with these funny nurse birthday memes to make them realize that you are always with to heal their wounds and to love them like no one else. Make them feel happy on their day with a different style of funny wish. Just use our funny nurse birthday memes and share with them or tag them and give them a laugh full of life and make their life tension free.

Just grab any funny nurse birthday meme and wish them on their birthday and spread happiness!

45+ Nurse Birthday Funny Memes

Nurse sitting down Clearly photoshopped
when your patient denies using drugs or etoh
when an incontinent patient gets put on a diuretic urine trouble
nurses be like i just need to make it home from work cause i’m not spending the night
oh, you watch grey’s anatomy you must know everything there is to know about medicine
and then i said, “the doctor will be with you in a minute”
talkabout work at mealtimes don’t understand why everyone is looking so nauseous
i think someone needs a cocktail ativan2, haldol5, benadryl 50
yeah…Happy birthday now if you could get back to work, that would be great.
Happy Birthday, girl.
night shift nursing staff be like, “it was a full moon last night.”
smile its your Birthday!
i hope your birthday is extra gingery
a nursing student does not simply have enough room in their planner.
hey girl i heard you’re sick….
Dear Lord baby jesus please let me pass these nursing finals
i don’t always take my medications, but when i do, i ask questions about…..
This Birthday is prescribe a whole bottle of wine
who’s a birthday girl? you’re a birthday girl
nobody wishes happy birthday…better than me believe me
i’m sorry the spider bite is poisonous i’ll have to suck out the poison through your penis
nurses are underrated and go thru the most……
End of shift still have ny pen
you can’t fix stupid but you can sedate it
staff meeting? ain’t nobody got time for that!
so you’re a nurse can i ask you a question NO
when a patient pissed off cause you were busy and they had to wait a minute: but did you die?
Happy Birthday to the future nurse who will make the doctor look like a dumb ass.
Happy Birthday! Go on…spoil yourself!
Nursing test are like a box of chocolate
Today’s Homework A28 page report on how awesome your birthday was
Happy Birthday! take the day off! oh wait, you’re a nurse, you can’t!
Get asked which gym you go to The one where you move 300+ LBS patients all day
Finished another week of Nursing school!
Happy Birthday Let me blow your candle
Nursing school when you’re behind before semester even started
i am a male nurse i will poke you!
i just wanted to tell you….Happy birthday nurse amy
Hey girl i would love for you to be my nurse
Headache? Eat a cracker
you can’t leave me if you’re in a coma
heartbeat steady makes mine skip a beat
“how’s nursing school??” Me:
touch my cake and i will cut you
i wish i could take my family to work so they could see why i’m such a bitch when i get home
welcome back for the 20th time this fucking month john
nurses are like thank you lord, my shift is over