Have you ever been in the situation where you have seen an extremely or unusually small person? Maybe you tried to be nice, but for sure, you are fighting yourself not to grin or laugh at them. A lot of jokes and memes were created about short people but having it with midgets are more funny and hilarious. Try not to laugh than at these memes and pictures about midget people.

Funny Midget Memes

  1. Keep it simple and short. Like a midget.
  2. Sorry dude, I’m a little short. Say a midget.
  3. They just had a little get together.
  4. Evidently, she has a short temper.
  5. Value every little thing. Keep a midget.
  6. How midgets deal with bullies.
  7. What you feel when you are with your tall friends.
    If midget work in any film then that film will be called as short film
    What will be the love story of midget will be called a short story
    When do you kick a midget in the balls? when he’s standing next to your girlfriend saying her hair smells nice
    i Don’t do midget jokes often but when i do i keep them short
    You’ve got to hand it to midgets sometimes. because they can’t reach.
    if you are a midget then you must be down to earth
    Say Hello to my little friend
    Midgets are this big
    Why do midgets laugh they run? because the grass tickles their balls.
    You came to the wrong neighborhood
    i saw a midget carrying a T.V to his car today…”
    i didn’t know this was keving hart look an angry white midget
    tag the little guy who thinks he can take on anyone
    what do you call a midget mexican? a parag. Because they’re too short to be an essay

    Call me midget one more time

Happy Birthday Midget Memes

  1. Happy birthday! There’s a mini-bar nearby.
  2. Happy birthday to my little friend.
  3. Happy birthday! So, what do you want to be when you grow up?
  4. It is your birthday today. Ever wished to grow up?
  5. Here is my little gift to Happy birthday little bitch.
  6. Since it’s your birthday, I will not call you a midget.
  7. From now on, I will hand you what you need because you can’t reach. Happy birthday!
    Happy birthday midget
    Yo ralph! happy birthday
    Happy birthday you
    Happy birthday brooke
    Happy birthday from your midget brethren
    a very Happy birthday! that’s for you midget
    where’s the birthday boy?!

    Your kind of a big deal happy birthday handsome! stay classy…

Midget Girl Memes

  1. She’s pretty and a bit short.
  2. Little things can make her happy. That is for sure.
  3. Cute girlfriends are the best! But…
  4. We just fought, and I told her to grow up. Oops.
  5. When she is too short, but you still love her.
  6. Some girls are too short to be true.
  7. Every tall man needs a short girl.
    armless emo midget
    midget fight midget fight
    My gf left me for a midget. broke my heart… can’t believe she could stoop so low.
    Midget pole dancing for when you’re short on cash
    back to work monday at least you’re …not a midget
    she’s hot as fuck and she can eat off the kids menu, this a win win situation
    Bitches love midgets

    when your ex says your won’t find a bitch half the woman i am

Midget Men Memes

  1. Keep calm and hug a midget.
  2. He refused to go shopping. He can’t reach the counter.
  3. He will never look down on you. I promise.
  4. When everything about him is short!
  5. When he is cute and creepy.
  6. When male midgets fight, it is always a short fight.
  7. Short man problems.
    midget are like people mcnuggets
    i don’t always tell midget jokes… but when i do, i like to keep them short.
    midget ,man, i aint’t no midget. i am a little person.
    i hate it
    My midget ho keeps coming up short
    i have a feeling this is going to be a short fight
    why shouldn’t you hire a midget chef? the steaks are too high

    Midget tossing

Hilarious and naughty midget memes and pictures

  1. His face whenever the grass tickles his balls.
  2. The message he gets when saving his picture, ‘file too small’.
  3. When a midget pisses you off. He cares too little.
  4. He makes me laugh about all the little things.
  5. When you realized he’s a good guy because he never looked down on people.
  6. When she was a midget but got a great ass.
  7. Did you call me a midget?
    Here is michael jackson drinking vodka with a couple of midgets your argument invalid
    midget hookers when you’re looking for a little action!
    and just like that i wanted to fuck a midget
    ok. who washed nicki minaj in hot water and then used the dryer?
    How old are you? idk between 10 and 45 what? send a pic
    You called me midget say that again i dare you
    ice cube midget son crushed lce

    why do midgets laugh when they run? because the grass tickles their balls

Funny black midget pics and meme

  1. When dwarfism hits you so hard.
  2. Your height and colour were hard on you.
  3. When you are black and short but famous.
  4. I told you not to belittle a black midget.
  5. How midget drives their cars.
  6. Does midget ever feel that it’s a long day?
  7. Does he look ugly on purpose?
    like a black midget… ohhh you think…..
    true love
    He did 2 years in time-out
    you know shit just got real when you see a flying angry midget
    i fucking love midgets!
    Man, I Ain’t No midget. i am a little person.

    Everybody hates the midget everybody hates the midget

Scary midget pictures with sayings

  1. I have a friend, and he looks exactly like this.
  2. Imagine yourself with her.
  3. When you realized that horror movies are fuckin’ true!
  4. I swear I’ve seen him somewhere.
  5. Him in a picture vs him in person.
  6. Life is always too short for a midget. Always.
    Your pumpkin carving sucks…. i hope a scary midget clown pops out of it and makes you shit your pants….
    Your argument is invalid andy is dressed as a midget clown
    you came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker
    midgets flowers make them look less creepy
    Call me a midget one more time
    don’t be afraid i’m just a little scary!

    When do you kick a midget in the balls? when he’s standing next to your girlfriend saying her hair smells nice

Sexy midget pictures and memes

  1. She’s a hot sexy midget.
  2. She is too cute to ignore.
  3. The world’s sexiest midget.
  4. I Don’t think she is weird.
  5. Hook with a midget. She will not let you down.
  6. Sexy dancing midget. Always cute!
    Thought this was a midget with a fat ass for a second
    tag a friend who is into midget porn
    midget porn
    i’m sexy and i know it evell pat thinks so!!:
    Bridget the midget
    Honey i shrunk the kardashians!
    Bitches be like…. fun sized

    when your ex says “you won’t find a bitch half the woman i am”