Memes are extremely popular way now a day to add an element of humour in serious situations all over the world. They have become rampant on social media platforms. With the tiff going on between President Donald Trump and the Mexicans, funny memes are now spread all over the internet. Read on to find some amazing Mexican memes that we have for you here. Make sure you add a nice picture in the background to make them even more perfect.


Where should you go for vacation this time… not Mexico!

Where is Mexico… Beyond the wall.

Which is the favourite animated movie of all Mexicans? WALL-E

The Great wall of China now has a competition.

How do Mexicans buy a tripod? They just don’t buy a tripod, they take one leg off the chair and make one!

Even my mexican food has a wall Around it!!
The Mexicans love Me they always call Me “peachy cool arrow”
Mexican Mom’s Be like… Te Va Salir chaky si no ases caso !!
How many mexicans does it take to build A…. Oh wow, they’re done.
When trump deports you to the wrong country
If you have tacos… i will find them, and i will eat them.
if donald trump was mexican
Mesicans be like no le pasa nada
Mesican word of the day: chicken wing my wife plays the lottery so chicken wing some money.
When yo mom is telling a story to your tia on the phone and you’re like… “that sh’t didn’t even happen.”
tomame una foto asi como que no me doy cuenta
Mesicans be like bud light year
They were giving shelter to maxican people
So you are not telling me mesican should live in america
When you see your friend hit their dog kinda hard


Today’s Mexican word of the day is Taco- Follow TaCo

Today’s Mexican word of the day is dismal- Give me the dismal piece of paper

Today’s Mexican word of the day is Harrowing- those caught doing harrowing will be deported.

Today’s Mexican word of the day is pitiful- Do not give me any more tacos to eat, I am pitiful right now.

Masican words of the day: ice mocha I have a bad memory because ice mocha lot of weed
Mexican word of the day: bishop can someone please shut this bishop?!
Mexican word of the day: ice mocha i have realy bad memory,i wonder if it’s because ice mocha lot of weed man!
Mexican word of the day: little ceasars i cut my nose hairs with little ceasars
Mexican word of the day: nacho still nacho president
Mexican word of the day is cheesehead i asked my wife if the packers won and cheesehead no
Mexican word of the day: Ebola He went bowling and ebola perfect game.
Mexican word of the day chickenfinger My wife say she don’t need me because chickenfinger herself
Mexican word of the day: wheelchair We only have one enchilada left. but don’t worry wheelchair
Mexican word of the day: nutella my wife, she no listen, so i nutella notheen!


Here are some amazing Mexican memes to give you a good laugh.

Mexicans save and fold the wrapping paper to use it to wrap someone else’s birthday gift.

Happy Birthday to you (only if you are not a Mexican)

Mexican word of the day: iguana iguana wish you a happy birthday!
Hey..Happy birthday You are my favorite mexican
Mexicans Be like happy birthday
Best wishes for your birthday ..unless you are a mexican
Happy birthday mexico will pay for your cake
Hay! Happy birthday! You are my favorite mexican!
I just to wish you a happy birthday
Happy birthday to you unless youre a mexican
i still remember the day you were born… Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Drink till you drop!


Mexican food should now have a wall around it!

Free food for everyone- because the cost will now be paid by the Mexicans

Girlfriend offers to make me steak for dinner i say “nah, let’s go get some maxican food.”
Even my mexican food has a wall around it!!
if you have tacos… i will find them, and i will eat them.
i hate tacos said no juan ever
that feeling when you’ve ate too much mexican food
it must of been the mexican food
Mexican food never again
Damn mexican food


Mexicans are the new blacks.

What is the difference between an African and a Mexican? A Mexican has no future in America.

Stay out of a Mexican restaurant… unless you know how to read the Spanish menu.

Half American and half Mexican means half devil and half American now!

What’s black on top and white on bottom rape
call trupm a racist and nobody panics point out that “mexican” isn’t a “race” and everyone loses their mind
“I hate mesicans, they’re criminals” “what!? you can’t call me racist!! mexican isn’t a race”
Mexican word of the day: chicken wing we took our mama to de casino so chickenwing some money
Mexican people smell like my lawn
What’s black and never works? bescaffeinated coffee your rasist bastard
so this country is racist against mexicans? yet you paid a coyote 5 grand and walked across the desert for 3 days to get here?
so you’re telling me, you are hispanic and your ass is bony?
at least i’m not a mexican so i got that going for me which is nice


Mexican moms be like… Juan you?

Mexican moms so not face palm themselves, they face palm their kids.

It is easier to deal with a maniac than to deal with a Mexican mom.

When the kid falls down while playing, other moms be like “Are you okay?” Mexican moms be like “Lift your ass up you fatso”

What is the scariest thing you can tell a Mexican guy? “Mom has arrived”

Mexican moms be like it was just a chanclaso no le pege tan duro
**when i hurt myself* other moms: are u ok? my Mom: why are mexican moms like that tho?
never tell a mexican mom you’re bored
que fiesta ni que nada!! aui ay mucho que aser!
**when i hurt myself* other moms: are u ok? my Mom:
“Hijo de tu pinche madre” insults herself


Who is an ideal Mexican girl? Someone who can make tacos and swear at the same time.

How do Mexican girls express their love- by “tacoing”.

You don’t just dump a Mexican girl, you dump her whole family with a bruise on your eye.

When a mexican girl has allergies ahuevo seemslegit foreals hahaha
some mexican girls be low-key bigotonas
Mexican problems when a mexican girl can’t cook
mexican girls
Mexican girls be like my dad is nice he will love you
Mexican girls
i was gonna smoke some weed with mexican girl but when i asked her if she had papers she run off


How do you spot a Mexican guy in the crowd? He is loud and roams around with his mother.

What is the similarity between Mexican guys and goats- They both say ‘MMMMAAAAAA’.

Where do you go for the first date with a Mexican guy? To a restaurant that serves Tacos.

When you see a van and he is driving it you know there is bomb in it
mexican guys be like el que manda soy yo
Mexican word of the day: chicken wing my wife plays the lottery so chicken wing some money.
what if a white guy was actually an albino mexican?
I’m riding dirty haven’t been to the car wash lately
wants to enter home depot without people thinking he is looking for work.


Mexicans should start losing weight now, because it will be very difficult for them to climb the wall.

How will the fat Mexicans carry all their tacos.

Biggest cans of coke will now be known as – Mexi-cans.

Mexican word of the day: bishop and cheese my lady fell over so i picked the bishop and told her cheese too fat.
They told me no more taco bell i told them no more breath
not sure if fat mexican or pregnant mexican
To all my mexican homies hombre, nacho, tortilla
Mexicans be like anything for papers
mexicans be like just went to the gym


What is Donald Trump’s favourite past time- To build walls.

Businessmen of America can now eliminate their competition by labelling the other company’s products as Mexican.

What does Donald Trump hate the most?- un putero de gente

What is the new nickname for Donald Trump assigned by the Mexicans? Pendejo.

THe mexicans love me they always call me “peachy cool arrow”
Votes in donald trump finds out he’s mexican
If you could go back to mexico that would be great
No mexicans allowed
every mexican thinks i’m indian they keep calling me cool arrow
im just here to see if he’s mexican