It’s the time for funny memes about him! If he makes fun of you, be ready to hit him back with these funny memes.

In this article, I have listed more than 80 funny memes for the guys. They are mean, fun, and enjoyable.

So, no need to wait anymore and get the entertaining memes for him!

  1. Hello 911. It is an emergency. There is a handsome guy in the house. Oh wait! It’s me only!
  2. I did not choose a thug life. The thug life chooses me!
  3. Gray haired guys have been old throughout the life.
  4. Guys be like… I am virgin yet.
  5. I see you people are generating old memes so, naturally I came.
  6. Somebody tell this guy, He looks funny when gets serious.
  7. A cow saw his husband and yelled to the milkman “Oh shit, here is my husband.”
  8. If you hate going to office, get married, and you will love your workplace.
  9. My huge cock stimulates the hen to produce larger eggs.
  10. World’s most useless job… being the lifeguard of a swimmer!
  11. I fell in love at first sight… with chicken tikka masala and 7 up.
  12. When somebody asks you about smoking weed and you gaze at him like, “WTF.”
  13. A wheel chaired moment, when you are on a wheel chair and saw a child in his prom. Life is same at the beginning and at the end.
  14. A Chinese woman generated the phrase, “All men are same.” That’s because, she lost her husband in China.
  15. The f** moment when you took 25 pictures of a friend, but she is still unsatisfied and wants you to take more.
  16. In 1916, people read newspaper at the side of the road and look sober. Now, they use mobile phones and look yoyo.
  17. I still miss my first love… the corn flakes!
  18. I don’t believe in Ex. I believe in Y’s. Something like “Y” did I date you?
  19. Hey guys! Wanna do the dew?
  20. Boys at 21, poses like 15, act like 12. They enjoy the life!
  21. Elephant’s brain react same to the humans as the human’s brain react to the puppies. They think they are cute.
  22. What’s a queen with no a king? Historically she is more powerful without him.
  23. She: Fine, goodnight. Me: Okay, goodnight love. She: See, you don’t wanna talk to me.
  24. I don’t always wish people a good day. When I do, it means I am in a good mood.
  25. I think you are suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin Me.
  26. Hey butt! Hey Poopy!
  27. Guys be like… You are the only one I talk to.
  28. Men who shave their arms and legs should where a bra and bikini too.
  29. Technology… No matter how simple is that, but oldies fail to get that.
  30. The stupidest moment when you are only awake at the sleepover.
  31. Respect… For the guys who give more importance to family than playing.
  32. Raises money for Boston Victims… Keeps all for his website.
  33. Girls: Guys only and only think about having sex. Me: My car looks hottest than that.
  34. A dream boy has a dream smile. A real guy brushes rarely!
  35. A dream boy stares at you and smiles like a prince. In reality, yakhhhh!
  36. Nice guys finish last, awesome guys finish on her face.
  37. Hey guy! Could you….stop fucking.
  38. Happy birthday… I am going to drink any way.
  39. She pushed me out off the bed to let me know that the girl in my dream can’t save me!
  40. Women are like only guys cheat. And what about those numbers, they save with the names of their female friends?
  41. Damn bitch! My status was not about you!
  42. When you try to tie a knot between two friends and they are like true f**kers.
  43. If your girl laughs at a joke of some other guy, note it down and tell her again after a month. If she does not laugh, be careful she is cheating.
  44. Ron, Hold on… Are these jackets on sale?
  45. I got the date. It was October 4th.
  46. I am in love. With five girls.
  47. Potential guy opens mouth, not pants.
  48. My Bf’s friends’ think I never allow him to spend time with guys. In reality, he hates to go anywhere without me.
  49. With an awesome GF, his life is complete. With a bad one, it is finished.
  50. He says he just wants to be friends. Actually, he really meant that.
  51. She: Sorry I only like white guy. Me: White
  52. If a girl calls 10 guys a week, she is a slut. If a boy calls 10 guys, he is a gay. Definitely!
  53. She: I am jealous of you. Me: For what? She: For nicer hairs.
  54. Guys can get inspired from anywhere. Even from the garbage!
  55. He thought tattoo was a good idea. Unless he got prisoner.
  56. I see your logic and replace it with aliens.
  57. First he wins a lottery, and then he got married. A bad luck just after a good one.
  58. Guys be like… bike is my first love!
  59. Hey Can I borrow….Everything?
  60. Guys in the same dressing….become friends forever!
  61. Guy… Is the reason Pot isn’t legal.
  62. I am telling you guys… NY hair is freaking real.
  63. Cheer up guy… At least you are not recognized as a she-male.
  64. You know what else is slippery, when wet?
  65. The funny moment when you tell her that you are not like the other guys and she texted back…oh my sweetheart!
  66. Guys be like… proud on what I am!
  67. My words when my wife drives the car. Oh God! I don’t wanna die so early.
  68. Lol! You funny guy…
  69. Hey guy! Are you mama’s boy?
  70. She: He is masturbating there, I guarantee it. He: My car is ready for a race.
  71. Happy one step closer to the balls to be in toilet water. Happy birthday!
  72. Accidentally poops himself. Everyone believes it to be chocolate.
  73. He to a girl on Facebook: Wish you a very happy new year. She commented: Same to you. Edited his post “Love you my babe.”
  74. She: I am feeling cold. Me: let me allow coming and setting your house on fire.
  75. He: My skin is dark, isn’t that look delicious? She: No, it is not chocolate.
  76. Guys be like… a thinker, not talker.
  77. Guys… wear a bulletproof jacket… shot in the head.
  78. Hey guy! Your memes always make me serious!
  79. Hey guy! Make her laugh so she forgets your ugliness.
  80. JB… gets a cosmetic surgery to look attractive… becomes most hated on the planet.
  81. One cannot simply go zero-waist in a night.
  82. Your stupidity makes me laugh more than your memes.
  83. Are you a parking ticket? You always write fine in the text.
  84. Remember kids. If a stranger offers you a drug, take them because; they are expensive.

    80+ Funny Memes Images for Him

    Finish him!!!!1!
    I sent him a picture of my vagina… and he said “he loves arby’s too.”
    We call him shadow
    “girl i don’t know what you see in him”
    I told him i like it kinky so he fucked my dog & took shit in my purse
    Bitches be like my las man was a dog niggas be like i’m nothing like him
    Good night. keep your butthole tight.
    o understand why world war 1 was called the “great war”

    Funny love memes for him

    Funny memes for him
    Happy birthday my precioussss friend
    thought glass him meant give him a drink feels like a dick for hitting him
    when your best friend is mad at you
    the day i met you my life changed.
    admit it, you sometimes listen and think to yourself, “you are a stupid motherfucker”
    Finish him
    Look at him he tries to be funny

    Funny Sex memes for him

    Grumpy cat? i pray for him daily
    i was not checking him ou i was admiring how the good lord has blessed him.
    Don’t listen to him he’s lion
    i don’t always do burpees but when i do, the suck
    Bank hate him!
    Thief tries to rob him stops him, serves him tea and teaches him how to rob better
    Barack obama anyone got time for him
    a little bird told me it was summer late him.
    a chinese kid was born before the due date parents named him “sudden lee”
    you know whats great about a long distance relationship? nothing

    Funny Birthday memes for him

    hey you, yea you i love you
    i just told him we’re getting a puppy
    i told him i cheated on him he said “pics or it didn’t happen.
    Feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime.
    wanting to take a romantic bath with him.
    the farrier said no more treats so i ate him
    he called me ugly… i called him a ambulance!!
    give us the boy! and we’ll let you live
    Dear girls, if a guy pause video game just to text you back marry him!

    Funny Flirty memes for him

    When my crush sits down next to me
    I love you so much i will literall hold my farts in for you
    I’m mad at him because he’s mad at me
    Every girl deserves a guy who looks at her everyday like it’s the first time he saw her
    The most romantic way a woman can tell a man she loves him is to look him in the eyes and swallow
    give that man a cookie and help him putin his mouth too
    yes, i blew him out of the water with my sales figures this quarter
    Having a bad day?
    Follow him… for free wi-fi
    he tried to round home on the first date… i gave him a roundhouse instead.
    I couldn’t see him with that comouflage shirt
    i really love my husband but i feel the urge to beat him up every time he chews food
    Bank hate him!!

    Cute memes for him

    Has bad haircut too funny to tell him
    im cute so… you cant win this meme war
    i don’t always go on reddit while taking a shit but when i do, i take half an hour and my suitemates think i’m masturbating
    Ginger powder is in my bed
    captions meme text utterly nonsensical
    i don’t always djon but when i do, i make sure i’m in rock, nothing but…

    Funny Relationship Memes for him

    But that’s my bouncy house
    In fight best friend… i can’t stay mad at you, voice in my head
    so then i told him “no, it’s okay. go have fun with your friends tonight.”
    Gaddamn parrot was caling me funny names so…. …i had to shut him off !!!
    founf him hame over
    i don’t know man, i just… what if i never find out who’s a good boy
    owner of a lonely heart better than a owner of a broken heart.
    my son asked me to explain women to him so i bought him an xbox game for his plastation.
    my dad got a new chair havent seen him since
    i’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.
    when i try to smile at my crush.
    videogame bosses on a normal day

    Funny Good Morning Memes for him

    asked him if i looked good in this dress he told me made everything i wore look good
    His prius started leaking some fluid so i handed him a tampon
    Dear girls, if a guy sacrifices his sleep, just to talk with you… trust me!! you’re so special to him..!!
    you know you should stop him but you want to see what happens
    I was like yeah right ..i knew i was wrong the whole time.
    i want answers tickle him until he talks
    i used to have a brother but I ate him
    you could tell him… or you could find a seat and enjoy the show

    Funny I love you memes for him

    i love you. just kidding, where’s my fucking food?
    Sorry i annoyed you with my love
    When you’re in public with your lover and you see people checking her/him out
    Vegans hate him
    Someone please tell him to stop fucking!!
    We can rebuild him we have the technology
    Trainers hate him
    Saw some walking unde the lift nailed him with a snowball
    watches you murder 15 people in the street

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day