Funny memes are always fun and teasing. They are originated to target the most annoying things about a person. Some of them are purely for the girls and some are for guys.

In this article, I have share 100 plus memes for her that will burst you in laughter. You can tease any girl with them as some habits are almost same in all the females.

Here the fun begins!

  1. You are the light of my life. You turn me on!
  2. 52% of women give fake orgasms. 100% of men don’t give a shit.
  3. Hey friend! Sorry, I am too busy to screwing your Ex to care a even little about you.
  4. Is Google male or female? Obviously a female because; it will never allow you finish your sentence/query without suggesting something else.
  5. I pushed my wife off the bed to let her know that her dream guy would not save her from that.
  6. I kicked my man out off the bed to make him believe that his dream girl is not here to save him.
  7. I had sex, got pregnant, and look like dead. Condom says: I watched you while being in the drawer.
  8. My husband asked, where did all the money go? My answer: Ask the shoppers, not me!
  9. Job Interviewer: So what can you do? Me: I can kick your ass. Wanna see?
  10. My husband texted: Honey, please get ready in an hour. I replied: Honey is never ready so early, how could I be?
  11. He asked: How petty are you? Me: Without any limits!
  12. He asked: What thing you just can’t live without? Me: Makeup, obviously!
  13. Girls can’t find their hair bands, but always remember what you say before 8 months in the morning!
  14. Her confidence: I know I have a more beautiful smile than Mona Lisa.
  15. Science has discovered what women want. Just after the discovery, she changed her mind.
  16. Girls of 15 years, look like 18, and pretend like 21.
  17. My friend: How do you know he is a fuckboy? Me: I have a 7th
  18. He: You just can’t sit with us. Me: Yes, I belong to the upper class, I know.
  19. You are too sweet. Just having enough amounts to get diabetes.
  20. He: Hey black coffee! Me: Hi, talcum powder.
  21. My skinny friend: I am gaining my weight, has to go for a dieting. Me: Go to Sudan!
  22. Get in. Let’s go for shopping.
  23. My husband asked: What did you buy on shopping in five hours? Me: Just enjoyed window shopping today, will buy something tomorrow!
  24. Girls be like… I have a crush but he didn’t know that.
  25. My kid loves to climb on me while crying. My reaction: Why are you so obsessed with me?
  26. He didn’t text back. Let’s check his last seen what’s app.
  27. He didn’t reply. Let’s search his Facebook.
  28. Hey girl! You imagined me while reading fifty shades of Grey. Don’t you?
  29. Me as single: I hate wearing red on Valentine.
  30. Me to her: This meme is funnier after you explained!
  31. My fat aunt after seeing every home remedy for losing the weight… I will follow it and will be smartest among all. Me: Ohh Please!
  32. Is butter a carb? Butter is everything!
  33. She starts talking and forgets to stop. I texted my Husband, Please call on my phone and save me.
  34. I don’t know who you are. But I am adding you to get more like on my Facebook posts.
  35. Biggest lie of the girls… I don’t wear makeup!
  36. You guys…can’t trick me!
  37. Dear guys! Why don’t you have an eye contact with me?
  38. Can you win the bet and look into my eyes and not my b**bs?
  39. I looked at her and think something. She thought I am thinking about her sexy looks. In actual I was thinking, doesn’t she have money to buy enough clothes?
  40. Girl with more money spend less on clothes… Just wear bikinis and bras!
  41. He: I will find a girl like you. Me: Why like me, hmm?
  42. Me: I wish to get a guy like you. Translation: The one who cares like you but with a cool face.
  43. Girl! You look like fire… But in this picture!
  44. Three of my four boyfriends sleep with some other girl. I will not trust any man in the life.
  45. I had the worst sex with the guy I thought is a hard man!
  46. Turn down a nice guy and laugh at him. Get fucked by an asshole and cry after him!
  47. I hate those girls who said all men are same. I mean who asked you to try all of them!
  48. I to a silly girl: Do you know what you look like? She smiled and said, you tell? I: Tube light
  49. When my friend’s crush walked by me and her, I yelled “ Be normal.”
  50. Girls be like… Caught off guard but still cute!
  51. Girls be like… You are my only and only!
  52. A girl in a relationship… Talks more about other guys!
  53. Caption at a girl’s picture: My fire pose! A guy commented: Should I send a fire brigade?
  54. My boyfriend slept with my friend. I will never trust her again.
  55. Oh there is a plenty of fish in the sea. But only one Bass!
  56. Chicks be like… I am ready for the party.
  57. First two days of her breakup are tissue paper days. The third day is party time!
  58. Girls be like… Look at my stuff!
  59. Meanings of girl… Pointless!
  60. My friend is a butterscotch, sorry I mean she is a girl.
  61. A female judge is like… You can tell anything to me girl. I won’t judge you like that!
  62. A girl after bargaining on a pair of shoes… at the time of paying money and having shoe box in the hands asks for more discounts. Girl Rocked, Shopper shocked!
  63. Girls be like… Is that Drake on the Radio!
  64. Biggest problem for a girl… Which picture will get more Insta-likes?
  65. Guys in the same dressing become best friends. Girls in the same dressing became biggest enemies!
  66. Girls be like… I cook best in the world.
  67. Girls be like… Aww… what a cuddly weather!
  68. Girls be like… Every guy always thinks about sex. Me: My bike is hottest than anything else.
  69. Girls say: We can conquer the world. See a lizard and…Runnnn!
  70. Girls went for shopping, spend six hours, bought a lipstick and come back. What a perfect day it was!
  71. Girls be like… Summer is going to bring my body at the right place!
  72. Let’s have dinner….with our family!
  73. My husband is rich in Bitcoins. If he would die, how will I use them? OH God, please help!
  74. After Suadi women get permission for driving, they are also ordering a gown for their cars
  75. I feel asleep as my phone’s battery discharged.
  76. Girls party hard… Gosh! Not that hard.
  77. Lunch? On your bill? Sure, why not?
  78. A man has filed a fine and a divorce against her wife because; she was not one percent same in and after the makeup. (A true one!)
  79. Says she wants a guy that likes her for the personality. Me: Were you a bitch since you were born?
  80. I told him, I will be ready in 2 minutes.
  81. They chose trick and ask me to do my worst.
  82. You gave a big tip to our waitress. So, you think she is more beautiful than me?
  83. 10 years girls are crying on their breakup. When I was 10, I cried for missing the cartoon Captain Planet.
  84. Judge to a person: Why did you cross the road, when you seen a women driving a car. Person: Who was crossing the road? I was lying on the Park’s bench.
  85. First girls be like, that bitch is my enemy. Then walked to her, and say, “Hello pretty, you look awesome.”
  86. A special gift for stealing my man! Enjoy now…
  87. Awww Thanks for a girl means, now go!
  88. She told she has a surprise. And then, asks to guess that. I am like… You bitch!
  89. Guys got 70 percent and plan for a party. Girls secure 90 percent and mourn!
  90. When a girl receives a relationship advice from a friend who still lives with her parents.
  91. I know what you are. I am a Mause 😛
  92. A 14 year old girl posted on her Facebook… I need a man who is… Dad replied, “You should complete your homework first.”
  93. Girls be like… act like a single when alone at couple’s night.
  94. Chicks be like… I ran five miles in the video game.
  95. You worked with that girl. I got pregnant.
  96. How many of you are personally victimized… your kid?
  97. How much do you love Harry Potter? No limits, no cross lines.
  98. I have a page left in my burn books. It is for you.
  99. The burger is so delicious. I will go the gym after eating.
  100. Girls be like… looks hot as they grow older and hide the picture of their childhood.

    100+ Funny Memes Images for Her

    My boyfriend not allowed to kiss no other female but me. you wanna say goodbye to grandma? you better chest-bump her and call it a day.
    Me: what’s wrong? her: nothing. goodnight. me: okay good night her: see that’t your fucking problem
    And then i asked “where’s my goddamn sandwich?”
    Your face. it needs my kisses.
    when you tell her you’re meeting up with the squad tonight
    When you’re trying to keep eye contact but her cleavage game is strong
    wow! i never knew she could jump that high! maybe giving her that mouse was a bad idea…
    wait! i forgot to kiss you
    stop talking about star wars and back to the future and talk about my family! you have no power here!

    Funny love memes for her

    if you love her, let her go if she loves you, she’ll come back
    Ribbed for her pleasure babymomma ribbed funny tire
    you remind me of my big toe. because i’m gonna bang you on every piece of furniture in my house.
    A lady never discusses the size of her craft stash
    When you just can’t seem to learn from your mistakes
    looking for a his and her gift this christmas? order a pair of tittens!
    i can’t see it but is my dick touching the floor
    found out she is a christian too so i guess you could say things are getiing pretty serious
    “you have any special talend? Her:

    Funny Flirty Memes for her

    it took you 10 minutes to get home google maps says it takes 8. who is she?!
    when you try to hug her but she is still at you
    my wife was complaining that i never listen to her…. or something like that.
    Drake? never heard of her.
    so then i asked her why would i want a train going into my mouth
    tfw when you realize ‘facial’ meant something competely different to her
    when her head game is so good it sucks out your soul
    you know whats great about a long distance relationship? nothing
    hey you, yea you i love you

    Funny Sex memes for her

    telling a girl you jerk off to her is the ultimate compliment, with all the free porn there is, she was chosen.
    Eye test did you look at her eyes, or the owls?
    ugh why is he looking at me? ugh why isn’t he looking at me?
    And IIIIIIIIII will always love you…
    when you’re waiting for your crush to reply
    But i thought.. bands would make her dance
    Here’s to all the “traditional marriage” supporters..
    And finger her i shall
    Maybe… he’s reading her a scary story.
    Let’s call her monica
    Bring her in, but i want her alive she has my nose

    Funny Relationship memes for her

    that girl posted happy birthday on your facebook before me do you love her?
    when she fussing & the only thing on my mind is eating her tag bae tell her to stfu and buss it open
    tell me you love me on my facebook wall so everyone knows how much you love me
    Baby, i’m no weather man but you can expect a few inches tonight
    i’d rather cuddle than have sex *then….
    i guess it’s true looks do kill
    She’s angry, happy,scared, confused and intrigued… all at the same time!
    Good she is if they’ve mad
    Fight for me, drogon ffit for mi drigin
    Good morning my beautiful wifey materials and u billie jean bitches too
    when i’m in a new relationship my stomach always hurts not from butterflies or anything from holding in farts

    Funny Birthday memes for her

    Bought my daughter a bike for her birthday her stepfather bought her a car
    She asked me to make her feel special so i gave her a helmet and crayons
    not sure if i should text her goodnight and risk waking her up or not text her and risk her thinking i forgot
    Don’t look her in the eye just keep swimming
    When your girls in on her periond but you got them snacks,pills, movies and extra affection up your sleeve.
    She asked me to come over and fix her computer better bring condoms
    When ur crush sneak a guy in her house and u got her mom number
    likes your ex refuses to date her without your permission
    Told her on the dating site i had a 6 pack i was talking about beer
    Your crush her dad her brother her ex her boyfriend you
    Your family when you finally marry the guy that’s been treating you like shit for 5 years
    sonya did’nt invite me to her birthday party she better enjoy it because it is going to be her last
    WHen you know.shes the one i fucking love her
    The moment you realize that this girl just hugged you instead of her boyfriend
    you’re looking quite…. fetching
    i love you this much, no lie!
    i dont know man, i just… i cant get the smell of her asshole out of my head
    THis summarizes i’m the guy in blue
    i thinks i’LL pick this flower for her it would “beeaver:-y romantic

    Silly memes for her

    i said no tongue on the first date!!
    i must destroy you with hugs and kisses
    My sister says you got her nose…. …you give it back now and nobody gets hurt!
    when girls overdose on makeu…
    My face when my gf is trying to kiss me in front of her parents
    WHen your daughter dring home her black boyfriend
    Meets cute girl i’m gunna best friend the shit out of her
    Proof that women realy do want a man that can make her laugh
    stalked her since i was 5. then got in a contest where i had to kill her so, kids, that was how i met your mother
    in sara’s world… people wouldnt masterbate to her meme
    ughhh i feel so bad that bitch thought i cared
    Happy birthday, girl.
    When you ask your girl how her day’s going and she aswers with more one word.
    Evert girls deserves a gut that could make her smile even when she doesn’t want to
    mom was worried about my trip to niagra falls i sent her this
    let her sit on your face the said it will be fun they said
    knows your girlfriend a whore sleeps with her to convice you once and for all
    So my parents got me this for smas…. and then the wonder why i never leave my room 😉 n why my room always smell like puss.
    i told her i couldn’t make it for our one year anniversary she told me to ask my roommate for a bus ticket and food money
    Accidentally texted wrong girl asking her out she said yes
    The look on her face when i unzip my pants
    that was a big tip you gave our waitress… do you think she’s prettier than me?
    No good night text? alright then..
    She liked my status tomorrow i will tell her i love her
    She looks stuck i’d be happy to eat her out
    whey u text her saying “hey beautiful” but she replies “hey buddy”
    My reaction when my husband asks “when did this new dog get here??”
    mexican world of the day: cheapest i told my maria a funny joke, and cheapest her pants.
    i don’t always meet a nice girl but when i do, i meet her boyfriend 10 minutes later.
    when someone asks for your advice the ignores it and does the opposite
    maybe if i poke her with it it’LL her in the mood
    You can come home now i miss you
    When your girlfriend father asks you to take a seat while you wait for her to come
    when she asks, “you know her?”
    When you ask her what’s wrong and she says “nothing”, but then she spends rest of the day looking at you like..
    Told my crush that love her she replied that she loves me too