What if you work really hard all the day and in night you can’t get a healthy good night sleep? What if you feel lonely at night and this makes you feel like you can’t sleep?

Actually the thing is that everyone needs to be pampered in one way or other. This is human psychology that they need someone around them who can keep them in manner that they are the most important one for them and the one who really means for them.

But what is the connection between someone around you and good night sleep? Yes! That is the question mostly asked around and people want to know why there is a relation between these two things.

The reality is that at night your mind and heart is in the position of peace and at that time of the day, they focus on the deep parts of their soul and heart. And here you find the hidden secrets of your life and this silence lead you to a point where you find yourself in a state of Karma or pity.

Karma, if have done something wrong to an innocent person and pity if you are the one with someone did wrong. And pity if someone did wrong to you. It’s all you can feel and face at night and that is why is the time when you need a love one around you who can pamper you and make you feel calm and relax.

It’s not like if you are having someone around you then they can decrease your stress or something like it. But they can give you a warm feeling of their presence with you at that time and make your night sleep a good night one.

What if someone just says that don’t worry I am with you and you don’t need to be worry about it and all will be ok. It does not get rid you from the problem but it gives you a hidden strength and power to face the problem manly and to make things better.

This is same with saying good nights with some sort of encouraging words or soothing things that can give someone, a boosting strength to get up next morning with a new energy and passion to do all in a much better way.

What if this good night thing gets a funny face? Yes! It will make you feel relax and give you a hard laughter after a long tiring and hectic day. Funny good night memes is all about such stress relieving memes that can make you smile in no time and make your night a dreamful and beautiful night.

Saying goodnight with a smile and in a funny way really can make your way to someone’s heart as well because how can someone ignore the person who make them feel happy by just saying or sharing a thing that can make them smile and make their nights happy.

Here we present you some funny good night memes. So grab the one you like and tag or share with your friends or family and give them a good night sleep to start a passionate day ahead!

Images of Funny Goodnight Memes

Here, we have found some really cool, and hilarious goodnight memes for you. hop you like them.

i know i wont see you But i hope you have a good night
grumpy cat says good night
my pillow is getting some serious head tonight
nite nite phleep tight
good night facebook you too NSA and CIA
i love you good night
alright y’all i m going to thleep now GOODNIGHT
GOODNIGHT have vegetable dreams
good night , sweet prince Hugo Chavez 1954-2013
we all have that friend………….
i love you Good Night
you have a good night…….you have a good night and you have a good night……everybody have a good night!!
Good Night Honey sending you my hug and kiss….sweet dreams <3:>:D<
any dates that end like this is a Good Night
i have a feeling….. that tonight’s gonna be a Good Night!
GoodNight sleep tight Dont Let her bite;]
Merry Christmas to all And to all a Good Night
Good Night …..Folks sleep with the Angels!
Good Night. Keep your butthole tight
oh by the way Good Night!
Good night Joker i’m out
Good night sweet dreams………………
why do we have to say GOODNIGHT? i’m still ready to play!
nite nite SQUISHY

Goodnight Memes For Him

These Goodnight Memes are specially categorized for boys and horny men. Some of these are funny, some are really Sexy goodnight memes and some simply mention the 3 romantic i love you goodnight memes. So if you are looking for something like this then this is it so Enjoy;

I’ll be in bed in a moment honey. i’m just saying goodnight to everyone on the internet.
Nite Nite Thleep Tight
No Good Night Text? alright then….
GoodNight And Sweet Dreams
Here’s a Good Night Hug THIS BIG
good night and if you dream of me, remember i like it rough
sorry your hurt. Good Night Love you……
Goodnight sleep tight!
GoodNight kisses
i don’t always say Good Night And Sweet Dreams But when i do…..i say it to you……XOXO
when she says goodnight but remains online for hours
Night Night keep ya butthole tight
well alright then… Good Night!
GoodNight And it will be amazing because i say so
GoodNight And Good Luck
well GoodNight then
Good night guys wat
Oh my god look at the time Good Night
Good Night Brother!!!!!!!!
Good Night And sweet dreams…….
Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow
Goodnight,sleep tight dont let the titans bite
Good Night SWEET
Good Night bitch
i said good night but she is not listening
Good Morning hustlers Good Night strippers!
Good’Fight Good Night
Good Night My precious
Good Night my kwala sweet dreams….Love you!

Sweet Goodnight Memes For Her

These Memes are categorized as goodnight memes for her only because they are more associated with girls. All of the below funny memes will surely be liked by your female friends or colleagues. So enjoy and pick the best you like and start sharing.

GoodNight Motherfuckers!!
Good Night MOM
Thugs Don’t say Goodnight We just stop texting.
Good Night i’ll think about you
ooooweeeeoooooo just wanna say good night you sexy ppl
Good Night. Sleep Tigh. Dream of me tonight….
Good Night Motherfuckers!
bout to give My pillow some head & my bed some ass
Good Night Don’t Text me again
GoodNight it’s prime time
GoodNight is when you go offline
Good Night Sleep tight, Don’t let the bed bug bite
i just wanted to say GOOD NIGHT
How i’am about to be GOODNIGHT!!!
Good Night MAH NIGGA
Alright, i bothered you enough for today, Have a good night, One More Thing Though………Later y’all
Good Night SweetHeart i’ll be waiting for you at Window…….
GOODNIGHT To all my niggas
Good Night Sweet Dreams <3
Good Night Sweet Dreams
Go To Sleep i m under your bed
goodnight sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite
Good Night Old Sport
i love you this big! Good Night
Get Text ending with “going to bed, Good night”. Knows not to reply.
Good Night Sleep Well
Good Night DAWG Gotta work in the AM

Goodnight Sexy Memes

Going to bed…. My ass is tired.
Good Night ….FACEBOOK
Goodnight Mother fucker
Good Night Princess
Good Morning Good Night
Well i’m done here….. Good Night
Good Night To you Too
Good Night Sweet Prince
I Got a feelin That tonight’s gonna be a Good Night
Tired pumpkin says Goodnight
This is how you kiss her Good night
Good night, Rose Good Night, John Boy
Thank you AND Good Night
i told him i’m going to kiss the kids good night He told me to kiss his balls
are you sure sweetheart that its your final good night wish for today
nighty night keep ya butthole tight
Go back to bed AMERICA
the meme is good. it is you who sucks. now shut the fuck up!
hey friends have a nice sleep
good night you shall have
when you hit him that “goodnight” cause he texting bacl slow and he reply ‘night” within 5 secs
when she stays online for 4 hours after saying Good Night
when she says “Good Night” at 10 pm but her last seen shows 2:30 Am
what if i told you Goodnight and i love you
what a day Good night
uhmmmmmm, Let me just say, GOOD Night

Sexy Goodnight Memes

last but not the the least we have compiled really funny yet horny sexy memes for you to share to your lover. So enjoy

Eat Healthy -goodnight meme
Goodnight Sexy lady
touch yourself
late night Confessions
Goodnight Sexy husband