In modern societies, due to extremely fast and busy routine of life, people are getting frustrated and some time to release their work pressure and some domestic pressure they use harsh words and one word is a lot popular among all the generations is fuck word. Everyone is using it repeatedly during the daily life routine either he/she is working in an office ,school, railway station or airport etc. due to the this habit this thing is so into the minds of people and after this young generation who is found of social media and social networking websites ,they start making some kind a memes about the fuck word and start using this with every word and surprisingly this word make a lot funny every word ,nowadays ,people are memes about fuck my life,fuck me etc etc and adding many more pictures with one memes and making people laugh ,if we say this has become a sensation  on social ,it would not be a wrong statement.

Fucked up Memes

  • When I’m waiting at the airport and it’s my turn to show my passport to the officer but couldn’t find it in the bag, guess what ,,I am fucked up
  • When your blind date doesn’t show up and waiter sees you as a fucked up person
  • You wanna kill the person who says oh man you are fucked ,when you are all messed up and your wife is coming
    Yes, the memes very funny. keep rafing. ha ha.
    When she asks you if she looks fat and you reply noo but it autocorrect moo
    Did we just become best friends? yep! wanna trade fucked up memes? yep!
    Seems like u have a case of being a lil bitch i’m prescribing you a heavy dose of man the fuck up
    I wanna see the most fucked up meme. Let’s see what you got
    Are you fucking kidding me?
    I don’t always slap bitches but when I do its causes they fucked up my sandwich
    back in my day… if you were offended, you were told to “grow the fuck up, forgot”!
    I love pudding
    She can’t say no if she’s unconscious.
    Damn that weed got me fucked up
    Didn’t you parents teach you not to fuck with crazy people
    Well you fucked up
    If you go back that way you’ll c where you had me fucked up at

    Stop! Just shut the fuck up!

Fuck It Meme

  • When you are ugly as fuck and your mom says here is my movie star
  • I would rather avoid judging other people when I am little fucked up myself
  • You say your girlfriend fuck you in anger and in return she gives you a smile and reply that’s what I really want
    Fuck it, I’m done
    “Fuck it”- my final thought before making most decisions.
    Just relax and say fuck it…
    Fuck it all fuck it all
    Fuck it fuck it all
    Fuck it I’m going to go get drunk
    Fuck it I’m making meth
    If you’re going to totally fuck it up at least fuck it up so bad that people wonder how you did it
    Sometimes you just got to say fuck it and smoke a big ass joint

    You know what fuck this, I’m out

Fuck Off Memes

  • Quit laughing at me, you don’t get me …fuck off
  • Whenever I try to acknowledge the importance of says fuck off
    Off is the direction I wish you would fuck
    Fuck off you bitch
    Best back the fuck off or this shit’s about to get real!
    Yeah, if you, could just fuck off that would be great
    Fuck of you idiot!!!
    No Brendann fuck off
    Fuck off mum im 12 now
    How about we play a little game of fuck off. you go first.
    My eyes tell people to fuck off more than my mouth ever will.

    Reasons for me to date you: none – so fuck off

What the Fuck Meme

  • Somebody said today, the earth is flat, what the fuck
  • When America announces about the so called landing on the moon, the scientist were like what the fuck man
    What the fuck am I reading?
    What the fuck am I looking at
    Um, what the fuck?
    Dude what the fuck
    Fantasme… what the fuck!
    What the fuck is this shit?
    What the fuck?
    What the fuck…. john!!

    Did i just read??

Fuck You Memes

  • A face when you say, guys I’m pretty fucked up
  • Are you kidding me got me all fucked up
  • When I work 60 hours a week, it feels like work is fucking daily like a whore
  • Life is fucked up, when you order pizza and Chinese food is delivered and you don’t even know the name of that dish.
    What if i told you… to shut the fuck up.
    When you had enough of your life today
    Why? because, fuck you, thats why
    Bitch i will untie these pigtails and fuck you up
    Yo dawg fuck you
    Fuck you
    I don’t always say fuck you ok i lied fuck you

    Off is the general direction in which i wish you would fuck, you cunt.

Shut the Fuck up Memes

  • I am trying to do a would you please shut the fuck up
  • A nicest way to say keep quit it that “shut the fuck up you bitches ‘’
    Up the shut fuck you must
    Shut up shut the fuck up
    Don’t take this the wrong way, but shut the fuck up bitch
    How about a nice, big cup of shut the fuck up
    The meme is good. it is you who sucks. now shut the fuck up!
    OMG SHUT up the fuck up!!!!!!
    Yeah if you could just shut the fuck up that’d be great
    Nigga shut the fuck up
    No you shut the fuck up

    One does not simply shut the fuck up

Fuck my life Memes

  • You are done when you are watching porn and your mom enters the room without knocking
  • Your life gets quite fucking when a rumor spreads about nickname and that is “chicken legs’
  • Fuck it man..i am done with today’s work ..
  • When you parents decide to tell you about the sex life but damn ,what a shame and waste of time when you know every bit already.
    Barber: whatchu want today fam? him: just fuck my life up forever bruh
    Fuck me life
    Fuck my life all of it
    Fuck my life
    Fuck my life
    I hate everything
    Fuck my life
    Fuck my life
    Fuck my life

    Fuck my life fucking papers

Fuck me Right Meme

  • You are invited on the stage to sing and you don’t even know the spelling of singing ,you go to the stage and says fuck me
  • You know your life is fucked up when you see a girl and start searching her on Facebook without knowing her name
  • Your fucked up when you ask for a tattoo after going through that much pain ,spellings went wrong.
    I guess I’m a Nazi
    Fuck me right
    Well fuck me, right
    Lol fuck me right
    You read my message and don’t respond fuck me, right?
    One does not simply fuck me, right?

    Tryna reconcile shit after a fight, fuck me right?