Dogs or doggo as its internet known term, have been part of our daily lives and existence. They have become our best friends, part of our family and sometimes our little adversaries. Whatever their role to our lives are, they are everywhere and most of the time, we can’t resist them because of being so cute and loveable. Having access to these adorable doggo has been made so easy through the influence of the internet. Every single day, long doggo memes are being posted to different websites for entertainment purposes. Why not? Dogs are the perfect means of being amused online and smart doggo will never fail to make us laugh all the time.

Doggo adorable pictures have been so famous on social media. They are being used mostly to convey feelings, ideas and latest trends online such as funny doggo memes. They have been used for humorous lines, incredible events, and even sarcastic statements by some. It is so easy to be amazed with these photographs with their silly faces and reactions that sometimes made with so much exaggeration that makes the view even more hilarious. A perfect reason to laugh indeed!

Whenever you are having a dreadful day, funny doggo memes are best for you to switch your mood in just a snap. And their delightful pictures will surely make your day better. These dogs can literally cheer you up and will surely make you laugh so hard. No other animals can create that level of connection with humans like dogs do. These memes like heckin doggo memes make these dogs look like real humans and act as one. That is the same exact reason why we love these kinds of memes made from these endearing little creatures.

Hilarious memes are mostly what we enjoy so much even if some of those are inappropriate memes. What special about these long doggo memes is that they will always look so cute and adorable. Funny doggo memes are one of the best animal memes that is being used online and any other famous platforms. A lot of times, their facial expressions are the best. Memes are created because of their human-like emotions base on their expressions. Therefore, most people use them to send, share or tag with their friends and make fun of them and sometimes, humiliate their friends in a humorous way!

Some of the best heckin doggo memes are the memes where they are being featured as jealous doggo, sad, or upset when their owner is with someone else or with another doggo. Or when they did something terrible that was caught on cam. Sometimes by just simply staring at something, they would look that amazing, weird and so funny. Even if they just lazily sitting at the corner or on the sofa, it’s the perfect sight for us to laugh or be in awe of these gorgeous doggo.

Now, look at these funny doggo memes that you can relate to. And even if you can’t, there’s no way that you will not laugh so hard because of these. Enjoy!

You vs the guy she told you not to worry about
intense fancy doggo
I dii the math we can’t afford the cat
Home office not allowed
not wait, i’m not ready…
Mess with the doggo you get the floggo
intense fancy doggo
me before nuggers me after nuggers
Me: i’m so fat. friend: No. you’re beautiful. Me: i didn’t say i was ugly, i said i was fat.
Okay, where’s the dog?!
beware of dog he wants cuddles
When u have nice hat and someone metions it and you feel nice
When you use the word pardon instead of what
a rare sighting of the North american snow loaf.
More doggo memes? more doggo memes
You have been visited by the doggo of good times for good times increase comment with ‘cheers doggo!’
whaddya mean i’m ugly
Doggosaurus rex
when you take a selfie to get a photo of the hottie behind you!
Hey it’s a giraffe where are it’s antlers
When your owner doesn’t want hair on the seats
Mom: wake up its late! *sees clock, 4:00 AM*
When i see people and have to socialize
When your huma fake-throws the ball twice in a row:
Pupper Doggo
He called me ugly! i called him an ambulance.
dog chatting in park
when u are the king of the cars and your friend ask u for something abut them
i will for mine
Jeoffrey, is that thunder? pack my bags its time to flee
did you know yawns are deadly
when your friend sees that you’re are taking a selfie
when you realize you don’t own a dog
you may be cool but you’ll never be as cool as this doggo
wait a min thats not the doggo crate
what the hell fred where is my crate fred
“911 what is your emergency”
dude turn the tv down i can’t taste my macaroni
your owner won’t give you a treat? have you tried going outside and coming back in?
you have captured my attention…
you see what he is doing, right? and you’re gonna stay there and take a pic?
Someone is at the door how can you stay calm at a time like this?!
atheism is a non-prophet organization
you steped on my tail i wont do a forgive you are forgiven
the moment when i looked into your eyes
When your laptop is running low on space but you dog helps you by giving it a megabite
When human pets a doggo that not you
Heeyyyyy Happy birthday
I haven’t eaten in an hour that’s 7 dog hours
when there’s a deep rage burning inside you but you gotta act nice cause you’re at work
Chelsea 25, yoga instructor. vegan
When you cut sugar and carbs from your diet
brings owner favorite toy as a gift he throws it
susan had a feeling creepy bob was doin a sneaky
dog: that noise probably wasn’t anything to worry about dog to dog: bark just in case it’s not