Relationship, a hope to live! A word that can give you enough strength to tackle all the situations and in all the circumstances and guarantee you a life full of strength.

No one can survive alone or can’t lead a life without people around him/her. It is like oxygen to live a happy life because without any relation around you, there is no life and color in your life. No one can live happily when you don’t have anyone with you to share all the things of yours and all the happiness or sorrows. It clearly shows the importance of the relationships around you.

And when it comes to your love life relationship then you really need someone who can give you life full of colors and love where you always feel completeness and special. It means a love life relationship is the one where you are truly what you are and what you want.

But everyone is not lucky in terms of relationships and especially in love life relationships. Sometimes you bumped into a person who is not worthy enough to have your trust in you and your love in their lives. Sometimes you meet a person who is not even the glimpse of the one who is right for you. But it truly is not your fault. Sometimes life happens and gives you such shocks and bad situations that you can’t even imagine.

Sometimes it’s not the right time to express your inner feelings and if you do so it leads you to a point where no one bothers to look back towards your and ask about how you feeling?

Bad relationships really leave such impacts on a person’s mind that she/her never trusts anyone again because they don’t find it their selves brave enough to trust anyone else or to get into any other relationship because they are quite afraid of the first experience they faced.

The thing is you have to move on if you had been into such thing and now it’s over then you must go on and leave all the shit behind and give life a second chance because maybe so much is hidden in your future that can give you a beautiful life ahead.

To express such relationship experience having such bad things in it, we are here to present you 50+ bad relationship memes so you can express your feelings or if someone around you is facing such problem you can share it with them or tag them. Because if you are facing such problem, then it is not your fault but if you are not ready to solve this problem then it is clearly your problem.

When you are not having any problem within you than you don’t need to be sorry or ashamed of such bad relationship experience, admit it and use this as a tool to be strong enough and vigilant enough to get a good partner next time.

Use our 50+ bad relationship memes with your friends or family and make them feel that they are not alone and you are with them in their bad times and they need to be strong enough to make a decision in order to make their life better.

50+ Funny Memes on Bad Relationship

life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships.
The person who really loves you will never leave your side no matter how hard things get through better or worse
current relatioship status: made dinner for two ate both
recently ended a 4 year relationship for the better of us both no longer have any plans for my summer and fall
I’M one bad relationship away from having 30 cats
if you ask your girlfriend whats wrong because you don’t know Nothing
a wrong relationship will make you feel more alone than when you were single
going through tough relationship problems doesn t post vague sad facebook update

 Cheating Husband or Man Memes


Cheating Husbands aint nobody got time for that!
Ladies if you think your man is cheating take him to that bitch front door and see if jis wifi connects
Divorces husband for cheating on her
catches wife cheating she yells at him and forces him to babysit her man’s kid
i know he’s awful but he’ll change
being alone may scare you but staying in a bad relationship will damage you
bad relationship change good women.
you remind me of something tina what’s that
that awkward moment when he just bought you life insurance
bad grade on the exam, HUH?
what if i told you being single is better than rushing into a shitty relationship
dad blames me for our bad relation ship
i thought we were dating because we chill everyday and i pray for everything but don’t fuck me right?
you know what can save your relationship? a baby

Cheating Boyfriend Memes


woman kills boyfriend because he cheated on her in a dream
when you find out your boyfriends been cheating
your boyfriend gone for 2 minutes he’s cheating on you
Dudes favourite line after they get caught
so your boyfriend is cheating on you and cheated on you?
Finally Broke up with my cheating Bf
i treat my girl like shit
break up with boyfriend
it’s been over ten minutes since you last sais you love me! are you breaking up with me??!
if you have to tell yourself she is not that bad she s that bad
when yo ex try hard to bring up all the good times y’all had i don’t recall
the best way to her heart is through her pants
has no life and is in a bad relationship assumes everyone else has no life beyond their job too
you keep using that word relationship i did not think it means what you think it means
has the change to get out of a bad relationship has a kid with her
muscle that pumps blood gets blamed for failed relationships
relationship problems relationship problems everywhere
one does not simply leave a bad relationship
if you think long distance relationship work you’re gonna have a bad time
if your relationship is in trouble have a baby

Cheating Girlfriend Memes


we need some time apart so i can find myself and hang with the girls fucks ya boy dave
my girlfriend cheated on me with 6 people in 2 weeks
that moment when…you found out your Girlfriend is cheating on you
He caught me cheating It’s his fault for spying on me
That face you get when you find out your girlfriend is cheating on you
Gets back with cheating girlfriend Gets cheated on
one bad realtionship could make you never want to fall in love again
compare your relationship to ones in movies
remember there is always a way back no matter how bad it seems.
my relationship with whiskey is on the rocks
like is too short for shitty sex and bad relationship
welcome to a relationship where eveything is fine and you can do whatever you want
that feeling when you finally get out of a bad relationship
ways to tell a woman’s mad at you:
would someone in a bad relationship have an insignificant other?
when you get out of a bad relationship
when you get out of a bad relationship and start enjoying life again
When i said i like it rough i meant sex…not the whole entire relationship
the face you make when a single friend gives you bad relationship advice
that feeling when you finally get out of a bad relationship
we are just talking! if you know what i mean
i present to you The relationship agreement
after not seeing my girlfiend for a month and getting the runaround
yo mama so bad with relatonship the forever alone guy denied her friend request

Cheating Wife or Woman Memes

My husband said i’m beautiful He is such a Jerk!
that face you make when you know your wife is cheating on you
caught wife cheating on me Its been a long hard year but finally divorced
oh, you said you’re sorry for cheating on me?
catches wife cheating with a white guy
Am i the only one around here that my wife isn’t sleeping with?
i brought present for your next three birthday already
your wife aiting for you to come home from fishing
i’ll get over it. i just need to be dramatic first.
when you’re waiting on bae to come home.