Aliens! The most discussed topic in holly wood movies. It’s not only in current era’s movies but you can simply see the glimpse of monsters and aliens in early 80’s movies as well and it’s a mainstream category of the movies. in west people really believe that Aliens do exists and they have some of the evidences as well that space ships came to earth several times and there are chances that they will come in future as well.

It means this alien thing is quite famous out there and whenever people want to tell something or show something weird then they really use this word Alien.

And that is why we are here to present you 100+ Alien memes to you to make your weird things hilarious and full of life and fun.

Alien memes

Aliens are really not a new thing for the people around the world. Aliens are not only those creatures who are from outer space but those as well who are not familiar to you or not form your country.

That is why aliens are the ones from that people feel terror and get dangerous vibes from them. Aliens are the things that are not always dangerous but sometimes friendly and want to make other people their friends as well.

But most of the times as they are freaks and monster looking that is why they don’t are very much welcome out there as normal people about people do believe that aliens visit earth and watch us over.

That is why we are here to present you some alien memes that will show some weirdness and swag as well.

Aliens Humans
Look an alien! Where?
EEEEWWWW Alien Potatoes?!?
Whats the matter? it’s me hillary clinton
how did i get a job? Aliens
Where’s my cat?
Aliens built the pyramids
original version Alien version
Makes a great movie called “Alien”
most powerful alien in the omnitrix
I’m not alien
when youre just done with humans and want to be by yourself
when someone says they don’t like memes
walking up in the morning and looking at my phone like
i’m not saying it was aliens but it was aliens
when you try to party like you re still in college
if you think my fingers are long
The spoon became an airplane? Aliens
capable of intergalactic space travel steals a cow aliens
that awkward moment
What if aliens were visited by Aliens
The new alien movie looks intense
when you wanted in five states and six galaxies
illegal aliens
About my illegal alien statement why just everyone comb down?
Alien Vs Predator
100% when there are horses around
We’re a nation of Aliens trust me….i never lie
What if all the memes were made by aliens
let us not forget
cheese has holes……………

Ancient Alien memes

As we have told you earlier that the concept and believe on aliens are not the theory or story of today in fact people believe in them from ancient times and that is why they have their own place in old stories as well.

Here you will find some of the ancient alien memes that will give you some major shocks and hard laughs because you will defiantly feel that these memes are quite sarcastic in a funny way and discuss different things under the stamp of fun.

why am i smiling?
why did the chicken cross the road Ancient aliens
do you know what the t stands for aliens
Duck billed platypus
i don’t always smoke blunts
you fuck with aliens you fuck with me
if ancient aliens didn’t exist
doesn’t believe aliens….still has sex with one.
illegal aliens
and who came up with the illuminatati?
But what if?
Aliens are everywhere

History channel Alien memes

Yes! Associating old things with the alien stuff is quite in and makes it funny as well. History of aliens is not a hidden thing and almost accepted all over the world.

History channel alien memes refers to those memes that are used as a rebirth of old things and old fashions. It’s all like making a whole lot of new version and genre of those things.

Here we present you some of History channel Alien memes that will give you a chance to express your thoughts about old programs and TV shows and these will only be understand by those who were into those TV shows and know those characters.

you see the history channel is run by aliens
what if humans are really just….Aliens
Aliens is the only possible conclusion
i m not saying it was Aliens……But it was Aliens
it’s actually an aliens
why did i become a meme? Alien
tide goes in tides goes out Aliens
How did i get a job?
i didn’t really hear the question
i’m not saying it was Aliens but it was Aliens
if adam and eve are white and evolution
i’m not saying it was Aliens……..

Alien guy memes

Alien guy memes are mostly relatable to those men who do weird stuff and do the things that are not even expected by the people around them. These are the people who are hell funny and cute in their own ways. To praise them and to make them realize that their weird things has its own charm in its way!

Here we present you some of alien guy memes that will have lots of funny things int. So grab the one you like and tag your friends or share with them and spread the hard laughs in a funny sarcastic way.

Funny Alien memes: Why so serious? Yes! Don’t be serious at all because only those people succeed in life who happily admits all the circumstances and make sure that the second chance given by the life will not be wasted by them.

That is why such people take dangerous situations in a funny way to tackle them. That is why we are here to present you some funny alien memes that would definitely give you some inspiration and a laugher as well because when it comes to funny alien memes then it really gives a funny way to describe the aliens and to being funny as well.

what if the guy from ancient aliens
How do words get in the dictionary? Aliens
Bro, do you even science
all the lights inthe sky on july 4th? Aliens
you guys
I’M not saying it’s aliens But it’s Aliens.
some koind of aliens from the skol
hello yes this is TSOuk is aliens home?
And thats when i told them Aliens
this is why alien wont talk to us
i heard you guys talking about Aliens
Aliens italiens
fucking magnets how do they work Aliens

Alien birthday memes

It’s really not like seriously alien’s birthdays but the birthdays of those who have such weird stuff in them. In some parts of the world people really celebrates the day when they saw a so called space ship or any outer space man or an alien. And that is why we present you some of alien birthday memes here. So wish such weird people or so called aliens to make them happy an show you love to them.

i do believe a happy birthday is in order
Earth still here #MYBAD
Happy Birthday! From Aliens
Age is just a number
on your birthday remember you’re a star!!
who wishes you an
happy birthday to my brother from an alien mother
Have a Happy Happy Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!! Lindsay!!
so it begins
Happy Birthday X from your Alien Friend
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday from 21p
Happy Birthday my presious
Happy Birthday Alien