Boobs! They generate an ‘awe’ when thought off. Men love them; women love them more. They are big, small, huge, tiny and yes moreover they are attractive. Sometimes exposed a little, sometimes exposed a little more and sometimes exposed totally. Boobs are fun to play with and super fun to foreplay. Boobs excite, Boobs charge up, Boobs do the job well. Boobs have been controlling history for ages. They are the highlight in any picture that they are found in. They are the best supporters and the best motivators. Boobs control people and therefore control the world.


BOOBS – The Bigger, the better. Bigger Boobs always do the job well. The Big Boobs are much easy to handle. Big Boobs are always needed for a healthy run. Bigger the boobs, better the job. Sucking the big ones is always better. Big Boobs are the best attention seekers. Bigger boobs are big-time trouble until sucked well. Bigger boobs are always accepted socially. The reward for big boobs is always a little better. Big boobs are heavy to carry but they lighten the heart. Big boobs do the big job better than a blowjob. Some choose the big boobs over the big holes.

My Boobs are on fire
I want to sleep on my stomach but my boobs are too big
When you start to lose weight & boobs are like
Big boobs right?
Lets try viewing porn types big boobs on youtube
Just look at thoso two, big, beautiful beers!
Ugly face but big boobs? she’s def a 10
i married her for her long legs and big boobs now she has long boobs and big legs
you havent heard about the dolly parton challenge?
Agree samller boobs are more beautiful when a women is naked but big breasts it’s subtle under the clothes
Megan has big boobs wonders why boys like her
When he touches me it’s always boobs first
bitches be like my boobs are to small, i need a breast implants
some ideas aren’t for the short friend
Boobs because you can’t motorboat a personality
To boobs!!! may the be big and plenty
That awkward moment when… your boyfriend has bigger boobs than you
Tag a friend with big boobs
i can do anything cause i got big boobs!!!
that awkward moment
girl believe the can control me with big boobs…they do,
pulls out bare breast in public but thinks that girls these days dress slutty…


       Boobs are the best bouncers. Boobs pressed is stress busted. Boobs have more followers than butts. Boobs have been used by the famous war strategists to conquer the world. Boob always had two eyes on it even when reversed. The boobs always mattered to all, even the kings and the masters. Boobs have a victorious history of their own. Boobs have a dual purpose – Milk with pleasure. Whether small or big, boobs can always turn you on. Boobs pressed harder make hard times better. Not Boost but Boobs is the secret of my energy. Boobs never have an expiry date.

Boobs are like the’s ok to look,not to stare. but that’s what sunglasses
brace yourself another wave of boobs memes
i don’t always wear revealing clothing, but when i do, i expose 50% of my boobs
i dont know but you can hold these
Harry potter and hermione’s boobs
nooooo! it’s a booby trap!
that awkward moment
can i get some bra with my bro
me at six years old and years old
takes selfies all you can see is boob
boobs are like the sun
when you realize you have bigger boobs than the victoria’s secrest model” i like my man boobs just the way they are vsfashionshow
when u want publick attention so u start showing ur boobs
when it dawns on u that the only job u ever wanna get is a boob job sarcasmonly
doesn’t anyone like girl with small boobs
hehehehehe… …she has boob bees.
so you re saying i just cry and boobs appear
one does not simply
oh yeah! what dafuq?


Show me your boobs, Oops! Boobs are fake unless touched and felt to be real. Fake boobs are easily identifiable. Show the boobs to win it like a piece of cake. Boobs turn real when sucked. Boobs are best suitable for women for they carry it with a charm. God made Boobs to be sucked not just seen. The love for better boobs never dies. Boobs have secretly conquered the world.

please show me your boobs
Keep calm and show me your boobs
your boobs show me, yes.
Bitch y u no show me your boobs?
show me your boobs and I’ll give you some cookies
if you don’t want to show me your boobs, that’s fine, i get that, but you’re selfish and i hate you
My boobs are on fire
can you show me your boobs please
yea, if you could just go and show me your boobs that would be great
Real friends show me their boobs
show me your boobs! noww!!!
i want you to show me them boobies
if you show me your boobs i’ll show you my tattoos. tit for tat…
if i asked you to show me your boobs would the answer to that question be the same as to this one?
Please show me your boobs


Bigger the boobs, better the advertisement. Boobs defeat butts easily. God placed the boobs in the right place – Easy access. Boobs below face is a comfortable view always. Fake Boobs grab attention but when grabbed have nothing too great to share. Fake Boobs fake everything.

did you just say fake boob
fake hair, fake boobs, fake nails, fake eyelashes and bitch you want real man
cups fake boob toy completely denies being lesbian
2016 goal fake boobs!
fake tan, fake hair, fake boobs fake nails, fake lips, fake butt and you want a “real” man that will respect you for your brains
ew.fake boobs are disgusting would not fuck
real boobs, fake boobs, who give a shit?
there are on such things as fake boobs if you can touch them, they are real.
these are nice to play with dad but where’s the milk?!
Saggy boobs? ain’t nobody got time for dat!
oh lord jesus we know you have fake boobs!
ohh fuck did i just saw your boobs
i think it’s only fair to throw monopoly money at strippers with fake boobs
i’m probably not wearing a bra in this pic


The best birthday gift a girl can give a boy is her Boobs because they are priceless forever. Boobs are celebrated around the world every day. Research says, every second there is a boob pressed somewhere in the world. Happy boobs day to you. Boobs are best seen at birthday parties. Boobs and birthdays are the best combinations. Bachelors value boobs more than a party. Boobs are better than birthday cakes. Cut the cake on the boobs to celebrate your birthday well. Boobs on a birthday are the best of the combination. The cake tasted on boobs tastes hundred times better.

Beer and boobs you can live without them but why would you want to
May your birthday be full of boobs in your face.
Happy birthday here’s a picture of brandi’s boobs
i see boob
look at this boob this is a nice boob
its your birthday Happy birthday. i guess.
Happy birthday you royal boob!!
Happy birthday! you may touch my boob
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Hey girl Happy birthday
not sure if actually your birthday or just trying to get boob pics
Keep calm but me a drink and show me your boobs cuz its my birthday!


Tits do the bit easily. Tits can amaze anytime. Better to be titzoned than to be friend zoned. Tit-tat-toe Tit-Tit-Tit. Two tits, one reason, sit, enjoy a bit. Tits are in high demand at public places. Tit can be amazing anytime. Tits are best had any time of the day. Tits pressed hard to make many things hard too.

tits or gtfo does both
i have tits give me free stuff i have a penis blame me for everything
beru lars blue milk tits
wow nice tits
big show’s hand is bigger than alexa’s tits
it’s friday get your tits out
if you do not settle down this instant i will find your tits and i will calm them
god damn thosw are nice tits
Hey its your ego it said calm your tits
Tits or gtfo
Roses are tits, violets are tits, i like tits
Ok ladies, i know you want to brag time to show us your tits
Maul my big tits
i like big tits real big ones
Girlfriend not home and there’s tits on the tv? time to fap
hey you, yeah you… i sucked on your wife’s tits last night

Funny Boobs Pictures

eye contact how long did you last?
it’s okay,. bro! you’ll get boobs again someday,
boob status=10 face status=troll
it’s like the old saying goes, make boobs, not war. or something.
Have you ever been so angry
So are my pants
maybe if i wear this shirt that shows my boobs i’LL meet a nice guy who wants me for my personality
Big boobs
lady sells margaritas and clears $1,250 a day the jobs are out there people!
Excuse me, miss… never mind, you’re doing it right