Life has ups and downs but those who have a courage to see all the problems can’t defeated by anyone. But this is a fact that life is unpredictable and so unsure and unfair as well sometimes, so how can one be able to face it all and to make life easier and a bit funny?

Many of the people take life easy and enjoy every moment of life. They tag their other friends in memes and have a great and funny conversation. The memes help us to look at past tears and laughter, pains and joys through new eyes that makes them suddenly a beautiful part of our relationships. People go for a diner, family event, friend’s party, etc. All the best memes are relatable to just about everyone in every manner. That’s what makes them so popular and people use them in their daily routine because they are really relatable. If they were obscure, they’d never make their rounds on the internet for all to see. Most of these funny memes about life highlight everyday struggles that we all endure. And it seems the funniest ones are the ones that poke fun at crappy things that happen to us. They kind of make us feel better about our failures in life. They share their life events with other by memes. Many people try to share their experiences in the form of funny memes.  This is a better way to convey a message, a smile to other people that is very good work. Life is very beautiful and memes is a better way to see what is happening in all around the world. Then people plan what to do, what not to do?

Memes are made for everything and eventually everything means life so you can find lots of memes that covers each area of life to mix some fun it.

Then again, not all memes are funny, but they don’t all have to be because life is not funny every time. Some of them just make you reflect on your life and give you a glimpse that you are not alone. Some of them make you think. The whole point of a meme is to gain popularity, one way or another, and live forever on the internet.

All these memes here serve a purpose and one of them is to make people laugh and to make them realize that they are not alone at all. Whether it’s to make you laugh, think or some may make you want to be a better person, it is fun and a new trend as well so just follow it and have some fun!

Why so serious? Tensions are stick to everyone but the real man is the one who takes them as a challenge and solve them like a king.

These memes for life are truly for you. Use them and share them with your family or friends or tag them and make them feel happy even for a single moment.

100+ Funny Life Memes

What archaeologists will find 5,000 years from now
Happiest day of my life! that’s me in the back
3 rules for life 1 fuck 2 don’t give a fuck 3 don’t be fucked over
unless life also gives you water and sugar your lemonade is gonna suck
me trying to jump over the obstacless in my life
we didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose us.
sometimes i feel like i have my life together then im like wow that was a really nice 45 seconds
i didn’t choose the stug life the stug life choose me
When the new coworker shows up with all their new ideas & is super excited to be there.
when you wanna get in shape for the summer but life is hard
i didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
My whole life… is a lie!

Funny memes about life Struggles

Three stages of life: 1. birth 2. what the fuck is this 3. death
Me: my mom says i can’t go out tonight friends: just sneak out me: no thanks i choose life
me going through life like…
my goal is to be this calm when my life is falling apart
When it’s literally freezing outside but ball is life
I lost 1 pounds this week time to reward myself
Welcome to real life where nobody cares if you’re offended and your feelings don’t matter
Mr. bean is the best example for being yourself
How i see my wallet how my goverment see my wallet
runs a red light on gta. thug life
Basically how i’m handling life this is fine i’m fine
When people ask me how life is going
i’m so happy because i signed up for relay
i didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
Before and after you came into my life
Thug life i live in da hood.
Handling my life right now like
But..but.. i don’t wanna go to back school
Music is my life.

Memes about life lessons

i didn’t choose the drug life i chose the drug life
12 hours of labor? i am going to hear about this for the rest of my life.
Me, trying to fix my life…
One man army does not work in real life
When you wake up early to got the gym
When your family asks about your love life
Meme life chose me know that
When life give yous lemons like these it’s time to stop living next to the nuclear reactor
Don’t blame technology
i didn’t choose the pug life the pug life chose me
What’s your goal in life? me:
Math is fun, it teaches you life and death information, like when you’re cold, you should go to a corner since it’s 90 degrees there.
When ur actually putting in max effort for the first time in your life and still nobody cares

Memes about life and lobe

Life’s too short to worry about matching socks
Not sure if life is getting better or the amount of fuck i give is decreasing
“so, what is your goal in life?” me: you can never dream too big!
i didn;t know he only had one life…
Tomorrow is monday again
angry birds in real life
if someone is aggravating me in an email exchange
Thug life mutha fucka
i just dont understand why my life is so gray
i don’t choose the ninja life the ninja chose me
Fall so hard… life alert wanna find me
“how’s life been treating ya?” 2017 is getting ready to get stuck in
how my life is going right now: mondays, am i right? thanks michael!
Happy wife, happy life nothing rhymes with happy husband, welcome to married life dumbass
minecraft in real life

Sad memes about life

i’m not very good at it. but it doesn’t matter.
Im ladanion im a big fat loser, gwarsh
i just told him we’re getting a puppy
My life is hard to live
Steals kids tricycle tattos “thug life” on chest
Oh hight school i will miss high school life
can i ask y’all a serious question? who looks like their profile pic in real life
after the weiner incident at the park life was never the same for angela.
Life is too real to be around anything you gotta question
Life without football
“and i was like oh my gawd”
is this real life? is this just fantasy?
white people scared to sit next to a muslim on a plane but the do shit like this how life of pi should’ve ended
“how’s your love life?” couldn’t be more accurate
when ball is life but memes is life but squad but roasted but turnt but goals af
i need this in my life
My life funny meme stupid how textpost
My mom found one of my ultrasound pictures today.
Me trying to figure out my life
life is like math
This summarizes my love life i’m the guy in blue
life you finally get your day in the sun and the: sand ninjas
Life tip: when nothing goes right go to sleep
the life of a minimum wage worker
i didn’t choose the thug life the thug life said “i choose you”
real life struggle hardest thing i’ve ever done

Sarcastic memes about life

Just got to the gym left my headphones
i didnt chose the pug life the pug life chose me
when someone asks how dating going i am not dead yet… so good!
i Didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
Profile picture vs real life
Never related to a mame more in my life
when my mom tells me stop living the thug life
When life knocks you down, roll over, and look at the stars.
When everything is going wrong if your life but you’re used to it
Thug life i do my math home work in pen
Me trying to get a handle on my life
Thug life
You gotta take the the thug life more seriously pussy
Thug life all day. erryday
I didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
i didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me
The real life peter griffin
When i was in school the first to finish the test at collage the first finish the test