50+ Memes for all time

50+ Memes for all time

Memes are more than fun. They can give you smiles, laughter, and some would make you have tears. Most of them are double-meaning and what you just need to understand them is a good humor and a common sense.

In this article, we have shared 50 plus meme for all of you. They are regardless of genders and you are surely gonna enjoy them.

Here we begin!

jk Dankest meme of all time bottom text
how do i put this? you will never sleep in again
i dont think that memes what you think it memes
i don’t always but links but when i do, google devalues them
what if i told you the alphabet song is really twinkle twinkle little star
says he’s going to destroy isis too scared to speak in chicago
when its april end and she still pregnant still greatest meme of all time edgefest lackofbillz
just do it did you just use a seophone as a nike icon iprovise. adapt overcome
you mean to tell me tom brady is the greatest of all time? jim kelly won 4 straight super bowls with the bills & i have the shirts to prove it jim kelly is the true goat
your off, who is going to send me memes all day?
when you tell your friend you found the best meme of all time. you show it to them and they’re just like when you find the best meme
trying not to fart while sitting next to your crush
oh, you just graduated? you must know everything.
likes your status from 6 months ago
your meme. it belongs to me now.
my reaction when my husband asks how much my best friend and i have had to drink.
you dawg, i heard you like meme so i made a meme mocking memes so you can mock me knocking memes while reading mock memes
how i look when you go fishing without me
parents ge divorced no one wants custody
hide’ yo kids hid ‘yo wife
you mean to tell me spoons don’t actually sound like airplanes?
now i’m pith off
still here bitches
when someone asks if they can fax me something fax? why don’t you just send it over on a dinosaur?
tbt donald trump’s baby picture
age is just a number false: age is a word
jeromes in the house watch ya mouth
she’s angry,happy,scared, canfused and intrigued… all at the same time!
do it!
best memes ever!!!
creates best meme of all time gives bad luck brian credit
chuck norris killed 2 birds with 1 stone
on of the greatest memes of all-time
take date to taco bell make her pay.
yo dawg, i heard you like justing bieber so i took a crap on your ipod so you can listen to shit while listening to shit
orange is the new black
wins money in the bank tells opponent in advance when he will cash it in.
i’m a jedi. jedist don’t kill people blows up death star. 5 million innocent people die.
one does not simply play gta without shooting random citizen
wants to change something in his gimmick new shirt
i don’t want to live on this planet anymore
no one must learn that my fur is delicious oh sh*t!
lost one pound time to reward myself
clicks on me gusta image changes
real life never heard of that server
woke up today it was terrible
sits out of gym class arthritis
becomes most famous meme of all time still can’t ge a date
hey i just met you, and this is crazy. i have alzheimers hey i just met you
jesus can walk on water i can swim on land
that awkward moment when you get in the van and there’s no candy
followed pretty girl follows back
how light skin dudes lick dorito cheese off they fingers


Do you like them? Do you have something new to share? Then, the comment box is all yours! Leave a comment for us and share your liked memes with your friends!

Have fun.

50+Period Memes

50+ Period Memes

All the girls out there know how it feels when they are on period. Girls consider monthly period as the worst part of being a female and it totally sucks for them. All the acnes, cramps, body aches, food cravings and worst, uncontrollable emotions!

Because of those discomfort, out of the mood swings and crazy stuffs that girls do when they are on period, it became rampant for hilarious moments to be made into memes. Those moments when you’re laughing then suddenly, you will be sad and just cry. Then you are about to get your period and it will surely cause you pain!

Weather it’s a funny or in pain period moments, here are the best memes to complete your day! Girls out there hate their periods and you’ll know here why!



  1. The moment when someone ask you how you’re doing but you’re on your period.
  2. If you think humans are nice, try a girl on her period.
  3. Going to bed during period be like.
  4. I thought I’m just wet. Ugh!
  5. I’m an optimistic person. But not on my period. Not really.
  6. This is me during period. Hating everything.
  7. When you have a date but you’re on your period.
  8. Your mood when you feel like period is coming.
  9. When you are not on the mood, but someone ask you if you have period.
  10. When everything you did few days ago make sense on your period.


When the hulk goes into a vicious rage and destroys everything he’s incredible but when i do it i’m on my period
6 days late not pregnant
goddamn it, nala you said your period ended two days ago
Dudes be like babe you still got your period?
You know what really grinds my gears? when she says she is on her period as if she doesn’t have two other holes ican use!
from now on my period will be know as “shark week”
When i’m on my period when i’m not on my period
expectations reality
first day of period second/ third day of period third/fourth day of period last day on period f
i’m just gonna sit here until its over. i love sheets oh! you do? ha ha ha!
My appearance throughout each month
What’s a period?
aw, that cloud is so fluffy
i have failed to correwe a child this month
anatomical representation of what having your periods feels like
i see you’re stressed out after your breakup
when you’re done with your period
when you’re on your period and you sneeze or cough



  1. Me feeling awesome because cramps and bleeding for days didn’t kill me.
  2. Don’t ever think that chocolates or ice-cream can stop this pain.
  3. Ugh! This cramp will kill me.
  4. Me during period vs me after period.
  5. When you’re not sorry for not moving the entire day. Like you’re totally dead.
  6. Menstrual cramps feel like I’m giving birth!
  7. What cramps look like and what cramps feel like is totally different.
  8. Good morning! Oh no, I’m on period. I hate my life.


where do you see yourself in five years?
When your girl got period cramps and you just walked in the door now she finally has someone to be mean too
when ur having period cramps but u gotta play it cool
Maybe if perod pain burned calories it’d be worth it…
Wearing my good undies during my period like:
when i’m on my period and someone says “Hi”
Maybe im not realy on mr period
i love seeing medical articles with photographs depicting period cramps like thi when it actually feels more like exactly
During menstrual cramps
when you have period cramps but you’re trying to act all cool



  1. Ever think why your boyfriend’s not within your reach one week every month?
  2. He is ‘the one’ when he loves you all day of the month!
  3. When being on period means a celebration.
  4. Getting a party for not being pregnant.
  5. Me after a period sex.
  6. When blood is all over during your period sex.
  7. Using blood as lubricant. That’s so smart.
says no to sex because she’s her period gives blow job intead
perod sex yolo
listening to a song for month & you listen deeper than usual & end up catching a hidden metaphor uhhh purple stain is about period sex
Girlfriend’s on her period have oral sex all week! not sure if followed it correctly or not…
a real man loves his woman every day of the month
thinks period sex is disgusting wants to stick it in your butt
am i the only one around here who doesn’t think it’s gross to have period sex?
so you want to have sex on your period? sounds like a bloody good time mate
when you and yo bf are having sex and you start getting period blood
when you change positions during period sex and see mad blood all over meat.
when you wanna have sex but she says she is on her period although says you can…
you said your period was over
period? you mean sex ketchup
period? you mean sex ketchup
periods don’t stop nothing but a sentence, baby girl

Period Problem Memes – Period Pain memes


  1. I think period makes me look fit. I can bear this pain.
  2. When being on period is worse than being hospitalized.
  3. Do you think I’m not going to die?
  4. Me doing self-pity during period.
  5. How period pain feels like? I think I was murdered.
  6. I hate the pain during period. But I like my period regularly.
  7. My uterus doesn’t need to be ripped out!
  8. My life during period. I need a doctor.


it’s 4am let’s wake up and cry togetter
Maybe im not really on my period. maybe im just dying
me on my period
how period pain feels agree girls?
i don’t have cramps i have a free sample of what it feels like to give birth
yep. it’s that time of the month. i didnt chose the vag life. the vag life chose me.
how period pain feels like and then the guy says… i need to know this why…
take pills for the pain cry for no reason
when i’m on my period person: hey Me: can you shut up.
not sure if period cramps or need to poop.
maybe if period pain burned calories it’d be worth it…

100+ Romantic memes


Romantic memes for her

There is no doubt in it that there are lots of relations and people around us but some relation and some people are really close to our heart. Yes! You got it here we are talking about the special one in your life and when it is about your girl then you really give her a feel of love and cuddle because she is the only one at that place.

Expressing her your love in new and different ways really makes all the things different and more exciting. Written words really matter in love life relationship and when there is a combination of fun and your love then nothing can beat it.

Romantic memes for her can really make her feel special and that is why we are here. We present you romantic memes for her to make her happy and surprise. Just select the one you like and share with your girl or tag her just to give her happiness or make her feel special.

When babe falls asleep and doesn’t message back..
Romantic weekend
Romantic guys don’t exi
I killed a mouse for you… i’ll do anything for you… anything.
I am just a sloth and i’m doing sloth things. you wanna know a sloth thing? rape
I miss you like an idiot misses the point
i think i’ll pick this flower for her it would “beaver”.y romantic
Hi there. can i spend all my 9 lives with you?
Her: babe i want a romantic picnic Me: stupid
Good night gorgeous
did wose iz juss like foofany. fwagile, byootiful, smells good… …an won’t go out wif me.
Always remember i love you
When you’re waiting for your crush to reply
I just want you…that’s it, all your flaws, mistakes, smiles, giggles, jokes, sarcasm, everything, i just want you.
I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge

Romantic memes for him

How can we forget the part of boys in a love life relationship! There is no doubt in it that he is the person who makes all happen and always pamper her girl like a kid and always show his love, affection and struggle hard to give his best to make the foundation of this relation stronger. But he will do all of this if he is really into you and if he truly loves you.

So why not show your love for your man and tell him how you feel and how much you love him? But if you tell him in a way that has a lighter funnier side in it than it will make your love expression more romantic.

That is why we are here to present you romantic memes for him. So just pick the one you really relate to and share with your man just to show your love to him.

And i will alwaysss love you!!
wanting to take a romantic bath with him.
And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuu
taking a bath with him.
I might be grumpy but i love you
I love you so much i will literally hold my farts in for you
Good morning i love you
You are the most amazing person i love you.
That feeling you get when something touches you in the ocean
And IIIIIIIII… Will always love you…
Love is… not having to hold your farts in any
Goodnight cutie
True love means never habing to explain your star wars references
Your face. it needs my kisses
Wait! i forgot to kiss you

Funny romantic memes

Yes why not? Funny romance is really a part of the life of those people who are fiends as well or a knot tied between best friends. Then you can’t spare your partner and show him the hilarious side of your love lots of fun and lighter side of your love.

It is a truth that love is not only about candle light dinners or romance. It’s about each and every thing. When you just make breakfast for your partner when it is his or her day of work but you feel that he or she is tired is a true reflection of your love. It means romance is not only about kissing or hugging. It’s about to just be with the one whom you love and support her/him in her/his thick and thin.

That is why fun in any relationship is important because it makes your bond stronger and gives you a feel of belonging and true relation.

That is why we present you some funny romantic memes to make your love life more happy and spicy. Just grab the one you like and here you go…

When I’m trying to be romantic with my GF Kiss me
Wishing your life was like a romantic movie.
I just want you… that’s it. all your flaws, misteks,smiles,giggles,jokes sarcasm. everything. i just want you.
Looking for someone who likes to take romantic walks.. …to the fridge, to get another beer.
nothing more romantic than a date under a full moon…
When i was little i though my boner was a compass to the girl i would marry
Meet girl online.. finally meets girl in person..
this summarizes my love life i’m the guy in blue
When inviting your girlfiend for a romantic dinner, try using candlelight
are you the hulk? cause,baby,you’re smashing!
Roses are gray,violets are gray i’m a dog
Reasons to date me: 1. No one will try to steal me from you. 2. sometimes i’m funny.
black cats are very cool, adopt one!!!!
And IIIII Will always love you
You remind me of my big toe. because i’m gonna bang you on every piece of furniture in my house.

Romantic memes for girlfriend

All of the relations that we have in our lives are really important but some are really close to our heart. Yes! Love life relations are the one which really give flavor and color in your life.

Girls are really the center of love life relationship and they really want to get all of the attention and love of their man and that is why boys really try hard to make it happen for their girls.

That is why boys always want to make their girl surprise and show them their love just to make sure that their girlfriend feels special. And that is why we present you some romantic memes for girlfriends. Now show your love in a unique way and make her feel like she is the only one for you and give her all of your love.

We present you a vast range of romantic memes for girlfriends just grab the one you like and share it with her and say I love you in a really different way and spice up your relation.

You are the most amazing person i love you.
This is me without you!!
THe problem is that… i love you.
My heart aches, when you’re not with me
My girlfriend sent this to me a while ago and i died tbh…xD-tracey
Your face. it needs my kisses.
My girlfriend does this thing were she pretends to not be my gf
let’s go to bed i’m tired of this day i need a new one
Romantic love
I wanna be your last kiss, last love and last everything.
Roses are red violets are blue the only fuck i do give, is called you.
How to prank your girlfriend
Hold your girlfriend’s hand in the mall because if you let go, she’ll start shopping it looks romantic but it’s actually economic
Tries to be more romantic girlfriend ends up in tears
Without you, im lost withou you, im nothing
I have kisses fo ryou even when you are crabby
My girlfriend thinks i am romantic because i send her cute saying from reddit all day.

So I love memes

It is really difficult sometimes to say what you really feel about someone or anything special or any habit particularly that you like most. Expressing love is really a difficult job but when it comes to what you really want to say and when it is true then you have to gather all of your inner courage just to utter those words for someone special.

But why make it so scary and horrible when you have our so I love memes? Yes! Now you can find the right one for you within no time and use them is a way that can convey your love to the one whom it belongs and show your true feelings in a really lighter and innovative way that will melt your love one’s heart and give her a solid reason to say yes!

I luv you dis much
I love you so much sorry i’m such a handful
I love you so much i would even cosplay a unicorn for you
I love you so much
I love you more than cookies!
I love you so much…
when bae brings you mcdonald’s and you weren’t expecting it
i just love you so much
i love you like kanye loves kanye
If you love him so much then why don’t you marry him?!?!
I love you so much right now
Hey you, yea you i love you
I love you this much
I love you dis much!
I am otterly in love with you
I love you like a fat kid loves cake
Something happened in the bathroom …and i love you so much
I asked him how much he loved me he said “so much that i think about stabbing you all the time”
Something happened in he kitchen and i love you so much

Romantic love memes with pictures

There is really no doubt in the fact that if you do not express or show your love that your love for your partner or spouse will fade out with the time. No you have to restore every bit of your love life relationship and that is only possible if you really show and express your love for your partner just to make her/him feel special and lucky.

So why not send him/her romantic love memes with pictures that will really melt their heart and give them a feel of love and a feel that you must be with them at that moment so you can express your love in a really romantic way.

That is why we present you romantic love memes with pictures that will really spice up your relationship and give you a chance to recreate the joy of this relation. Just grab the romantic meme you like and then share it or tag your spouse or partner and tell her/him how you feel.

And IIIIIIII Will Alwaaaaaays looooooove yoooooooooooou
So romantic
Modern romance
I love you this much, no lie!
I love you. just kidding, where’s my fucking food?
good night i”ll think about you
And IIIIII will always love youuuu will always love YoUUUUUUUUUU
Free hugs? go hug a cactus.
what are these things?
Did i ever tell you that you smell like love?
I love you with all my butt, i would say heart, but my butt is bigger.
I’m mad at you but i still love you

Sweet, cute and silly romantic love memes with pictures

Love is the only way which leads you to a destination where you can only find happiness, love, joy, completeness and the sense of belonging. So why not share your love in such a way that is really cute, sweet, silly and lovely.

Yes! We are talking about sweet, cute and silly romantic memes. Why not add some spice in life with some sweetness and silliness which really drive you crazy with the person you love most in your life. Just express your love in a way that really makes your partner to love you back with so much passion.

Here we present you some sweet, cute and silly romantic love memes with pictures that will really give you a chance to make it all work and to tell your partner about your love in a unique and innovative way.

Just pick a meme you like most and then express your love.

i must destroy you with hugs and kisses
My love for you is like diarrhea i cant hold it in
Exuse me ma’am i would just like to say you are beautiful
Feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime
come back here and let me love you!!!
I love you this much!
When he wants you to be all for him & he’s all for everybody.
i gots u a flower because i loves u
Do you have a date for valentine’s day? yes. february 14th
Have i told you lately? that i love you!

60+ Happy Birthday Mom Memes


We all have had birthdays. And better still if we have not had a chance to celebrate ours, we may have celebrated for other people.  But how many have organized birthdays for their loved ones; and particularly their mothers? Very few if any. Right! Well, birthdays come with pomp. Why? Because we want to make the owners feel special.  And you know what, for moms, you can have as many and as creative memes as possible.

Happy Birthday Mom Memes

Who is this person who can love you more than your mother? Absolutely no one.  So how about putting a smile on her face on her birthday with beautiful memes? You can choose to use: –

  • Age is just a number and jail is just a room. Happy birthday mother
  • Sorry for being such a little shit. Happy birthday mom.
  • It is just 70. Happy birthday mom
  • Sprinkling some birthday love mom.
  • Happy birthday mom. Waiting for the treat
    Happy birthday Mom sorry i forgot about the
    Smile, MOM, It’s your birthday!
    Happy birthday mom! smile it’s just 70
    Singing happy birthday to the best mom in the world
    MOM MOM MOM! Happy birthday!
    Happy 50th birthday, MOM! You’re just a pup!
    MOM, mom,mom. guess what it birthday!happy birthday!
    Happy birthday mom! you are the best of the best!
    I’M gonna wish u a happy birthday mom and make the mexicans pay for it!
    Here is mummy’s jig special for her birthday
    MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM…. Happy birthday
    Happy birthday MOM sorry for being such a little shit
    Happy birthday mom!!!
    Happy birthday MOM i can’t hide my happiness
    Big hug! happy birthday MOM!
    Happy birthday, MOM
    Happy birthday mom love you your son atliey
    Happy birthday MOM
    Say happy birthday to your mom so

    Happy birthday mom

Happy Birthday Mom Meme from daughter

Is it true that daughters grow fond of their mothers? Well, if that is the case, then they should treat their mother super good during their birthdays. And don’t you think lovely happy birthday meme from daughters will make mothers feel loved? Well, try out some of the following: –

  • Mom, thank you for teaching me how to use the big girl potty. Happy birthday.
  • Now that I am older I want to thank you for never leaving me in a shopping cart and running away. Happy birthday mom.
  • We have the perfect mother daughter relationship. Happy birthday.
  • You are the best mom any girl would wish to have. Love you lots.
  • Happy birthday to a mom who still looks good enough to have creepy men ask us if we are sisters.
    Snoop says Happy birthday
    Made Mom a happy birthday meme
    I want to wish you a very happy birthday
    You are my favorite mother Happy birthday mom
    Happy birthday MOM!
    Happy birthday Bahby!
    Happy birthday mom
    Happy birthday Mom!
    When people sing happy birthday to you and you just sit there like….
    How’s your sleep mother? happy birthday!
    Happy birthday mom!!!! from your favorite daughter
    Happy birthday mom! you are the best!

    Happy birthday mom waiting for the treat

Funny Happy Birthday Mom Memes

How about being sarcastic to mom on her birthday? Don’t you think it will bring her memories of when she was a little younger? Oh yes it. After all who wants to grow old?  But how do you make her feel like she is still in her teen years? By using funny happy birthday mom memes: –

  • All moms gave birth to a child. But my mom gave birth to a legend. High five mom.
  • Being your least disappointing child should be present enough. Happy birthday mom.
  • Just wanted to remind you that it is your birthday mom and that makes me the better child for remembering.
  • May you be happier than a pig in shit. Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday to someone who carried me for 9 months physically and 29years financially.
  • I made you a birthday cake. But UPS could not deliver it. So I ate it and it was awesome.
  • Happy birthday mom. Ohhh and by the way thanks for the genes, which gave me these rocking goo looks.
    Happy birthday grandmom!!
    Happy birthday mom! smile it’s just 70
    i feel like singing happy birthday to you mom
    its your birthday happy birthday mom
    Happy birthday mom
    That face mom makes when you forget to wish her happy birthday
    Happy birthday, MOM another year closer to shady pines
    Happy birthday mom your very “special”
    Happy birthday mom!
    Happy birthday cara!
    Happy birthday mom
    Here is to your mom she gave birthday to legend happy birthday
    From one superstar another…. happy birthday, mama!
    Happy birthday mom! love your favorite daughter–sheri
    Happy birthday to my favorite mother-in-law love, your favorite son-in-law…

    You’re how old mom?!?! but you don’t look a dady over 30! happy birthday

Funny Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

We all love fun. An anyway fun makes life go round. It is during a mom’s birthday that you can drop some funny birthday quotes. And trust you me some of these quotes will leave people with cracked ribs out of laughing. We are talking about the likes of: –

  • It is your birthday mom. So I will raise a cheer for without you I would not be here.
  • Today you are not 40. You are 18years but with 22years of experience.
  • Another year has been added to your age. But do not worry. It is just a number
  • Do not let turnings 60 get you down. It is too hard to get back up again. Happy birthday mom.

And you know what, it does not matter how it is said. But if it is done with good intentions then its worth. After all who can replace your mother?

Happy birthday mom
Happy birthday mom from your daughter
Happy birthday mom!
i find it strange that we celebrate you on the anniversary of a day when your mom did all of the work.
Happy birthday, mom!! love, your favorite child.
Happy birthday mom
Happy birthday to a mom who still looks good enough to have creepy men ask us if we’re sisters.
Happy birthday mom!
Happy birthday,mom! sorry for being such a little shit!
Happy birthday mom! all my years of getting into trouble would have been meaningless without you.
Don’t get all weird getting older! our age is merely the number of year the world has been enjoying us!!! happy birthday Mommy…

50+ Happy Birthday Dog Memes

50+ Happy Birthday Dog Memes

Birthday is one of the most awaited moments for everyone. It is mostly the perfect time to greet and make them appreciated. Why not put some twist and send some entertaining wishes for them! Sending humorous greeting ideas is way better than usual plain messages they receive.

Here are the dog memes you can use to make them laugh on their special day. Be cautious with hilarious memes here especially if you are greeting someone you’re not so close with. Enjoy!

Funny Happy Birthday Dog Memes

  1. Happy birthday! Now, tell me your real age.
  2. I got you. I have age defying cream.
  3. I know it’s your birthday. Now, don’t tell me the same age you said a year ago.
  4. I did the calculation. We can’t afford a big party. Sorry.
  5. You are a year older today. Start acting as adult and stop your dumbness.
  6. I’m sorry I can’t resist your birthday cake. Happy birthday anyway!
  7. It’s your birthday but you have bills. Enjoy your day!
  8. I can smell you, birthday boy. Now go take a shower.
  9. I wanted to make your birthday awesome. So, I made you a present.
  10. Sorry for the mess. I know it’s your birthday, but I thought you are busy.
  11. Happy birthday to the least favorite of the family. Cheers!
  12. I feel great for remembering your birthday dude. Thanks to Facebook!
  13. Happy birthday to the best dog lover in the world.
  14. Happy birthday is too ordinary. Let’s have party tonight.
  15. Keep calm and invite my dog on your birthday.
  16. Happy birthday! More dogs to come!
  17. I got a cake enough to hold all your candles. Happy birthday!
  18. Am I supposed to give you a gift? How about a dog?
  19. I wish you a long life. Age faster to get your wishes come true.
  20. Happy birthday! Don’t be afraid if you’re aging. You’re about to get your benefits real soon!
  21. Should we kill him for licking your cake? No worries, I kept them in the fridge.
  22. Hey, it’s your birthday! Now smile.
  23. Happy birthday you scamp.
  24. Say what? It’s your birthday? I’m not prepared!
  25. Happy birthday buddy! Let’s get your party started!
  26. You want an awesome birthday? Get yourself a puppy.
  27. When you finally realize that you’re getting older.
  28. Get a dog service on your birthday! They will not let you down.
  29. Congrats bro! You’re few years closer to death as of today!
  30. Happy birthday mate. Looking forward for your cake.
  31. Trust me. He wishes you a happy birthday. That is his typical face.
  32. I don’t know about you human, but I hope you live longer like mine.
  33. I heard it’s your birthday. I invited the gang.
  34. I love your cake. What’s the occasion again?
  35. You’re not old. You’re being a legend.
  36. Today is the day a terrible person was born. Have a blast!
I has too much birfday
smill! it’s your birthday!!!
Happy birthday i ate you cake and i farted
i wish for lots of treats and belly rubs
Happy birthday cupcake is happy!!! happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday!
i would say “happy birthday” but that’s too mainstream feliz cumpleanos
Party hard
Happy birthday! how old is that in dog years, again?
Happy birthday! we’re here to celebrate!
Hello yeah this is dog, i wanted to wish you a happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday do!! can i have some cake too?
happy birthday
Oh guys you shouldn’t have!
growing old is inevitable growing up is optional!
smile it’s your birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday here’s something to wear that makes it impossible to lick youself
Happy birthday! in dog years you would be dead
and you think that this is funny?
Hey Dude! happy birthday
Happy birthday to you!
we have no idea what “happy birthday” means, but we love it!
Hmm, i do say happy birthday
Happy birthday, taylor!
i made you a birthday cake…. but i eated it.
i made a cake for your birthday but i eaten it….lol
HEEYYYYY happy birthday
Happy birthday must you have
Happy birfday
The party cats wish you a happy birthday!
Happy birthday kosta
This is my happy birthday face for ma friend
Birthday dog says
i put on this party hat just for you…. happy birthday
For your birthday cake is orange flover ok?
Happy birthday
i don’t always bark at night.
let’s get this overwith happy birthday to me
Have a pawsome birthday
Happy birthday!
I just wanted to eat but you lit my food on fire
who’s a birthday girl? you’re a birthday girl
Happy birthday
This dog is a savage! happy birthday to the ground by unknown
that was dog he says happy birthday
Party all over
Happy birthday!!!!
Awooooo happy birthday adrian
Happy birthday
Happy birthday dog i am coming by air
Happy birthday dog promise me you will give first bite of the cake to me
Ermahgerd happy birthday!

62+ Happy Anniversary Memes for Every Occasion

62+ Happy Anniversary 60+ Memes for Every Occasion

Out of all the occasions celebrated by humans, anniversaries are the best. They remind us to celebrate all those days which made a huge difference in our lives. Whether it is marriage, launch of a start-up, joining a job, anniversaries are always worth celebrating. They are an excellent reason to have some fun and freshen up old memories. With the rising trend of wishing people anniversaries on social media platforms like twitter, Instagram and Facebook, memes are a really fun way to do so. They are funny, uplifting and to the point. You can even use these funny memes to spruce up the anniversary parties. Here are some funny anniversary memes for your friends, family and colleagues.

This is just in…. Happy anniversary, fuckers!!!!
Happy anniversary! if it’s half as awesome as this pic, it’ll be epic!
Have a happy anniversary it’s the logical thing to do
Happy anniversary one more year with your biggest fear
Happy anniversary! now get back to work.
Happy anniversary you poor husband
I know i won’t see you but happy anniversary
Happy anniversary huhh wrong decisons of my life
Happy anniversary to a couple of real troopers
Oh behave! happy anniversary you groovy love birds.
Happy anniversary! you two turtally rock!
Happy anniversary stay gangster
and we’ll just put a little happy anniversary right here. yeah, that’s nice.
Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary! stay happy my friends!
Happy anniversary love you guys!


  1. Happy anniversary to both of you… cheers to another year of tolerating each other.
  2. The moment when you realise that you have forgotten to bring an anniversary gift for your wife.
  3. The moment you realise that your anniversary was yesterday.
  4. A Happy Marriage Anniversary? What’s that?
  5. Remember whenever someone asks for anniversary party… RUN!
  6. The look she gives you when you wish her happy marriage anniversary a day after the actual date.
    Today is my parents wedding anniversary but they get on so badly at this point i’m too afraid to say anything
    Happy anniversary
    that face you make when she asks for anniversary gift
    Happy anniversary you sexy thing
    Happy wedding anniversary stay classy
    Happy anniversary you sexy thing
    Happy anniversary singel mistake of my life
    I will find you and i will wish you a happy anniversary
    Happy anniversary! stay happy friends!

    is it ok to forget the marriage anniversary


  1. Happy 10th anniversary my dear friend… your wife is still mad at you.
  2. Happy anniversary my friend… I know you miss being a bachelor.
  3. Happy anniversary my dear friend… cheers to another year of being domesticated.
  4. Anniversaries remind us of the good and bad decisions that we make in our lives… Happy anniversary my friend for the latter one!
  5. Happy anniversary my friend… I have an amazing gift idea for you… plan a weekend getaway…from each other!
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s your anniversary!!!! happy anniversary!!!!!
    Happy anniversary! stay happy my friends!
    here’s to you…. happy anniversary karen!
    Happy anniversary to my special friends
    Happy anniversary phil & bex
    Happy anniversary to friend occassion to sing a sad song
    Happy anniversary
    Happy anniversary oh no it was yesterday
    Happy anniversary! now get back to work!!

    Happy anniversary friend i am enjoying bachelorhood


  1. Happy 25th anniversary mom and dad… I still don’t understand how you made it so far.
  2. Happy anniversary Dad… your anniversary present is that I will not tell your secrets to mom.
  3. A very happy anniversary to the most amazing couple who have tolerated each other as well as me for more 20 years now.
  4. Happy anniversary to the couple who showed me what marriage actually is!
  5. Happy 22nd anniversary to mom and dad… I hope you fight a little less this year.
    i don’t always wish people a happy anniversary
    today is my parents wedding anniversary but the get on so badly at this point i’m too afraid to say anything
    Happy anniversary! to the most bestest parents!
    Happy frickin’ anniversary!
    Happy anniversary to my favorite parents!!
    yes, yes eat more it pleases me

    that’s how you run when asked for anniversary party


  1. Happy work anniversary to you… for the next one you have to get back to it.
  2. Happy work anniversary to you… please do not expect a raise as a gift.
  3. Happy work anniversary to you… try not to get fired this year.
  4. Happy work anniversary to you… please meet me in my office.
  5. Wish you a happy 5th work anniversary… cheers to the 5th year of sitting and doing nothing.
    You mean to tell me you like working here happy anniversary!
    nobody can wish you a happy work anniversary better than i can, believe me.
    Happy work anniversay now, if you could get back to work that would be great
    Happy work anniversary! two years? that’s scrumpdiddlyumptious!
    Happy birth… work anniversary. i mean happy work anniversary!
    Happy anniversary! now get back to work.
    Happy 1 year work anniversary i guess you can say things are getting pretty serious
    Your work anniversary it celebrate you must
    Happy work anniversary! another year down… many more to come!

    Happy work anniversary i guess you can say things are getting pretty serious


  1. Happy first anniversary of your marriage… the honeymoon period is over now.
  2. Happy first anniversary you two… Just a kind reminder that it does not get better!
  3. Happy first anniversary… cheers to one year of tolerating each other.
  4. Hey honey! What should we get for our first anniversary? Husband: Tickets to Hawaii and Las Vegas. Hawaii for you and Las Vegas for me.
  5. Happy first anniversary to both of you… hope you two make it to the second one!
    Hey girl happy anniversary
    let’s celebrate the day you gave up on finding anyone better than me
    i am unemployed, thousands of dollars in debt, and living with my parents but i remembered that it is my first cakeday an hour before it ended, so i got that goin’ for me, which is nice
    Oh behave! happy anniversary you groovy love birds.
    Hyper, a crypto that will last the longest happy first anniversary-25th of may 2015
    happy first date anniversary
    happy 1st work anniversary nailed it!
    happy anniversary babe want a blowjob? …fuck yea

    i’ll love you even when we’re old and wrinkly. happy anniversary!

75+ Fucked Up Memes

75+ Fucked Up Memes

In modern societies, due to extremely fast and busy routine of life, people are getting frustrated and some time to release their work pressure and some domestic pressure they use harsh words and one word is a lot popular among all the generations is fuck word. Everyone is using it repeatedly during the daily life routine either he/she is working in an office ,school, railway station or airport etc. due to the this habit this thing is so into the minds of people and after this young generation who is found of social media and social networking websites ,they start making some kind a memes about the fuck word and start using this with every word and surprisingly this word make a lot funny every word ,nowadays ,people are memes about fuck my life,fuck me etc etc and adding many more pictures with one memes and making people laugh ,if we say this has become a sensation  on social ,it would not be a wrong statement.

Fucked up Memes

  • When I’m waiting at the airport and it’s my turn to show my passport to the officer but couldn’t find it in the bag, guess what ,,I am fucked up
  • When your blind date doesn’t show up and waiter sees you as a fucked up person
  • You wanna kill the person who says oh man you are fucked ,when you are all messed up and your wife is coming
    Yes, the memes very funny. keep rafing. ha ha.
    When she asks you if she looks fat and you reply noo but it autocorrect moo
    Did we just become best friends? yep! wanna trade fucked up memes? yep!
    Seems like u have a case of being a lil bitch i’m prescribing you a heavy dose of man the fuck up
    I wanna see the most fucked up meme. Let’s see what you got
    Are you fucking kidding me?
    I don’t always slap bitches but when I do its causes they fucked up my sandwich
    back in my day… if you were offended, you were told to “grow the fuck up, forgot”!
    I love pudding
    She can’t say no if she’s unconscious.
    Damn that weed got me fucked up
    Didn’t you parents teach you not to fuck with crazy people
    Well you fucked up
    If you go back that way you’ll c where you had me fucked up at

    Stop! Just shut the fuck up!

Fuck It Meme

  • When you are ugly as fuck and your mom says here is my movie star
  • I would rather avoid judging other people when I am little fucked up myself
  • You say your girlfriend fuck you in anger and in return she gives you a smile and reply that’s what I really want
    Fuck it, I’m done
    “Fuck it”- my final thought before making most decisions.
    Just relax and say fuck it…
    Fuck it all fuck it all
    Fuck it fuck it all
    Fuck it I’m going to go get drunk
    Fuck it I’m making meth
    If you’re going to totally fuck it up at least fuck it up so bad that people wonder how you did it
    Sometimes you just got to say fuck it and smoke a big ass joint

    You know what fuck this, I’m out

Fuck Off Memes

  • Quit laughing at me, you don’t get me …fuck off
  • Whenever I try to acknowledge the importance of says fuck off
    Off is the direction I wish you would fuck
    Fuck off you bitch
    Best back the fuck off or this shit’s about to get real!
    Yeah, if you, could just fuck off that would be great
    Fuck of you idiot!!!
    No Brendann fuck off
    Fuck off mum im 12 now
    How about we play a little game of fuck off. you go first.
    My eyes tell people to fuck off more than my mouth ever will.

    Reasons for me to date you: none – so fuck off

What the Fuck Meme

  • Somebody said today, the earth is flat, what the fuck
  • When America announces about the so called landing on the moon, the scientist were like what the fuck man
    What the fuck am I reading?
    What the fuck am I looking at
    Um, what the fuck?
    Dude what the fuck
    Fantasme… what the fuck!
    What the fuck is this shit?
    What the fuck?
    What the fuck…. john!!

    Did i just read??

Fuck You Memes

  • A face when you say, guys I’m pretty fucked up
  • Are you kidding me got me all fucked up
  • When I work 60 hours a week, it feels like work is fucking daily like a whore
  • Life is fucked up, when you order pizza and Chinese food is delivered and you don’t even know the name of that dish.
    What if i told you… to shut the fuck up.
    When you had enough of your life today
    Why? because, fuck you, thats why
    Bitch i will untie these pigtails and fuck you up
    Yo dawg fuck you
    Fuck you
    I don’t always say fuck you ok i lied fuck you

    Off is the general direction in which i wish you would fuck, you cunt.

Shut the Fuck up Memes

  • I am trying to do a would you please shut the fuck up
  • A nicest way to say keep quit it that “shut the fuck up you bitches ‘’
    Up the shut fuck you must
    Shut up shut the fuck up
    Don’t take this the wrong way, but shut the fuck up bitch
    How about a nice, big cup of shut the fuck up
    The meme is good. it is you who sucks. now shut the fuck up!
    OMG SHUT up the fuck up!!!!!!
    Yeah if you could just shut the fuck up that’d be great
    Nigga shut the fuck up
    No you shut the fuck up

    One does not simply shut the fuck up

Fuck my life Memes

  • You are done when you are watching porn and your mom enters the room without knocking
  • Your life gets quite fucking when a rumor spreads about nickname and that is “chicken legs’
  • Fuck it man..i am done with today’s work ..
  • When you parents decide to tell you about the sex life but damn ,what a shame and waste of time when you know every bit already.
    Barber: whatchu want today fam? him: just fuck my life up forever bruh
    Fuck me life
    Fuck my life all of it
    Fuck my life
    Fuck my life
    I hate everything
    Fuck my life
    Fuck my life
    Fuck my life

    Fuck my life fucking papers

Fuck me Right Meme

  • You are invited on the stage to sing and you don’t even know the spelling of singing ,you go to the stage and says fuck me
  • You know your life is fucked up when you see a girl and start searching her on Facebook without knowing her name
  • Your fucked up when you ask for a tattoo after going through that much pain ,spellings went wrong.
    I guess I’m a Nazi
    Fuck me right
    Well fuck me, right
    Lol fuck me right
    You read my message and don’t respond fuck me, right?
    One does not simply fuck me, right?

    Tryna reconcile shit after a fight, fuck me right?

65+ Funny Midget Memes

65+ Funny Midget Memes

Have you ever been in the situation where you have seen an extremely or unusually small person? Maybe you tried to be nice, but for sure, you are fighting yourself not to grin or laugh at them. A lot of jokes and memes were created about short people but having it with midgets are more funny and hilarious. Try not to laugh than at these memes and pictures about midget people.

Funny Midget Memes

  1. Keep it simple and short. Like a midget.
  2. Sorry dude, I’m a little short. Say a midget.
  3. They just had a little get together.
  4. Evidently, she has a short temper.
  5. Value every little thing. Keep a midget.
  6. How midgets deal with bullies.
  7. What you feel when you are with your tall friends.
    If midget work in any film then that film will be called as short film
    What will be the love story of midget will be called a short story
    When do you kick a midget in the balls? when he’s standing next to your girlfriend saying her hair smells nice
    i Don’t do midget jokes often but when i do i keep them short
    You’ve got to hand it to midgets sometimes. because they can’t reach.
    if you are a midget then you must be down to earth
    Say Hello to my little friend
    Midgets are this big
    Why do midgets laugh they run? because the grass tickles their balls.
    You came to the wrong neighborhood
    i saw a midget carrying a T.V to his car today…”
    i didn’t know this was keving hart look an angry white midget
    tag the little guy who thinks he can take on anyone
    what do you call a midget mexican? a parag. Because they’re too short to be an essay

    Call me midget one more time

Happy Birthday Midget Memes

  1. Happy birthday! There’s a mini-bar nearby.
  2. Happy birthday to my little friend.
  3. Happy birthday! So, what do you want to be when you grow up?
  4. It is your birthday today. Ever wished to grow up?
  5. Here is my little gift to Happy birthday little bitch.
  6. Since it’s your birthday, I will not call you a midget.
  7. From now on, I will hand you what you need because you can’t reach. Happy birthday!
    Happy birthday midget
    Yo ralph! happy birthday
    Happy birthday you
    Happy birthday brooke
    Happy birthday from your midget brethren
    a very Happy birthday! that’s for you midget
    where’s the birthday boy?!

    Your kind of a big deal happy birthday handsome! stay classy…

Midget Girl Memes

  1. She’s pretty and a bit short.
  2. Little things can make her happy. That is for sure.
  3. Cute girlfriends are the best! But…
  4. We just fought, and I told her to grow up. Oops.
  5. When she is too short, but you still love her.
  6. Some girls are too short to be true.
  7. Every tall man needs a short girl.
    armless emo midget
    midget fight midget fight
    My gf left me for a midget. broke my heart… can’t believe she could stoop so low.
    Midget pole dancing for when you’re short on cash
    back to work monday at least you’re …not a midget
    she’s hot as fuck and she can eat off the kids menu, this a win win situation
    Bitches love midgets

    when your ex says your won’t find a bitch half the woman i am

Midget Men Memes

  1. Keep calm and hug a midget.
  2. He refused to go shopping. He can’t reach the counter.
  3. He will never look down on you. I promise.
  4. When everything about him is short!
  5. When he is cute and creepy.
  6. When male midgets fight, it is always a short fight.
  7. Short man problems.
    midget are like people mcnuggets
    i don’t always tell midget jokes… but when i do, i like to keep them short.
    midget ,man, i aint’t no midget. i am a little person.
    i hate it
    My midget ho keeps coming up short
    i have a feeling this is going to be a short fight
    why shouldn’t you hire a midget chef? the steaks are too high

    Midget tossing

Hilarious and naughty midget memes and pictures

  1. His face whenever the grass tickles his balls.
  2. The message he gets when saving his picture, ‘file too small’.
  3. When a midget pisses you off. He cares too little.
  4. He makes me laugh about all the little things.
  5. When you realized he’s a good guy because he never looked down on people.
  6. When she was a midget but got a great ass.
  7. Did you call me a midget?
    Here is michael jackson drinking vodka with a couple of midgets your argument invalid
    midget hookers when you’re looking for a little action!
    and just like that i wanted to fuck a midget
    ok. who washed nicki minaj in hot water and then used the dryer?
    How old are you? idk between 10 and 45 what? send a pic
    You called me midget say that again i dare you
    ice cube midget son crushed lce

    why do midgets laugh when they run? because the grass tickles their balls

Funny black midget pics and meme

  1. When dwarfism hits you so hard.
  2. Your height and colour were hard on you.
  3. When you are black and short but famous.
  4. I told you not to belittle a black midget.
  5. How midget drives their cars.
  6. Does midget ever feel that it’s a long day?
  7. Does he look ugly on purpose?
    like a black midget… ohhh you think…..
    true love
    He did 2 years in time-out
    you know shit just got real when you see a flying angry midget
    i fucking love midgets!
    Man, I Ain’t No midget. i am a little person.

    Everybody hates the midget everybody hates the midget

Scary midget pictures with sayings

  1. I have a friend, and he looks exactly like this.
  2. Imagine yourself with her.
  3. When you realized that horror movies are fuckin’ true!
  4. I swear I’ve seen him somewhere.
  5. Him in a picture vs him in person.
  6. Life is always too short for a midget. Always.
    Your pumpkin carving sucks…. i hope a scary midget clown pops out of it and makes you shit your pants….
    Your argument is invalid andy is dressed as a midget clown
    you came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker
    midgets flowers make them look less creepy
    Call me a midget one more time
    don’t be afraid i’m just a little scary!

    When do you kick a midget in the balls? when he’s standing next to your girlfriend saying her hair smells nice

Sexy midget pictures and memes

  1. She’s a hot sexy midget.
  2. She is too cute to ignore.
  3. The world’s sexiest midget.
  4. I Don’t think she is weird.
  5. Hook with a midget. She will not let you down.
  6. Sexy dancing midget. Always cute!
    Thought this was a midget with a fat ass for a second
    tag a friend who is into midget porn
    midget porn
    i’m sexy and i know it evell pat thinks so!!:
    Bridget the midget
    Honey i shrunk the kardashians!
    Bitches be like…. fun sized

    when your ex says “you won’t find a bitch half the woman i am”

63+ Good Night Memes

63+ Good Night Memes

Every person needs rest at that time of the evening after a long day’s work; one develops a feeling and thoughts of how a restful night can be.

It’s therefore reasonable to say goodnight to a friend to make their night’s fun and to relax.

The reasons for the mixed emotions that one may have experienced during the day are;

  1. Having had a stressful day.
  2. Lack of energy due to hard work.

There are funny, good night memes that would make someone relax as they organize to sleep. It is well done when shared with the friend who one is close to and help them wishing a restful night.

Once you share the memes, they make the other party feel loved and at the same time look forward to a deep sleep which will make them cheer up for the next day activities. Good night memes also help to strengthen the relationship between the members of the family.

Well Alrighty Then. Good Night!
Goodnight And sweet dreams
Good Night i”ll Think about you
I know i wont see you but i hope you have a good night
Good night you shall have
Good night sleep well
I just wanted to say goodnight
Have a good night
Goog night sweet dreams…
Good night sweet dreams
Good night have sweet dreams
Oh my god look at the time good night
good night goreous
good night
good night my precious
good night harror dreamz

Have a good night meme

Since the end of the day is the perfect time for having good night memes, one can purpose to search for their memes to make their night lovely or even to search for the family.

Examples of Have a good night meme are;

  1. Have an excellent night, have a good night and have a good night!!!
  2. Sending a picture of a good night meme as below makes a lot of sense to a loved one.
    3.Have a restful good night and do not allow the bugs to enjoy your blood.

Some of these memes can not only make one relax but brings back smiles to a person who might be upset.

Have a good night! see y’all tomorrow
good night
Hey doll your sexy have a goodnight baby
you have a good night…you have a good night and you have a good night everybody have a good night!!
Hey, you! have a good night!
Hey! have a great weekend!
Have a goonight i’m watching you
Have a good night everyone
have a good night
have a good night at work! love you!

Good night Love Memes

These are Memes that are used by people who are in love with one another just to make sure that a message is delivered to them proving how affectionate they are towards one another. They are divided into two; Memes for him and Memes for her.

These can be informed of animated photos because animals will keep making weird faces that can make one laugh for a whole night.

Good night sweet dreams
Good night i love you
Good night
I love you good night
what if i told you goodnight and i love you
i love you good night
i love you good night
good night my kwala sweet dreams.. love you!
Good night juan i love you
have a good night at work! love you!

Good night Memes for him

  1. When she wants to remind him how beautiful she is she can send a message, I am cute, Love me now.
  2. She can also pretend that she is very sleepy, but before she breaks into bed, she can still show how much she loves him as below picture shows.
    Well alrighty then. good night!
    Good night you shall have
    Good night sleep well
    i just wanted to say goodnight
    Good night sweet dreams
    Good night

    Good night harror dreamz

Good Night Memes for her                        

On the same note, a man needs to wish his love good night memes to prove his love for her as below.

  1. He can send a sexy tweet as; Good night and know that I will use all the energy left to dream of you!!!
  2. I like it rough if you dream about me, good night sweets…
    Good night my precious
    Here’s a good night hug this big
    Good night sweetie
    This is how you kiss her good night
    When she’s had a rough day, give her a rough night!
    Shut up and kiss me
    one does not simply not say goodnight
    i’ll toast to that! good night, beautiful!
    Good night princess

    Good night sweet dreams

Good night Hug Memes

  1. They can be a pictorial representation as below.
  2. When telling someone of the love you have for him, how vast and extensive it is;
  3. It could also be a form of a hug just to show how much closer you would want to be with the person as below.
    Good night hugs for you!
    sending you all lots of pugs goodnight
    I must destroy you with hugs and kisses
    here’s a good night this big
    big hugs! good night…..
    Good night honey sending you my hug and kiss…sweet dreams

    i fell asleep waiting for your hug

 Good night Cat memes

A cat happens to be an amusing animal and have funny tricks, and as such it is used mostly to send different type of memes to friends for good night. Due to the jokes that it also makes, most memes portray the image of a cat as it becomes more fun and relaxing as below.

  1. When wishing someone sweet dreams, this picture can perfectly work for the wish.
  2. The below photo can also is used for a good night wish which the cat appears to have fewer activities running through.

All these memes are meant to make one relax and they are believed to stir up the strength for the following day.

Good night sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite
im going to watch you while your sleeping
i’m off to bed now reddit… good night!
grumpy cat says good night
goodnight… i said goodnight sir!
good night sweetie
good night
i said…. it’s time for bed!
Good night sleep tight
let’s go to bed i’m tired of this day i need a new one



85+Funny Mexican Memes

85+Funny Mexican Memes

Memes are extremely popular way now a day to add an element of humour in serious situations all over the world. They have become rampant on social media platforms. With the tiff going on between President Donald Trump and the Mexicans, funny memes are now spread all over the internet. Read on to find some amazing Mexican memes that we have for you here. Make sure you add a nice picture in the background to make them even more perfect.


Where should you go for vacation this time… not Mexico!

Where is Mexico… Beyond the wall.

Which is the favourite animated movie of all Mexicans? WALL-E

The Great wall of China now has a competition.

How do Mexicans buy a tripod? They just don’t buy a tripod, they take one leg off the chair and make one!

Even my mexican food has a wall Around it!!
The Mexicans love Me they always call Me “peachy cool arrow”
Mexican Mom’s Be like… Te Va Salir chaky si no ases caso !!
How many mexicans does it take to build A…. Oh wow, they’re done.
When trump deports you to the wrong country
If you have tacos… i will find them, and i will eat them.
if donald trump was mexican
Mesicans be like no le pasa nada
Mesican word of the day: chicken wing my wife plays the lottery so chicken wing some money.
When yo mom is telling a story to your tia on the phone and you’re like… “that sh’t didn’t even happen.”
tomame una foto asi como que no me doy cuenta
Mesicans be like bud light year
They were giving shelter to maxican people
So you are not telling me mesican should live in america
When you see your friend hit their dog kinda hard


Today’s Mexican word of the day is Taco- Follow TaCo

Today’s Mexican word of the day is dismal- Give me the dismal piece of paper

Today’s Mexican word of the day is Harrowing- those caught doing harrowing will be deported.

Today’s Mexican word of the day is pitiful- Do not give me any more tacos to eat, I am pitiful right now.

Masican words of the day: ice mocha I have a bad memory because ice mocha lot of weed
Mexican word of the day: bishop can someone please shut this bishop?!
Mexican word of the day: ice mocha i have realy bad memory,i wonder if it’s because ice mocha lot of weed man!
Mexican word of the day: little ceasars i cut my nose hairs with little ceasars
Mexican word of the day: nacho still nacho president
Mexican word of the day is cheesehead i asked my wife if the packers won and cheesehead no
Mexican word of the day: Ebola He went bowling and ebola perfect game.
Mexican word of the day chickenfinger My wife say she don’t need me because chickenfinger herself
Mexican word of the day: wheelchair We only have one enchilada left. but don’t worry wheelchair
Mexican word of the day: nutella my wife, she no listen, so i nutella notheen!


Here are some amazing Mexican memes to give you a good laugh.

Mexicans save and fold the wrapping paper to use it to wrap someone else’s birthday gift.

Happy Birthday to you (only if you are not a Mexican)

Mexican word of the day: iguana iguana wish you a happy birthday!
Hey..Happy birthday You are my favorite mexican
Mexicans Be like happy birthday
Best wishes for your birthday ..unless you are a mexican
Happy birthday mexico will pay for your cake
Hay! Happy birthday! You are my favorite mexican!
I just to wish you a happy birthday
Happy birthday to you unless youre a mexican
i still remember the day you were born… Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Drink till you drop!


Mexican food should now have a wall around it!

Free food for everyone- because the cost will now be paid by the Mexicans

Girlfriend offers to make me steak for dinner i say “nah, let’s go get some maxican food.”
Even my mexican food has a wall around it!!
if you have tacos… i will find them, and i will eat them.
i hate tacos said no juan ever
that feeling when you’ve ate too much mexican food
it must of been the mexican food
Mexican food never again
Damn mexican food


Mexicans are the new blacks.

What is the difference between an African and a Mexican? A Mexican has no future in America.

Stay out of a Mexican restaurant… unless you know how to read the Spanish menu.

Half American and half Mexican means half devil and half American now!

What’s black on top and white on bottom rape
call trupm a racist and nobody panics point out that “mexican” isn’t a “race” and everyone loses their mind
“I hate mesicans, they’re criminals” “what!? you can’t call me racist!! mexican isn’t a race”
Mexican word of the day: chicken wing we took our mama to de casino so chickenwing some money
Mexican people smell like my lawn
What’s black and never works? bescaffeinated coffee your rasist bastard
so this country is racist against mexicans? yet you paid a coyote 5 grand and walked across the desert for 3 days to get here?
so you’re telling me, you are hispanic and your ass is bony?
at least i’m not a mexican so i got that going for me which is nice


Mexican moms be like… Juan you?

Mexican moms so not face palm themselves, they face palm their kids.

It is easier to deal with a maniac than to deal with a Mexican mom.

When the kid falls down while playing, other moms be like “Are you okay?” Mexican moms be like “Lift your ass up you fatso”

What is the scariest thing you can tell a Mexican guy? “Mom has arrived”

Mexican moms be like it was just a chanclaso no le pege tan duro
**when i hurt myself* other moms: are u ok? my Mom: why are mexican moms like that tho?
never tell a mexican mom you’re bored
que fiesta ni que nada!! aui ay mucho que aser!
**when i hurt myself* other moms: are u ok? my Mom:
“Hijo de tu pinche madre” insults herself


Who is an ideal Mexican girl? Someone who can make tacos and swear at the same time.

How do Mexican girls express their love- by “tacoing”.

You don’t just dump a Mexican girl, you dump her whole family with a bruise on your eye.

When a mexican girl has allergies ahuevo seemslegit foreals hahaha
some mexican girls be low-key bigotonas
Mexican problems when a mexican girl can’t cook
mexican girls
Mexican girls be like my dad is nice he will love you
Mexican girls
i was gonna smoke some weed with mexican girl but when i asked her if she had papers she run off


How do you spot a Mexican guy in the crowd? He is loud and roams around with his mother.

What is the similarity between Mexican guys and goats- They both say ‘MMMMAAAAAA’.

Where do you go for the first date with a Mexican guy? To a restaurant that serves Tacos.

When you see a van and he is driving it you know there is bomb in it
mexican guys be like el que manda soy yo
Mexican word of the day: chicken wing my wife plays the lottery so chicken wing some money.
what if a white guy was actually an albino mexican?
I’m riding dirty haven’t been to the car wash lately
wants to enter home depot without people thinking he is looking for work.


Mexicans should start losing weight now, because it will be very difficult for them to climb the wall.

How will the fat Mexicans carry all their tacos.

Biggest cans of coke will now be known as – Mexi-cans.

Mexican word of the day: bishop and cheese my lady fell over so i picked the bishop and told her cheese too fat.
They told me no more taco bell i told them no more breath
not sure if fat mexican or pregnant mexican
To all my mexican homies hombre, nacho, tortilla
Mexicans be like anything for papers
mexicans be like just went to the gym


What is Donald Trump’s favourite past time- To build walls.

Businessmen of America can now eliminate their competition by labelling the other company’s products as Mexican.

What does Donald Trump hate the most?- un putero de gente

What is the new nickname for Donald Trump assigned by the Mexicans? Pendejo.

THe mexicans love me they always call me “peachy cool arrow”
Votes in donald trump finds out he’s mexican
If you could go back to mexico that would be great
No mexicans allowed
every mexican thinks i’m indian they keep calling me cool arrow
im just here to see if he’s mexican

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